Navy Seal Turned Missouri Governor Elect

Yes, TFB is firearms and not politics. But how awesome is this commercial for Eric Greitens, Governor Elect of Missouri? Greitens is a former Navy Seal. In the commercial he looks to be using an SBR with quad rail, Eotech, DBAL, and Surefire X300. He “takes aim” and shoots at something explosive. possibly tannerite and gasoline? I don’t recognize the exact make and model of AR he is using. Can anyone identify it?



If that wasn’t enough, here is another ad of him shooting a minigun.

Nicholas C

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  • It might be a first for a Political add to cost more in ammo than airtime.

  • TDog

    Hilarious. A guy whose career was and will be dependent upon massive taxpayer support is going to tell everyone how a pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps conservative he is.

    And with all the nonsense on his rifle, he’s definitely gonna win the Mall Ninja of the Year Award.

    (yeah, yeah… he was a Navy Seal… note that he isn’t anymore, so all of that garbage on his rifle is just window dressing)

    • trjnsd

      …and what do you do for a living? How did you serve your Country? Hmmmm??

      • Slim934

        Well, given that he was a state employee, his ability to eat and provide shelter for himself was based upon the extraction of resources from the private sector. I’m curious how effectively he could have served the US government had they not had these resources available to them.

        So from my perspective, the various businesses and wealth producers had atleast as much role in serving the country as this guy did. Probably more so actually. No amount of commitment to serving one’s country can get around the fact that one needs tools to get the job done.

        Going further, given that it is totally debatable how much current military operations legitimately defend the republic vs. provide a massive make work program, it could very well be the case that the average joe is doing more to serve his country than some given member of the US military.

        The question is entirely context specific.

        • U8SM5C

          I have all the respect in the world for every individual who goes out everyday, works hard, makes a living, pays taxes, etc….. However, to equate, “the various businesses and wealth producers had atleast as much role in serving the country as this guy did.” is ridiculous. That statement and tone of your post makes it crystal clear you have never picked up a weapon and stood in harms way as bullets fly for real. The man was a Seal, put his LIFE on the line and served his country. He successfully exhibited organizational skills, judgement and leadership. Why would that disqualify him from serving in political office? His qualifications beat the hell out of a “Community Organizer!”

      • TDog

        Love it when people call it service. Free or subsidized room and board, taxpayer-funded paychecks, free training, free travel, free medical care, subsidized education…

        “But, but… but they defend our freedom!” Yeah… our freedom was so well defended that omnipresent surveillance, the TSA, and increased security checks for firearms purchases are now the new normal…

        • billyoblivion

          Generally the “free training” is either useless outside the military (in general employers don’t care how fast you can field strip and reassemble a M16. Nor do they care that you can put 10 in the head from 200 yards out with irons. Putting that on your resume is a bad idea).

          Much of the other training (and it varies from MOS to MOS) is either not the sort of training you need to apply that stuff in the non-military world, not up to the level of what you find on the outside, or is the kind of training that once you were qualified would make you *enormously* more money outside.

          Young soldiers (at least when I was in) are not well paid for the hours they work (most people in the 18-24 age group are working hourly jobs, not salaried).

          I have *never* had a civilian job insist that I get my sorry ass out of bed before dawn to do pushups, situps and run for three miles, then shower and go to work.

          The “free travel” is…you go where *they* want, not where you want. I got to travel to the beautiful northern forests of Wisconsin a couple times. In January, Feburary and March. Look up “Camp Douglas”. In the late 80s it was a booming metropolis filled with sexy young women in bikinis walking around with trays of beer and martinis. Or it was a cold hell filled with women even a Marine would think twice about. If he could think with his brain that cold.

          You can get a similar deal by actively looking for overseas jobs. Last year I got a free day in Northern Europe because I had been flown over for an interview. Once things quiet down there I will be looking again, or maybe Singapore or New Zealand.

          I have served in, worked for, or worked with the military in 4 decades on 3 continents, and while I think that the danger and hardship that military personnel go through (except the Air Force 🙂 ) is overstated and a bit glorified for *most* of them, it is often boring, uncomfortable, and far from family and/or loved ones. At an age when most men are wasting time in college, military personnel (well, Army, Marines and Sailors[1]) are usually in crappy quarters far from MOTAS[2], doing things that aren’t *dangerous* per se, but are dirty, boring, repetitive, boring and dirty.

          Most of the people in the military *now* are “serving”. They joined a military at war knowing that they could (most of them anyway) deploy down-range where anyone could catch an IED, a mortar or a rocket.

          [1] The Air Force seems to locate its bases, at least in the US, closer to colleges, real cities and other places where one can get away from the base and the rather parasitic ecosystem that grows up around them.
          [2] Member Of The Attractive Sex. Even with the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the nominal acceptance of homosexuals in the military most men (97%) are still straight, and at least half the women are. Mostly straight anyway.

          • TDog

            “Most of the people in the military are now serving.”

            Voluntarily, I might add. No one made them, so please, let’s not make them into martyrs.

