Jurgen Schrott aka @Schrombo took these photos of the Fortmeier Bipod. As you can see from the photo, the gun hangs under the bipod. It looks like it would be more stable compared to a traditional bipod where the gun sits on top. I am talking about the cant/pivot. With the gun underneath the bipod legs, The gun will naturally settle due to gravity. Compared to the gun sitting on top, you need to hold the gun vertical as it is easy for the gun to roll to the left or right.



  • lolwat

    So not available in the US?

    • Brian Mc

      Happy to ship to US – dozens already shipped there.

  • Vhyrus

    Now THAT is a goofy, awkward, and heavy looking bipod.

    • Brian Mc

      Not akward at all – try one and see !! Try to find a negative review from ANYONE who has USED one !

  • andrey kireev

    Looks heavy, I just wonder just how much it’s gonna change center of gravity, sitting this far forward ?

    • Graham2

      It’s the best way to mount a bipod. No ‘see-saw’ action with these!

    • Wow!

      It places the axis of rotation under the bipods apex so it is nearly impossible to rock the rifle either by recoil or whatever to where the bipod tips over. As far as application? Lots of long range shooters like this bipod. Personally I am indifferent to the concept. I like conventional bipods mounted on long forends because the bipod acts like a forend extension which lets your rest it on cover without letting your barrel reach so far forward outside of it.

  • TechnoTriticale

    If it can rotate 360° around the rail-clamp pin, then you should be able to mount it to a section of under-rail as well.

    In any case, stability would be only mildly improved in under-hang. It does lower the total C.G. a bit, but the lateral stance is the same.

    • Brian Mc

      There is a version – Phoenix Type B – for AI spigot mounting or bottom picatinny mounting. Or even embedded in a McMillan type stock. No matter what rifle – there is a mounting option.

      • Brian Mc

        Bipods work best placed further forward.

  • Martin M

    Yikes. Cool idea, but it looks way to heavy. Too many machined pieces that need to go on a diet. 70% of it should be stamped.

    • Brian Mc

      I am sure the Chinese will copy it eventually with monkey metal stampings. But I am sticking with aerospace grade aluminium, milspec anodising and quality fixings.

      • pithy

        No doubt, considering you are associated with the production of the product.

        • Dougscamo

          “A crummy commercial?”….I’m with you. Has TFB been hijacked?….

          • Brian Mc

            I had no part in the OP. It was brought to my attention and I replied. 90% of my sales are in UK – only a few have made it to USA.

          • Graham2

            I saw the thread and contacted Brian because I bought one of his bipods a wile ago, simple as that. There’s nothing underhand going on!

          • Cymond

            Underhanded? No.
            Unhanging? Definitely!

        • Brian Mc

          Yes – that is no secret. I am proud to market a bipod that is so popular !!

    • JSmath

      Probably 7075, likely not heavy at all especially alongside a stamped steel alternative.

      • Martin M

        But it’s so blocky. I worry about all those sharp edges. What would they think in California?

  • micmac80

    Fortmeyer bipod was designd for 50BMG guns where its actualy not large enough to hang the guns bellow. Phoenix is as far as i know quasi licenced clone of the original fortmeyer design

    • Brian Mc

      Correct. Developed in conjunction with Fortmeier ( as are two other companies in EU )

      • bangbang

        Does that include Roedale Precision… and who else?

        • Dickson Ly

          Steyr Mannlicher.

  • Graham2

    I’ve got one and it’s excellent. It weighs 1 Lb 9 ounces but I don’t find it too heavy; anyway, it’s for supporting a rifle, so in a way weight is irrelevant- unless you have to carry it all day of course!

  • Brian Mc

    Its actually not that heavy at all ! Given that it is derived from a .50 cal capable unit.

    I market the PHOENIX version. Yes it is heavier than an Atlas but its in a different league ! Try one side by side and you will see the difference.

    I have sold hundreds of these and not one complaint yet – every buyer has been impressed.

    If you want light – get a Harris. If you want a little better, get an Atlas. If you want superb stability and rugged enough to deal with the heaviest rifles, get a PHOENIX !!

  • Richard

    How much do these cost?

    • Brian Mc

      Actually a good time to buy with more gbp for your usd – the exchange rate is very much in your favour !!

      • iksnilol

        Still no answer, if you’re selling it you might as well tell us how much it costs.

        • Brian Mc

          I have had some posts deleted so I assume I am not allowed to give my website address or price. However if you google phoenix biopd uk, youwill find me.

          • iksnilol

            Yeah, of course it’s deleted when you link directly to your own website/shop. Good God, y’all.


            Googled it and it is 440 dollars. Like, seriously, would it have been hard to say “it costs 440 dollars” ?

          • Gary Kirk

            Phoenix precision has a bipod listed at $439..

            This guys website lists his at £285, which I believe converts to around $357 USD???

          • Brian Mc

            You clearly found the wrong bipod – mine does NOT cost anything like 440usd – nearer 360usd.

          • iksnilol

            Finally! Was it that hard to say the price?

