Kahr Releases 7 New Models for 2017 Including NY SAFE Compliant .44 Magnum

Kahr, along with sister company Magnum Research, has announced no less than seven new handgun models for 2017. The new models include lightweight Desert Eagles, integration of integrated muzzle brakes, and various nice additions to Khar offerings.

Fans will appreciate a broadening of offers and those in New York State may jump for big-bore joy as the new lighter L5 .44 Magnum Desert Each now clocks in at less than 50 ounces. For those outside the state of New York, 50 ounces is a “SAFE” Act requirement designed specifically at excluding big-bore Desert Eagles and similar handguns.

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Other updates for the Magnum Research line include other lighter-weight offerings of popular loadings, specifically the offering of aluminum frames in their L6 line-up for the .44 magnum and .357 Magnum. The .50 AE was originally introduced in 2015.

On the Kahr side, they’ve seen fit to upgrade some of their most popular models, the CM9093, CM4543, CW3833, and CT3833. Specifically, the new handguns are getting 3-dot sights, a Pachmayr Tactical Grip Glove and a Pearce finger rest magazine extension. As a small bonus, all four included Tungsten Cerakote finish on the slides. Kahr does note that the CM4543 does not include the pinky extension.

MSRP for the L5 is clocked at $1,790 and MSRP for the Kahr offerings range from $439 to $499.

Nathan S

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  • Joe

    The new trigger needs to be standard.

    • Joe

      For the Kahr.

  • Arie Heath

    This is the first time I’ve heard of the 50 ounces rule. That is ridiculous.

    • Anonymoose

      I think it’s more aimed at disincluding AR and AK pistols, and other “assault pistols” as defined by the original 1994 AWB.

      • stuxnet

        Nah, those are already banned by accepting a magazine outside of the pistol grip. Mostly aimed at large bore handguns and uzi/mac 10 type pistols. NY sucks.

  • 22winmag

    Is the 50 ounce rule really targeted at big bore handguns… or at rifle-caliber handguns?

    • Richard

      Probably both. They would consider it the more the merrier.

    • Rifle caliber handguns are already verboten by the proscription against magazines outside the grip. This idiotic subsection was targeted specifically at guns like the Deagle and Uzi/MAC type sub-submachineguns.

    • noob

      I sort of recall Olympic Arms making an AR-Pistol in 5.56 called the OA93 which was heavily skeletonized and lacked an receiver extension tube, instead using a proprietary overhead recoil system. The skeletonization brought it in under 50oz and enabled its sale back in the 1990s.

      Bushmaster also made a lightweight AR-Pistol by using carbon fibre, removing the handguard or both. Not sure of the details.


      • Secundius

        Khyber Arms of Pakistan, one of the World’s Arms Producers. Makes the “44 Bore”, an AK Pistol chambered in 7.92x33mm kurz. They also have a Khyber Dealership just outside Houston, Texas…

  • Anonymoose

    Can’t wait to smack myself in the face with this thing!

    • AC97

      It does have an integrated muzzle brake…

    • USMC03Vet

      That’s what she said.

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jeremy


    • DaveP.

      And so what doesn’t?

  • Cymond

    “integration of integrated muzzle brakes”

    Aside from the redundant phrasing, I do like the look & idea of the integrated brakes.
    However, I’ve never even held a DE, much less shot one. I personally never ask to see anything in the case unless I’m seriously interested.

    • Anomanom

      I’ve shot one at a rental range. Personally i thought it was a bit much, but my wife loved shooting it. The brake is a good idea though, it has a fair bit of muzzle flip in 50AE.

  • .45

    Wow, they made the Desert Eagle uglier. My father will probably want it even more now.

  • Edeco

    Dear Kahr: T380 plz. Think about it, it’d be delightfully thin! Add a hole in the slide like a G34 to get it to normal speed, I like them for cooling also. Love and kisses -Ed

  • ??

    Don’t worry all you bit chompers. Or may I say don’t believe the hype. None of these products will be in stores in any type of purchasable volumes within the next 10 years. If you just look at the sales records of the KAHR GEN2 ……………

    • Secundius

      Well ahhh? Kahr OWNS Magnum Research. So you “Combining” Magnum Research sales with Kahr sales…

  • bbbsbsb

    The desert eagle may not be that stupid. As poor and rich criminals know, size matters.

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    What Kahr and ALL other manufacturers need to do is NOT offer “compliant” firearms of ANY kind for sale in NY to ANYONE or ANY AGENCY, including LEOs!!! Let the gun market dry up at ALL levels! If they are “unsafe” at any level, they must not be available to ANYONE!!! Maybe when the only firearms available are Hi-Point and other “basic” guns!!!

    • Wow!

      That has been tried and frankly it doesn’t work. Government have their own supply lines, even in CA, Barret didn’t sell to us, but the departments still got the exact same fifty cals from other sources. Really, the only way to stop gun control is to violate it. Remember that we have all the power, that is why the 2A even exists. We comply because we choose to, not because we are forced.

  • Bob

    they need to make it in .600 nitro express (or whatever it is called).
    Why screw around??

    • Secundius

      Ahhh, Why? A Lot Dinosaur-Sized “Cape Buffalo’s” Running Around where you Live…

      • Bob

        no, just so “it’s biggest”
        you know, the old routine, mine is bigger, better, faster then yours??

        • Secundius

          8,200ft/lbs is a Lot of Recoil to Put into a Pistol Delivery System…

  • Secundius

    Actually the Other Way Around! Magnum Research is a Sister Company to Kahr. Considering Kahr OWNS Magnum Research…

  • jcitizen

    What I’m wondering is if that would even be legal to sell in the US?? Other than a shotgun I’d think being over .50 cal would violate the GCA.

    • Secundius

      Currently the Largest Pistol is the Pfeifer Zeliska 28mm Revolver (pattern Remington Model 1859). If fires FIVE 1.102-inch (28mm) Bullets of ~1,750-grains each, with a total weight of 99.2-pounds. And yet the Muzzle Energy is ONLY ~7,591ft/lbs…

      • jcitizen

        Well that is certainly a larger caliber than the .50 cal HBMG round that was fired from a pistol I saw online a few years ago. I still wonder if these are foreign developments, or play toys dreamed up by US special occupational tax payers? Some online forums site the Pfeifer Zeliska(Same Austrian gun works) you write of, as the biggest waste of lead ever developed – but my curiosity is more legal than any macho quest for one-upsmanship. I suppose I should simply realize this is an Austrian thing only. Thanks for that tidbit of knowledge!

        • Secundius

          Pfeifer Waffen (Arms) is located in Feldkirch, Vorarlberg, Austria. Just South of Both Liechtenstein and Swifterland. Steyr of Austria, make Extremely Well made Pistols, that are so good that Steyr doesn’t even Advertise Them (Word of Mouth ONLY)…

  • Secundius

    Right a Portable 12-pounder Hand Cannon.