          • Jav

            Agreed in this, while I concur that people serving the military does deserve benefits for their service. They are no more deserving then other government jobs that are just as vital to a country and no less demanding. Such as police and fireman training as well as the amount of dedication required from doctors and physicians. Call me unpatriotic, or unamerican or unnationalistic or whatever term that you like, but saying that every soldier deserves a blank check for what they are signing up for is an insult and disgrace for other professions that could demand the same as well.

    • Ron

      I think the more troubling thing was he was progressive democrat who was anti-gun prior to running as a republican. Hopefully he had a change in views and is now pro-gun and not just pulling the wool over peoples’ eyes.

      Ironically he is probable the only SEAL officer who never served with a SEAL team.

      • DanGoodShot

        I just looked up some info on the man. From what I found he was always squarely in the Republican corner. Serving George W. Bush amongst other Republican related positions. Now I’m not going to say he hasn’t had to do some “political maneuvering” at times to advance or at the least, just survive during the Obama years.
        As far as him “not serving on a team” insinuating that he pretty much did nothing combatant wise and thus one would summize he was a paper pusher in his career as a SEAL. The man earned a purple heart. Unless it was one hell of a paper cut. I don’t believe those get handed out to those that languish behind a desk.
        Keep in mind the Democrats put out millions of dollars trying to keep him out of the governor’s seat. I’m sure quite a bit of that money was spent on false propaganda. Be wary of information spoon fed through the media. Look things up for yourself. The truth is out there if you’re willing to do a little digging.

        • Ron

          Don’t know the circumstances of his purple heart, but I know team guys who have told me he never was in a TEAM he went right to TF HQ to work instead of the normal path a JG/LT takes. More than likely since he was a Rhodes Scholar they thought it was the best place to get work from him.

          Eric Greitens own words were “I was raised as a Democrat. I was taught that Harry Truman was the greatest president ever because he was strong, stood up to the communists, and most important, he was from Missouri. I was taught to stand up for the little guy, and that bigger government was the best way to do that. I registered to vote as a Democrat, and several years ago some Democrats even tried to recruit me to run for Congress”

          But like I said I hope he changed his mind, and it was not just pulling the wool over peoples eyes. But there was a reason the NRA actually endorsed his opponent over him.

          • DanGoodShot

            I’m a man that believes in admitting when they wher wrong. I did more digging and you are correct. However I did come across an article written up by an individual pertaining to this that might give you a little more faith in Greitens. The article goes into a little more detail about how he transitioned from Democrat to Republican and how, in a lot of the ways, it mirrors that of Ronald Reagans transition from Democrat to Republican. From what I’ve been able to read up on the man he seems like a pretty stand-up guy. Someone who believes and understands conservatism. Someone who opened their eyes. Which is something I can relate too, as I did the same thing 10 years ago. I too hope he is sincere in his transition to conservatism. Here’s a link to the article I referred to.

          • Ron

            thank you I will read that, like I said I hope it was a heart felt conversion and not one of convenience

          • DanGoodShot

            I agree. Being he is a politician does make one a little more apprehensive. 😉

          • CommonSense23

            Rhodes Scholar shows up to Buds and it’s pretty well known that it’s a stepping stone for the guy to go on to bigger things. Which isn’t going to make people wanting to work with you on the Platoon level.

          • gunsandrockets

            NRA was following its very reasonable protocol, is all. The Democrat had a record, the Republican didn’t. Both were claiming pro-gun positions. I wouldn’t read too much from the NRA endorsement.

          • Aaron E

            Correct. Opponent Christ Koster (D) had a voting record, while Greitens only had the NRA questionnaire grade.

          • Ron

            Probably more because statements he made like this

            ““What we want to do as governor is make sure that we keep weapons out of the hands of terrorists while protecting the gun rights of law abiding citizens,” Greitens said, adding he does favor a waiting period before anyone on the “no fly list” is allowed to purchase a gun.

      • Phillip Cooper

        Source for this info?

        • Ron

          The quote comes from an interview he did for Fox news, you can Google the NRA endorsement and info from the Team guys came from Team guys I know.

    • mr x

      Yea, hilrious is that probably if he were pro Hillary you would be supporting him and saying “hey, he is a N SEAL”.
      Hilarius is that he used those taxpayer support to risk his life for his country ideals and freedom, probably you would prefer to waste that money feeding communista flag burner teenagers who dont want to work but want a house a car, and “destroy american empire”

      • iksnilol

        Weak straw man argument.

        Would discuss further but that would be breach of no politics.

    • valorius

      A navy seal with 4 tours, and you call him a mall ninja.

      • TDog

        Four tours behind him. What’s he going to do with that laser designator? Call in an airstrike from the governor’s mansion?

    • Cory C

      I’d like to buy you a vasectomy.

      • TDog

        Feel free. I’ll take the money. I gotta find some way to recoup the dough I’ve shoveled into this guy’s pockets.

  • mig1nc

    That’s an Insight APTIAL/LA-5/PEQ-15, not a Steiner DBAL/PEQ-15A.

    • milesfortis

      Beat me to it.

