CAA Global: Train the Trainer – The IDF Way

In a few days (December 11th), Lt Col (ret) Mikey Hartman, a 22 year veteran of the IDF and writer of the IDF Shooting Doctrine, and CEO of CAA Global, is bringing IDF style training here to the United States.

The IDF Sharpshooting and Marksmanship school (and doctrine) in Israel, which Lt Col (ret) Mikey Hartman was the Commander, has graduated north of five-hundred thousand plus Israeli Defense Forces members as well as a few thousand US soldiers.

Lt Col (ret) Mikey Hartman will be personally running this first course along with a few other handpicked cadre, to include Aaron Forum, Garret “Machine”, Hayim Funes and Eran Segev (a mix of former IDF and US Special Forces). The three day course at the Altair Training Solutions facility near Miami, Florida, covers use and deployment of the CAA Micro RONI (and Micro RONI with Stabilizer) and the new Hartman MH1 Reflex sight. The course will include instruction in sharpshooting and marksmanship, shooting from alternate positions, multiple target engagement, and close quarters battle, all culminating in a final drill.

Be on the lookout for articles in the next couple of weeks highlighting the training and equipment from the “Train the Trainer” course, as one of our own is attending. We will get some good feedback on the RONI and see what the deal is!

If you are interested in this kind of training, a schedule of classes will be available in early 2017.

Tom is a former Navy Corpsman that spent some time bumbling around the deserts of Iraq with a Marine Recon unit, kicking in tent flaps and harassing sheep. Prior to that he was a paramedic somewhere in DFW, also doing some Executive Protection work between shifts. Now that those exciting days are behind him, he has embraced his inner “Warrior Hippie” and assaults 14er in his sandals and beard, or engages in rucking adventure challenges while consuming craft beer. To fund these adventures, he writes medical software and builds websites and mobile apps. His latest venture is as one of the founders of; a search engine for all things gun related. He hopes that his posts will help you find solid gear that will survive whatever you can throw at it–he is known (in certain circles) for his curse…ahem, ability…to find the breaking point of anything.


  • Blackhawk

    Not sure the pictured firearm would qualify as a “pistol” for the ATF. Front grip setup there looks like it would make the setup an AOW. Anyone know for sure?

  • schizuki

    CAA could stick a feather in their cap and make a Macro RONI.

    • Isaac Newton

      Ya I always thought Miro Roni sounded a little like macaroni or some new kind of small pasta.

      • datimes

        With rice it the San Francisco treat.

        • milesfortis

          San Francisco “Treat”?
          These days, that’s just ewwwww.

    • Tassiebush

      A dandy idea!

  • derpmaster

    IDF style? What does that even mean? To most internet gun trolls like us, that translates to no round in the chamber carry, and tactical orangutan hang dump shooting position, and some guy in oakleys and cargo pants yelling in a thick accent.

    • Doc Rader

      We will know in a few days… 🙂

      • Tassiebush

        Hope it’s an enjoyable time with a lot of good things to learn

    • Ron

      I can only assume it means firing missiles at schools and hospitals.

      • D

        That assumption proves you are an idiot

        • How very true. We also don’t tolerate racism directed at any race. Only someone who wants to be banned immediately makes rascist comments on TFB.

          • Antonio

            Im late what did he say

          • Raginzerker

            He made a joke about the idf killing civilians

          • Amtonio

            Hmm well that is kinda true lol

          • If it was a joke it wasn’t funny. You can say anything and say it was a joke but that doesn’t make it a joke or funny.

          • ProudAmerican

            Neither is Israeli-perpetrated genocide funny.
            judaism DOT is/genocide.html

            To learn who rules you, learn who you may not criticize.

          • Raginzerker

            I didn’t say it was….? I was just telling the dude what happened, doesn’t mean I found it funny

          • David

            Dudes defending israel like they pay his rent or something theres no reason to be rude iver our opinions same as we arent with yours

          • Raginzerker

            Yeah I wasn’t disagreeing with him either, I dunno why he got so buttsore

          • Ron

            What about pointing out that the IDF attacks civilians is racist, exactly? They’ve done it multiple times. It’s not exactly a big secret.

          • That wasn’t all that was said. Besides it’s BS that the IDF runs around killing civilians all the time.

          • ProudAmerican

            December 12, 2016, Lawyer of Israelis who beat to death black non-Jew for talking to white Jewesses claims they were trying to help him (use Google Translate) bit DOT ly/2hbrPDu

          • ProudAmerican

            Completely replacing my words with your words, Phil, exceeds “editing.” Cowardly censorship is a more apt appellation.

            As I original DOCUMENTED with HUNDREDS of references from the Israeli press: judaism DOT is/genocide.html

      • D

        That assumption would make you an idiot

      • truth makes you free

        Actually, Ron’s assumption is well-documented. judaism DOT is/genocide.html

    • Bill

      I dunno. There’s a mystique to the IDF that I’m not sure I understand, because since the Six Day War, Entebbe and the airstrikes on Iraqi and Syrian nuclear sites, I’m note sure what they’ve done that’s so special, particulary when it come to one on one gunfighting.

      …Well, other than being a tiny country that’s convinced a lot of bigger countries not to try any poop.

      • Probably the supply of deliverable nukes that the world collectively pretends Israel doesn’t possess has something to do with the whole “postage stamp nation hated by all its neighbors shows no signs of gettin’ licked any time soon” thing. It’s every bit as much a proof of the deterrent value of cleverly divided atoms as MAD doctrine was in the Cold War, especially given the IADF’s tendency to just straight up go commit acts of war if they feel threatened.

        As far as one-on-one gunfighting, you have to admit that putting a stuffed animal on a CornerShot to confuse the hell out of jihadis before sending them there in person from 90° away is baller as %$&#.

    • You would need to be familiar with and taken some IDF weapons training to make a valid judgement. I have and while I don’t care for not having a round chambered as they used to teach, other parts of their training is very good and worth using along with a persons experience and other training you’ve had.

      • iksnilol

        AKA before judging you should pay us.

        Tsk, tsk… not classy at all.

        • My training came from the Illinois State Police. They felt the techniques were worth taking from what might apply to LE so they sent the head of firearms training and a SWAT guy and others and sent them to Israel. After they were certified to teach others I got in on the training.
          I just never believed in taking a really strong stance on a particular gun or training class until you experience it for yourself and make an informed decision.
          Tom and his background make him qualified to judge what’s being taught and report back to you guys in depth.

    • Doc Rader

      What it comes down to is that this a training class taught by foreign experts in a foreign style. Doesn’t mean theirs is better. Doesn’t mean ours is better. Both doctrines are adapted for the environment where they are used, and by the underlying philosophy of the organization using them.

      There is always something to take away from training, regardless of the source. Always. And I am here to walk away with something I didn’t know before.

      • Ebby123

        Israeli infantry doctrine seems to focus heavily on CQB door-to-door combat and vehicle support. Bullpups make a TON of sense in the environment.

      • Firearms Instructor

        Hi Tom, Fred B here back home.

        If they have some extra materials, bring some back.

  • guest

    The image of the article shows a mechanical cancerous contraption that has trapped in itself a perfectly fine sidearm, and to stand out with that “special something” feature it has one of those “braces” for shooting, you know, for those “weak” people that need a “brace”.

    • GD AJAX

      Which is sad because the IDF already has a pretty good PDW in the form of the UZI Pro.
      They should just allow tour guides to use the old Tavors and Galils.

      • guest

        this has nothing what so ever to do with Israel and whatever else, as there is only ONE country that uses “braces” for “pistols”

  • Oh so I get to pay a shitload of money for what is effectively a 3 day-long advertisement? Real great value right there.

    • Those will be what is used for this class. In the future I imagine you bring your own gun.
      Doc will give everyone a complete report on the training and trainers being used in a multipart series of articles.

  • Y’know, a Glockarbine is actually a pretty good application for a pistol ~~brace~~, whether you use it as intended or use it the way everyone actually uses it. Install one of the rubber blade versions and it would fold up in a very compact package that would fit easily under a coat or in a briefcase.

    …Still not sure why the photo of this one is reversed, though.

  • schizuki

    I assume that “magazine storage unit” in front doesn’t count as a foregrip according to the BATF?

  • David

    Man Screw the idf whats the idf know that ameican tactics dont know not only have we fought in more wars, they were a hell of a lot bigger and not just some dudes shooting rockets of his balcony

    • We don’t always have the best answer for everything. Have you forgotten that when Delta was formed they went to the UK to learn from the SAS. The SAS were considered the very best at the time. These days they do exchanges fairly often.

      • Jason

        Dude are you just deleting everyones comment who disagreed with you about speech are you even American why cant anyone say anything bad about israel? You israeli boot licker

        • Nope just the hate. You want to disagree with Israel fine I don’t care. You want to make comments about the troops shooting children not ok and that’s just spreading BS from the Internet and shows hate. So yea anyone does that and it’s gone.
          If someone comments about all Germans being Nazis the comment will be gone and the person most likely banned. Like I said not just Israel hate and racist comments against any race of people isn’t ok.
          Every comment I deleted was left by someone who just signed up to make that comment that was deleted.

          • Jason

            How about for example all muslims being terroist and goat f***ers would you delete those as well? Genuine question because on certain post i see a whole lot of that and doesnt get deleted no admin even says anything about it

          • Raginzerker

            How come you don’t ban people for hating on muslims in the comments then, it isn’t like you don’t see them

  • 22winmag

    Tell me more about this IDF shooting doctrine.

    Better yet, just Google “one shot, two kills” and report back to me.

  • shooter2009

    Just remember…the Israelis do not believe in Condition 1 carry and they make racking the slide as part of the draw – which is fine, if you have both hands available in a sudden moment of dedensive action.

    • Ebby123

      To my knowledge that hasn’t been true for a long time.

  • DanR

    Their home country is in a constant state of war, incidents every day occur at home, not in a far away land.
    The whole idea that they carry with an empty chamber, in every unit, or in combat is not true. Live their lives before commenting from ignorance. I have.

