Please excuse the poor pun. One of the rifles in the new Ghost in the Shell movie is based on the Tavor. Here is a display model Tavor SAR by IWI. As you can see it is completely transparent aside from the obvious parts that are not. I believe these were made to illustrate the function of the rifle but I have heard that they do not fire. I wonder if the shell would hold up to having real internals installed and fired? Probably not otherwise it would have been done by now. Still looks cool.


  • Audie Bakerson

    Why didn’t they stick a Lancer filled with dummy cartridges in it instead of an aluminum mag?

    • chris lynch

      Or a Lancer full of real rounds? lol.
      Either way, it would be super awesome to have a functional version of this.

      • Dan San Juan

        I believe Tavors are designed to work best with non polymer mags. USGI mags drop free more reliably.

        • Michael

          hexmags have reliably been drop-free in my SAR

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          Considering the see-through gun doesn’t work anyway, might as well use see-through mags.

      • Steve

        …aside from the fact that it’s still a TAVOR.

        • andrey kireev

          They’re good guns.. never had any issues with mine whatsoever…

      • noob

        I wonder if lexan is strong enough, or a new rifle design could be invented that is strong and stiff enough to function while being see through.

        Although it would have to be a very clean running design because any carbon would show up pretty obviously.

      • Because IIRC this was made at the conclusion of the TAR project ~2003? Years before Lancer was making magazines

    • Edeco

      Yes, the clear red plastic snap caps, would be an awesome pic.

    • Nicholas C

      That would be cool, but I think the magazine is fixed to the wooden base. Probably wouldnt be too difficult to make one with a clear Lancer.

  • AC97

    “This is a ghost gun.”

    “Ten magazine clip, in half a second.”

    • SP mclaughlin

      “only you have teh power to vote out teh ebil gurn lobby”

      • DIR911911 .

        did you hit your head?

  • Peter Nissen

    Could only be cooler if Major Kusanagi was holding it…..

    • Laionidas

      She might be, she is on “the Net” remember?

  • Geoff Timm

    Some of the pistols can use clear polymer frames. I think Glock had some for demo purposes. Geoff Who thinks it’s a neat idea and definitely different on the range, might be vulnerable to scratching.

  • LazyReader

    Name one successful anime that was successfully adapted into live action………..I rest my case. Guns alone aren’t gonna make this movie a shining star

    • DIR911911 .

      what case?

    • Mojopin

      Dragon Ball Z and the last Airbender where pretty terrible. As much as I personally love seeing Ms. Johansson in a skin tight body suit I really whish they had used a asian actress for the Major instead of white washing the role, anyone remember Emma stone in Aloha. The rifle she used the last battle scene was a bullpup style but definitely looked more “beefy” than the travor.

  • Jake Dorsey

    The real question is, are they going to have working Seburo M5s? Because THAT is the quintessential gun for the Shosa/Major.

    She could use an AR for all I care. As long as she has an M5.

    • Laionidas

      The live action movie is going to dissappoint everyone who’s actually seen the originals, in every way. I guarantee it.

  • Jake Dorsey

    Aaaaaaagh a Glock? I love my Glocks, but c’monnnnnnnnnnnn

    At least use the CZ-100 she used in the 1995 movie.

  • I have talked with some plastic manufactures who make magazines. They said clear lexan is easier than colored to make strong and durable. It wears out molds though.