Maxim CQB Pistol: PDW Brace

Maxim brace

It would seem that pistol braces are the wave of the future for AR builders. One of the latest companies to jump into the fray is Maxim Defense with the Maxim CQB Pistol: PDW Brace.

Also called the Maxim Defense Arm Brace, this PDW stock adjustable pistol brace for the infirm and others wanting more support when shooting an AR pistol with one hand uses the same housing as the company’s CQB Stock. In fact, the company states “It’s also the perfect stock to run on your pistol while waiting on your Form 1 to clear. When that day comes, keep the same housing installed and simply swap out the arm brace for one of our butt stocks.”

According to Maxim Defense, this pistol brace has a total of four positions that range from 5.375″ to 10″ in length. The housing is made of 7075 aluminum with built in anti-rotation sling mounts. A variety of springs and buffers are available including the captured spring assemblies from JP Enterprises.

Maxim is currently taking pre-orders with the intention of shipping these pistol braces toward the end of December.

This brace looks like a slick piece of gear. I do wonder, however, how far companies will push the pistol brace concept before the ATF steps in and claims these are functional stocks. Maybe then the industry and owners will exert a little pressure and have the SBR removed from the NFA.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • valorius

    I suspect that under the Trump admin the ATF will be a whole lot more toothless.

    This is a very cool looking product, but it is VASTLY overpriced. For the price of this stock you can assemble an entire AR15 from scratch.

    • PK

      I just looked, and you weren’t being hyperbolic in the least. $495.00 MSRP will easily buy a parts kit and a lower, these days.

      • valorius

        On black friday they were going for like $395 for an entire build kit with 80% lower.

  • junyo

    “the company states β€œIt’s also the perfect stock to run on your pistol while waiting on your Form 1 to clear. When that day comes, keep the same housing installed and simply swap out the arm brace for one of our butt stocks.””

    And since they’re the same price, you only need to pay double!

    • alex waits

      I think you can take off the rubber strap bit, and pop on a more suitable plastic bit without the strap. πŸ˜›

      • junyo

        Was hoping that’s what they meant, but the only individual accessories listed on the website are buffers, so…

  • Rick O’Shay

    But does it come in FDE?

  • dave

    Let’s not get too excited and start posting articles without covering the most important factor

    • valorius

      The stock costs as much as an entire AR15.

  • Hoplopfheil


    For that price they should throw in a complete lower. And upper. And a case of 5.56.

    • valorius

      Agreed- complete and total rip off.

    • Thomas Bennett

      Ecomony of scale can be partially to blame. MVB only recently began to reduce their prices on their PDW Stocks.

      But NOT $500, I agree, this should be the price of a complete lower with this brace.

    • DanGoodShot

      I was so into these pdw sticks when they hit the market… then I saw the ptice tags… no. Just no. I don’t give a rats back side that this comes with the jp silent capture spring. JPs stuff is so way over priced. Most things in the gun industry are over priced. Some are just clearly way priced than others. JP is one of em’. So, anything using JP = stupid high price.

      • Wow!

        I just made my own. Super cheap and simple. I sold a couple and undercut at $150 for easy money. If a guy working out of his garage can produce an equilent product, these companies need to up their game or risk outcompetition.

        • DanGoodShot

          Hummm… you still make em? Got any pics?

          • Wow!

            No pics because I don’t like people seeing what I have but I will always help others. This is just “a” way, and you can figure out for yourself the best way to do it given your tools and capabilities:
            Stock- Cut 1/4″ round barstock to the proper length desired. Using an angle grinder, grind down slots into the bottom end. Make a butt pad out of HDPE or PVC and drill and slide the barstock in place. Secure each with a roll pin ensuring the serrated bottoms are facing downward.

            Stock receiver- Take a receiver endplate and weld flat barstock (1/4-1/2″ thickness or greater is optimal) to extend the sides. using your stock, mark the holes where the round barstock will slide through and then drill. Use a drill press as this has to be straight or the stock will bind up. Alternatively you can drill the holes on the flat barstock first, slide it onto your stock and use that as an alignment as you weld it to the receiver endplate. Weld an L shaped tab on the bottom of the stock and on the bottom weld a 1/4″ thick piece of metal to add thickness. Drill a hole through this. Take a bolt and weld a flat barstock to the top edgewise which will engage with the groves you cut in the stock. Then weld a peice of barstock to this metal on the side of this flat barstock which rubs against the side of the L shaped tab which keeps this locking assembly from rotating. Slide a spring onto the bolt, slide the bolt into the L shaped tab and secure a nut to retain it held in place with red locktite (or you can drill through it and install a roll pin.

            Make a new buffer tube by cutting down an old one (can be pistol or rifle style, even A2. and weld a piece of metal or a collar and a washer to the end to seal it up. If a collar is used, then this can be screwed in place or secured with roll pins. The end of this buffer tube can also have a plate welded to the back with holes drilled in it that the stock will slide through to add more stability to your stock if you drilled your holes in the previous step too large. Get a round barstock piece that fits into the hole in the rear of a bolt carrier and cut and install a section that is held in place with a roll pin that is drifted in flush. Drill a hole into the back of this round barstock and install a rod of HDPE, again held with a roll pin flush. This completes your new integrated buffer.