  • Yep and that’s why I unfortunately ,have to watch these post comments closer. Most of those types of comments are uninformed and stem from hate not a disagreement on tactics.

  • A lot of it is BS rumors repeated over and over again.

  • Huaba Sepp

    Do they teach the neighbour procedure?

  • DanR

    No, they do not teach those “techniques” on the web. Former IDF don’t handle weapons that way. The IDF, same as US Armed Forces, teach you to effectively move, with fluid motions, to handle weapons as an extension of your own hand, and repetition – until its instinct. Its what keeps you alive in combat.
    For those that advance into specific combat units, speed, surprise, violence of action – all the same stuff that is taught. If you watch the training videos, notice there is no “chicken wing” BS, no flapping around, just proficiency with weapons. Would you be comfortable facing those guys in combat?
    There is no stupid pet tricks, no shortcuts, no wasted movements, no BS. Getting fire onto your enemy is taught, as quickly as possible. Like any other training, there are benefits, there are throw-away’s. I never carried empty chamber, still don’t.

  • I got to play with this one and no problem in about 100 rounds. Others were waiting to shoot so 100 was all I could get time for.

  • Feral Gryphon

    Israelis come up with the coolest things.

  • Ebby123

    You learn to expect it after a while… but then what else is new?

    People hate extraordinary success.
    People hate principles that cannot be compromised.
    People hate the idea of firm authority (you hit us, we WILL hit you back).

    All of these things are key elements of the Jewish State.

    • ProudAmerican

      Right. There is no “cause” and “effect.” Jewish creed, behavior, and genocide have nothing to do with people’s opinions, as if through the millennia, hundreds of nations, principalities, and city-states reached the same baseless conclusions. Poor innocent victims, never perpetrators. Go figure.
      Phil is in deep denial about the evidence against his opinions.
      judaism DOT is/genocide.html

      Keep on patrolling, Phil.

      • Ebby123

        Genocide?!?! LOOLLOOLOLOLOLOLLLL!!!

        You need to get some new sources of information my friend. You have been BADLY lied to.

        • ProudAmerican

          Your source, please?

          My source cites hundreds of verifiable references in the Israeli press.

          • Ebby123

            So many, that you couldn’t even post a link to one I see…

  • Ebby123

    I’m guessing they’ve fixed that

  • You got that right on the mark!

  • Jason

    Theres literally pictures amd videos dude idf even admitted to it countless times saying its a “mistake” but how many times js it gonna me a “mistake” Espically 3 kids playing on a beach by themselves right “mistske” *doctor evil voice*

    • Ebby123

      1 – The vast majority of those picture are faked.
      There have been multiple investigations that find the origin of those photos are actually from other middle eastern countries from conflicts in the past (hilariously, the children pictured were often killed by muslim suicide bombers). Look it up. They keep feeding pictures of children killed in Iraq, Syria, Lebanaon to an all too willing accomplice media.

      2- Collateral damage happens. This is the nature of all war.
      However, there is a VAST difference between accidentally killing a civilian – apologizing for it an making reparations to their family, and DELIBERATELY TARGETING CIVILIAN NON-COMBATANTS. Israel does the former, the Palestinians do the latter.

      3- The Palestinians take deliberate steps to ensure civilians are killed. They deliberately launch rocket attacks from dense civilians areas knowing full well that they are likely condemning those people to death. In their minds the dead are “martyrs in a righteous war”.
      They also have been known to put their children/family/neighbors into military targets before Israel strikes it. Again – making “martyrs”.

      Please understand – YOU ARE BEING LIED TO.

      They cannot defeat Israel in a head on attack, so instead they have launch a massive propaganda war and disinformation campaign. Our media then spoon feeds this propaganda to the American public.

      • Jason

        Sureeee pal believe what you want am i being lied to or are you being lied to? Dont deny the truth the facts are in your face

        • Ebby123

          Most definitely you.

          No one with an ounce of journalistic integrity still supports the “genocide” narrative. This is a matter of fact. The only place you still hear of “the oppression and slaughter of the poor Palesetinians” is from propaganda outlets.

          Where do you think the term Pallywood came from?

  • cruzo1981

    CAA Roni, to SBR or not to SBR a piece of plastic? Decisions, decisions. What a joke. If I need accuracy, me thinks a rifle will do. A bullpup or SBR, a real SBR that is. Don’t mean to troll, but I would never pay for that.

  • Doc Rader

    So far, these things are solid and pretty amazing for what they are. Accuracy is waaaaay higher, and the “features” are pretty well thought out. We have literally hundreds of rounds through the Micro and Micro with Stabilizer with no problems.

    Consider me duly impressed.

  • Jack Mahoghof

    We need less of this “Israeli Training” BS, not more.

    Just because it’s “Israeli” doesn’t mean it’s worth a crap.

  • Wow!

    And yet under Obamas adminstration the CIA labels Israel as a “bad player” and must watch. They are like one of our closest allies! It is ridiculous!

  • Jacen

    Why is the brace verison of this thing almost twice as much?

    • Doc Rader

      Because you can get it now and not have to wait 12 months and pay $200 for the privilege…