[Nightforce 2016] Mil-C Reticle

The Mil-R reticle is one of Nightforce’s most popular offering in the companies ATACR scope line. However, due to requests from the Precision Rifle Series competitions, the company is going to be releasing the “Mil-C” Reticle. Initially the reticle will be released with the ATACR 5×25 F1 (First Focal Plane) scope at SHOT 2017, for the same price as other reticles currently offered in the same model scope.

The advantages of the Mil-C is that the reticle will offer .2 Mil-Radian increments of adjustment throughout the stadia lines, allowing for much more precise adjustments, hold overs, and range estimation using the reticle as compared to the Mil-R, which has Mil-Radian increments at .5 Mils. In order to avoid confusion, the additional Mil-Radian lines are inverted, with the first and last increments placed on the left/bottom of the elevation/windage stadia lines, and the middle Mil-Radian lines placed on the right/top of the elevation/windage stadia lines. The Inverted ranging T is however unchanged and still present in the Mil-C, as it was in the Mil-R reticle. There are also new Mil-Radians introduced on the windage posts left and right, with the lines extending up and down.

Mil-C 10 Mil Reticle

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 10.17.47 AM

The current Mil-R 10 Mil Reticle, in the first focal plane.


Mil-R focused on a target



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  • BattleshipGrey

    After I realize “if I have to ask the price…I probably can’t afford it” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2bec6f37f9205c7474c3e4c59dfaf94a66627addf8cae30961625d693622fc9b.gif

  • Jake

    So I hear someone got a new marketing chief…

  • Spencerhut

    The array of reticles in the Nightforce’s lineup seem too busy and confusing for me. I mean they have how many different ones with all of them for some special purpose? It seems like you would have study to learn how to use each one. I own a few USO scopes and I went that direction partly because of the reticle choices.
    You go to the Nightforce booth at SHOT and there are like 30 different reticles. I have no problem with a HORUS or standard Mil-Dot, but all these variations make my head spin. Geez all I want to do is whack a USPSA target from 0 to 1k and the H50/H58 and USO MPR do that pretty well.

    • Tom Currie

      You sound like the people who cry that their office’s word processor is “too complicated” because it has “so many features I won’t ever use” — but they cannot seem to comprehend that there is absolutely no reason to ever learn any of the features they don’t use.

      You say “It seems like you would have study to learn how to use each one” but that is the exact same fallacy — you only need to learn how to use the one reticle that you choose to buy. It would be nice to understand the pros and cons of the different reticles and how they apply to the kind of shooting you intend to do, but even that much study isn’t absolutely essential. And, quite bluntly, if you don’t understand how to use milliradians then it doesn’t matter which mil reticle you choose because you are just using the crosshairs and hoping for the best (of course, that also means you have wasted most of the money spent buying the scope and should have just got a Redfield 3-9×40, or perhaps an Ncstar 3-9×40). I won’t be buying a scope with either of these reticles any time soon (not until after I win the lottery); I know how us use milliradians but I don’t have any need for them.

      • Spencerhut

        I actually use my equipment and take pride in getting every possible bit from it. When companies like Nightforce put out such an array of reticles it just gets to the point where I’d rather stick with something easy to transition to. When you own one scope, no big deal what the reticle is, but when you have 20 different ones, figuring out what each can do when they are all different is a monumental effort.
        So I’ll be an old fuddy duddy and stick with my USO-MPR, in Milliradians that I have learned how to use with a competent level of skill. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4d147449b5261d70f37c5bdaff769061e11f6ae547df3262971d38312c9431c5.png
        Let me know when you have this one all figured out.

    • G

      MIL-C is obvisouly a clone of Horus C2HMR (but without the dots). The 0.2 mil hash marks will facilitate holds for win and drop. I would definitely consider MIL-C if I was a PRS competitor.

  • Southpaw89

    Looks a little too busy for most shooting, definitely a niche product.