[Nightforce 2016] Carbon Fiber Tripod

Nightforce Optics is brining a tripod to market, one that is very versatile and innovative compared to current tripods for sale. It has removable 4 section legs, that can then be used as walking poles while hiking or trekking. In addition, these legs can also be used for an improvised shooting position as shooting sticks. The feet of these legs have spikes that can be covered up by a standard rubber pad, or exposed for rocky terrain. The center pole can be unscrewed, and taken off, in addition to it having a lower portion that can be screwed on top, thus brining the tripod to a very low position while being used in the prone (provided the legs are fixed at an angle). The ball head has a panning handle, in addition to the classical Nightforce Turret cover affixed to the adjustment handle.


DSC07695 DSC07711 DSC07710 DSC07700 DSC07713 DSC07718 DSC07717 DSC07716 DSC07730 DSC07723 DSC07727 DSC07732

The idea came about because of requests by Nightforce users that wanted a tripod to go along with their spotting scopes from the company that currently do not come with any Nightforce tripod or an after market one.

The entire system folds upwards for storage, thus minimizing the amount of space it takes up while in transit. It retails for $375, and will be available from Nightforce by SHOT 2017.


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  • Would it be rude to point out that this is basically just a high end camera tripod with an adjustable AR upper vise block attached? I mean, it looks great and I bet it’s functional as heck, but still.

    • Major Tom

      Camera tripod? This is also high end telescope gear. Just with a different attaching bit.

    • Giolli Joker

      Yep, possibly you can get similar performances from Manfrotto and similar… not that you’d be saving money though.

    • Wingbert

      Well a Manfrotto and a PIG saddle cost more

  • Herr Wolf

    It must be Nightforce day today

  • westford86

    MSRP is actually very reasonable for a set of carbon sticks. I might even consider one for photo use given how expensive anything comparable is. I have to image it’s made under a private label deal, I wonder who makes it for them?

  • Leonardo Padrino

    My dad is a photographer and he’s an opponent to carbon fiber tripods since the light weight makes them easily knocked down by the wind, so many photographers carry weights to hang on the legs which now adds the same weight you would’ve carried otherwise. Maybe too light isn’t a good thing but then again a sniper rifle has significantly more weight than a camera and might not suffer the same problem. Just a thought.

    • Or you could just carry a empty sandbag, and fill it up on location.

      • DrewN

        or jus tuse your daypack or a grenade pouch.

    • westford86

      What’s your dad shooting with, a Nikon Coolpix? Because I’ve never had to deal with my camera getting blown over, pro cameras aren’t exactly light… If your setup is getting blown over it’s probably because your setting it up wrong. Carbon is absolutely the way to go for professionals, it’s the material of choice for everyone I work with. It’s not just about the weight, in fact the weight difference is negligible, the advantage is more in the rigidity of the legs, and they absorb more vibration. As for weighing down tripods, I think you might be confusing them with light stands. I’ve only ever used counter weights on a camera tripod when setting up wonky overhead shots where the camera is on a boom. Sandbags and weights are mostly used for light modifiers, which in the field can often act like parachutes.

      • Actually weighing down the tripod is pretty common, particularly with long exposures. And it isn’t about the tripod being blown over, simply to make it more stable. More mass means that for a given amount of wind that it will shake less.

        And unlike say a counter balance weight, when weighing down a tripod the best place for the weight is closer to the camera.

    • Peter Lan

      I usually bring a water bottle and just hang it on there. If not bring an empty one and fill it on site with whatever you want.

  • micmac80

    Making ‘merica’ great again one chinese tripod at the time.

    • Tassiebush

      I’m not aware of any Chinese made nightforce products

  • MiamiC70

    Tactical Manfrotto. LOL

  • egads

    This is way too many fscking posts about the same company. Even if I wanted to read about this kind of advertorial BS (which I don’t, there are a lot of other places we can shop thanks) I would rather you not flood my screen with 4 stories in a row about the same brand. How did this pass through your editorial review process? I can only surmise, there isn’t one.

  • roguetechie

    This is actually awesome if it comes with the clamp for this price…

    Plus they’ve designed it to be very shooter oriented rather than being forced to try and lashup your own solutions starting with camera equipment that needs modified.

    I’m working on a long term project along a similar vein, but more geared to the SDM set than the big boy sniper set. This said, it’s extremely heartening that so many of their solutions and features match with things I’ve been looking at for my idea.

  • Charles

    I am most interested in the connection point of the removable legs and their anchor point to the adjustable tripod spider. The lack of photos regarding that critical attachment point leaves me to wonder about the ultimate rigidity of the assembled tripod and longevity of that attachment scheme. Are the alloy parts aluminum or magnesium? That difference adds a good bit to weight savings and ultimate cost. Is there any satisfactory warranty against material failure? At close to $400 I’d surely hope for a Vortex-sort of guarantee.
    The removed legs themselves remind me thoroughly of my Giotto ‘fiber monopod, and I can only express my concern about the fully assembled tripod’s “flexibility” when I compare the “advertisement”(‘s) photos to my Manfrotto carbon fiber Professional’s camera tripod.
    Camera tripods are accessorized(additional expense-ALWAYS) with hooks &/or nets to use locally available rocks/sand/ect. to weight the tripod centrally under the elevation shaft which can help avoid tip-over or vibration-otherwise.
    It would be nice if the company offered a metal legged version to reduce cost for the not-so-well heeled shooters. Anything manufactured using carbon fiber STILL tends toward the excessively expensive.