            Assemble all parts like normal. I know this is pretty bad instruction, but if you look at PDW kits and how they work, these instructions should start to make sense.

            If enough people are intrested I’ll write up a PDF and sell it on ebay but I don’t think that should be necessary.

          • DanGoodShot

            Copy and pasted. Thanks a bunch! I just wanted a pic of the stock itself, no gun. But I hear ya. Thanks for taking the time though, greatly appreciated. I now have a new project. Sweet.

          • Wow!

            Glad to help, and like I said, this is just a way. You can pretty it up all you like or change the design. Also I forgot to mention to bevel the corner of the slots you cut facing downrange. It allows you to pull the stock open rather than having to press a button. You can also modify the end to act as a cleaning rod grease gun style. This build isn’t really that critical a part aside from ensuring the buffer and buffer tube is done right. Good luck!

  • MrBrassporkchop

    Quick question….

    So to take sbrs over state lines you need to do paperwork. But if its not in sbr configuration you can take it without any paperwork?

    So can you just put a brace on it, sbr it and shoulder the brace at home and not shoulder it across state lines?


    Hopefully an ATF run by a trump appointee won’t step in at all

  • Cal S.

    But why is it the price of a whole rifle?!

  • Joining the choir here to say that as cool as this is, fi’ hunnit fo’ it is a frankly ridiculous price; this is either price gouging at a stunningly disprespectful-to-the-customer level, or they’re woefully incompetent at manufacturing/distributing, to the point that it costs them so much to make the things that they can’t sell them at realistic prices. Either way does not speak well of Maxim Defense as a company.

  • iksnilol

    Well, my braces cost waaay more than that. So I guess 5 hunnid for one brace isn’t that bad.

    • Marc

      I’ll play along; did you get yours from an orthodontist?

      • iksnilol

        Nah, from Victoria’s Secret.

        • David Harmon


  • DanGoodShot

    So heres my theory: The more people on the “pistol” wagon should translate into more people wanting on the sbr wagon. Which, in turn means more people waking up to the realization they need to pay a $200 tax and wait a butt load of time to get said sbr. That turns into more people willing to fight against this ridiculous “law”. Victory doesn’t always come in numbers. But in this case…
    Btw, it was a brace that turned my attention to the world of sbr and the nfa.

    • Wow!

      Which is why the BATFE started speeding up their NFA times earlier this year. They realized most Americans don’t do the registration (I mean, if you have gone through the registration you can totally tell the youtubers who didn’t do their paperwork on their SBR or Form 1 silencers) and so they are trying to make incentive to trick people into complying with illegal laws. The truth is we have all the power to end gun control by not complying. Poltiicans do not and never secure that right.

      • DanGoodShot

        I not only agree but have seen it in my state. Good ol’ Commienecticut, The “Constitution” State.(state motto, hows that for irony). When they put out the assault weapons ban people had to go wait in line and register, you know that picture that was all over the news, country wide that made it look like this big long line of gun owners “complying.” That was media propaganda at its best. The fact is the law was a big flop. They knew very few people we’re going to turn out. So what they did was only open that area up for two days and it was the only spot in the whole state to go to register. So yeah, a few hundred people showed up for the 6 hours they where open. There are over half a million gun owners in the state of Connecticut. What didn’t make it into the national media was the fact that the number of people that turned out to register of KNOWN gun was somewhere in the ballpark of only 10 to 12%. Thats it. When the governor was asked if law was actually going to be enforced by sending cops to people who didnt comply and how they planned on enforcing the law against so many, now illegal citizens his answer was classic and givs complete credence to your statement. And I quote, “No, we will not be pursuing this.” So basically the only way that law actually comes into play is if you get arrested for doing something else and they happen to catch you with an unregistered assault rifle and there looking to pile the charges on you. Other than that the law is limp. Flat out they just don’t have the power, money or infrastructure to enforce a law that has now been broken by hundreds of thousands of people. It did however hurt new sales in the state. Gun stores were eviscerated of inventory. That sucks.

        • Wow!

          Yeah, economic control is their primary method. One reason why I always encourage people to learn how to build things themselves, it severely disrupts their ability to stop people.
          Online stores (and the internet in general) saved the 2A in my opinion because it allows companies to be set up faster, they are more numerous, and they can reach customers in all parts of the country even behind the “iron curtains”. It also allowed the 80% boom to spread because local build partys were rare and some people didn’t even realize how easy it was to build a MAC, Sten, AR, AK, MP5 etc.

    • David Harmon

      Not just the tax and wait. Crossing state lines, hanging addresses, storing anywhere not your house. All of these things you have to give them prior notice to with an SBR.

  • TheRealATF

    I get creating items to point out how ridiculous the NFA is, but this is the most stock like arm brace I’ve seen to date. Kind feels like playing with fire to me…