            But yeah, I checked, there’s another bipod made by a company called phoenix so you get a lot of results from them when searching.

  • Brian Mc

    Try googling “phoenix bipod + negative review” – you wont find any ! Those who have tried it – love it.

  • felix

    Reminds me of a DSR bipod

    • Brian Mc

      Funnily enough – I had looked for a dsr bipod but could not get one. Hence got the Phoenix made in a tiny batch hoping to pay for my own bipod. But soon I had a 50 waiting list so had to make more batches…….

  • JSmath

    Everyone acting like they’ve never seen a WA2000 or noticed that it uses this style of bipod… Well, actually, I could imagine that being a thing for most, but these are the things gun enthusiasts should be aware of!

    • Bradley

      Did I miss where the article states this is the only bipod remotely similar ever produced?

      • JSmath

        Yes, and not only that, you managed to imagine my comment was directed at the article when “Everyone” implies that there is more than one intended recipient – like the majority of the comment section. You dipshit.

        • mike

          your an idiot. Who is this mythical “everyone” you speak of. “everyone” thinks your and idiot.

          • JSmath

            I’ll literate, which is to say, something you’re clearly not – “mike”

    • JustAHologram

      Doesn’t Cheyenne Tactical do something similar?

    • USMC03Vet

      You cereal, m8?

      WA2000 is a unicorn gun. I’ve never seen one in person.

      • JSmath

        I didn’t say “seen one in person”, did I? Very, very obvious implications of my words. The WA2000 is a unicorn and so is the FG42 but many people know WTF one is. Hell, I doubt many people posting here have seen an actual WWII Thompson in person, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to say most people probably know or could guess what one looks like.

  • Danny

    Looks very futuristic and high tech. I’m intrigued…

  • DAN V.

    Why does it look off-center?

    • Brian Mc

      Definately not off centre – i can vouch for that.

  • iksnilol

    When mounting it over like that, don’t you risk it getting into your FOV if using a low mounted scope?

    • Graham2

      You’d never be able to mount a scope low enough for the bipod to get in the way.

      • iksnilol

        I dunno, in some of the pictures the scope seems mounted low enough for exactly that to happen.

        • Brian Mc

          You cannot see mount in sight pic. Any item that close ( same idea as killflash ) is too close to see.

    • Brian Mc

      On my LMT .308 I have a 8-32×56 Nightforce. The objective is 1mm off the rail. The mount looks like it would obscure but it does not – its invisible in scope picture at 8x and 32x – simply too close to be focused on.

      • iksnilol

        Okay, what about lower magnifications? Like 2.5-10x? or 1-6 scopes ?

        • Brian Mc

          I use one on a AR15 with IOR 4x and still cannot see mount. Its too close to focus on.

          • iksnilol

            Yeah, but what about low magnification?

  • gunsandrockets

    Reminds me of the bipod geometry on the old FAMAS.

  • SnakeEater-0317

    Brian, I could do the research for myself, but I’m lazy, and sure that some of the other members have the same question regarding this product.


    1) What’s the overall weight, mounted in this configuration?

    2) How high on the rail does it sit?

    3) Are there any optics or optic mounting solutions it would not be compatible with?

    4) When locked into place in both the stowed and extended position, what kind of movement can we expect? Jiggle?

    5) What kind of elevation and depression can we get?

    6) How much can’t is there from one side to the other?

    7) How much abuse can it take? Repelling, and I land on it?

    8) Price point? Warrantee?

    9) Other than allowing the rifle to sit more centerline, its sex appeal, what can this offer users over a Harris spring loaded bipod?


    • Brian Mc

      I am not sure I can quote a price here – perhaps Mods could confirm ?

      Legs go from 8 to 11″

      Height on rail – depends on mounting – I have a few options from 3mm to 14mm for top rail.

      Cant – similar to Atlas and swivel Harris.

      Jiggle ? None – very tight tolerances.

      It is based on a .50 cal bipod system so it is tough – I really cannot comment on rapelling !

      The big advantage is a very wide footprint. And having the pivot above the bore means less force is needed to keep weapon vertical.

      For sales in UK – so far I have offered all customers the chance to return it ( unused ) if they are unable to fit it or find its too heavy or otherwise unsuitable.
      Happy to extend this to international customers (less postage)

      100s sold and not one breakage or return yet. Customers with wide variety of rifles and scopes – none have indicated incompatibility with any rifle or scope.

      Weight is 716 grams for top mounted bipod with .50 cal rated mount. I also do underneath mounted version which is lighter and has lighter mounts.

  • GI

    Very nice looking piece of kit, but over $400? Meh, no thanks.

    • Brian Mc

      Not over 400usd

      • GI

        If it costs a penny more than an Atlas bipod, you can forget about it.

        • Brian Mc

          Before the Atlas, people said the same thing when they were using Harris. Try to actually have a go with one before making up your mind. Phoenix is in a diffferent league in terms of stability.

  • Northerner

    that has to be the WORST story presentation i have ever read about a product EVER!! one sentence and that is it? not even a price?

  • whamprod

    Nice looking piece of kit, but it also looks like it weighs a ton.