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  • wildbillb

    robots are taking away ALL the best jobs!

    • Kalash

      I doubt the guys who have to shoot them all by hand consider it a great job. Would get VERY boring.

  • Jim Johnson

    I worked at a gun manufacturer several years ago, and can attest that spending 8 hours doing mag dumps is NOT as fun as you would think it sounds.

    • Nicholas C

      Yeah it does sound like work. I posted about the Army Marksmanship Unit and those shooters must shoot 1k rds a day!!! That is nuts!

  • Jarvis

    How many rounds does each gun get fired? Is each mag also tested? Is the gun tested with the mags it’s shipped with? How are the mags loaded; some automated system or some poor intern with sore but very strong fingers?

    Is this machine NFA? It’s my understanding that any machine that doesn’t require manual trigger operation is a ‘machinegun’.

    • john huscio

      Not in the US, NFA doesn’t apply

    • westford86

      Even if this was in the US, I am certain Glock has a SOT, so they could easily posses something like this that’s technically an NFA item.

    • TVOrZ6dw

      Good questions. If anybody could elaborate on the process I would appreciate it.

    • BryanS

      Im going to estimate that these are production QC samples pulled off the line at different times to assure everything is going right.

  • b. griffin

    Is that way Glocks cost so much….the ammo budget in Austria must be huge.

  • Tim

    My favorite thing about robots with Glocks is that, Hillary Clinton will NEVER be president of the United States.

    Not today. Not next week. Neither next year nor next decade.


    • Marcus D.

      My LEAST favorite thing about robots with Glocks is some day they will have powered wheels!

    • DIR911911 .

      political , but funny. . . i saw nothing

  • Sam

    I use ransomrest to test Glock’s accurace. It’s never ZERO. I guess the design of Glock (polymer frame) have to count on something flexible, like a human hand.

    • Kivaari

      Typically no handgun is zero’d from a rest. The shooting from a hand allows for flexing. Take a “zeroed” revolver and place it upside down on a table (resting on the sights) than look at where the barrel is pointed, it’s several degrees different from the sights. That is why a gun sighted in with a particular load will shoot so different with loads being significantly heavier or lighter. The gun is moving in your hand before the bullet has left the bore. Changing grip tension results in vertical stringing.

  • iksnilol

    The source of Glock ergonomics finally revealed 😀

  • Bill

    I sense a worker’s comp claim for repetitive motion disorder in the near future…

  • Will

    Magazines plural, Glock singular..
    One pistol, several magazines.
    I could do that but when shooting, in any form, becomes work then you become a pro. Lord knows I’m not close to that level.
    Nice video.

  • noob

    ha, it’s built out of T-Slot extruded aluminium.

    making a test robot like that looks like a fun project – making sure the interlocks only make a noise hazard after the door is closed etc.

    good part is it doesn’t seem to need any control theory to work since all the operations are either true or false decisions. either a glock is sitting in the cradle or it isn’t. either the door is open with the glock in the cradle or it isn’t.

  • True enough!

  • Bill

    You left out audiological tests, fixing staple guns, repairing shot target hangers, stocking targets by the ton, checking weather reports, getting portable toilets pumped out, writing risk assessments and lesson plans….