  • Captain obvious

    He was a Rhodes scholar with a ph.d before volunteering to serve in the navy seals no less. He was four oversears deployments. Has pretty good bonifides including bronze star. Not to mention running several organizations. Probably being groomed for bigger things on the future.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Respect for the guy for serving but im wary of these political ads featuring machine gun wielding tough guys.
    Reminds me of some kind of banana republic.

    • valorius

      you’ll get over it.

      • TheNotoriousIUD


    • therealgreenplease

      Have you seen Idiocracy?

    • Jeff Smith

      This x 1000.

    • John Yossarian

      Reminds me of Michael Dukakis

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        That was probably worse since he wasnt even in the military.

        • iowaclass

          Michael Dukakis served honorably in the United States Army. 1955-1957. South Korea.

          What I dislike about democracy is that ignoramuses like you are allowed to vote, despite your inability to effectively retrieve, process and retain information in your brains. You dilute my vote with your ignorant, ill-informed votes. I feel personally oppressed by your stupidity.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            You feel “personally oppressed” because I didnt know Micahel Fu-king Dukakis was in the Army?

            You have an extremely low threshold for personal oppression, dude.

            Maybe try some meditation or a little decaf.

          • Wolfgar


          • iowaclass

            Because you do not know,
            but you thought you knew,
            and what you “knew” was wrong,
            and because your brain is infested with thousands of such errors,
            and you have not the will or the capacity to mitigate this ignorance,
            and you use the ultimate instrument of violence — the vote — while so impaired.

            There is no reason for me to take a chill pill. I am about to witness the final spasm of corruption, looting and oppression in the only country I can call home.

          • TheNotoriousIUD
          • TheNotoriousIUD

            “Because you do not know,
            but you thought you knew,
            and what you “knew” was wrong,
            and because your brain is infested with thousands of such errors,
            and you have not the will or the capacity to mitigate this ignorance,
            and you use the ultimate instrument of violence — the vote — while so impaired.”

            I appreciate you taking the time to compose a verse but this really sounds like garage sale Metallica.

          • gafdsf

            At least TheNotoriousIUD is not reproducing himself. Thanks for your service man.

  • Bierstadt54

    Reading through some of these comments reminds me of the wisdom in the “no politics” rule. I will sensibly limit myself to saying my initial thought, which was “Cool ads.”

  • Phillip Cooper

    This is some Grade-A cheesedickery right here…

  • valorius

    He just passed Jesse Ventura as coolest Governor ever.

    • Aaron E

      I see the minigun comparison, but Ventura … wow, that guy ate too many lead paint chips!

  • Car54

    Sure don’t understand the hate on this guy particularly from a gun blog.

    • Gary Sheppard

      I know right.

  • Robert

    The NRA did not endorse him because he has no prior voting record for firearm related issues. He did score and A rating from the NRA but his opponent actually have a voting record so was a default endorsement. How many on here actually live in Missouri and will be influenced by his decisions as governor?

    • JJ

      I live in MO. We will have to see what he does. Grietens went from Democrat to Republican, and his opponent Koster went from Republican to Democrat. Koster won the endorsement. Kander who ran for senate against Blunt also had a gun ad, where he assembled an AR blind folded, and talked about his military service which Blunt didn’t have.

      • Robert

        I’m from MO as well and Kander and Greiten’s ads disappointed me in that they pretty much only ran on the fact that they were veterans. Apparently I have all the qualifications to run for office just by having a DD-214.

        • Aaron E

          Yes the military ads were there, but I saw ads from both that talked about other issues. Maybe not super specific, but they are only 15-30 second ads. I’m from Missouri as well.

  • Ryfyle

    Would have won my Vote.

  • Wolfgar

    Lets see, elect another anti gun, leftist lawyer or a pro Second Amendment Navy Seal who enjoys shooting a mini gun. Hmm……. that’s a tough one.

    • Jacob

      I can’t really recall any anti-gun statements by Koster, who was endorsed by the NRA (Of course I also know how some feel about the NRA, so that endorsement might not mean squat). Koster was just seen as part of the establishment I think.

      • Aaron E

        You’re right. Koster was full blown establishment, and his heavily liberal ideas on other issues is what killed his chance in Missouri. Outside of KC, St. Louis, and Columbia the State is very conservative.

      • redsr

        A lot of “issue advocacy” orgs will look for cross party candidates to endorse so that they can claim a non-partisan agenda… Depending on state/federal laws reviewed, becoming partisan can limit the effectiveness of the orgs in actually accomplishing their mission…

  • Martin M

    FYI, Missouri just elected ALL Republicans. Every position from Gov on down to Treasurer was lost by the Left. The State House and Senate are already controlled by Republicans. It is a red state from top to bottom. The only exceptions were the urban enclaves of St. Louis, KC, and Columbia (home to the disgraced MIZZOU).

    Greitens was always solid Republican and never pretended to be anything but.

    This was in stark contrast to the 2010 Senate campaign run by Tommy Sowers. Iraq War vet! Gun owner! Humble Missourian! I seem so conservative! (Just please don’t let anyone know I’m actually a Democrat) He did everything he could to hide his true colors.

    Fortunately he lost his bid for the Senate, but was still rewarded by Obama with a political appointment to the VA as Assistant Secretary for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs.