NEW OPTIC: Vortex Razor AMG UH-1 “Huey”

Credit: Nicole Hoffman Photography

I’m a big fan of Vortex Optics – they manufacture several levels of high quality glass and provide awesome customer service (not that I’ve ever needed it). At the top is their Razor line that gives users HD glass inside an nearly indestructible package. So seeing a holographic sight from Vortex immediately grabbed my attention. The Razor AMG UH-1 is a new product announcement that will be debuting at the SHOT Show in mid-January.

When it comes to Red Dot and Holographic optics, battery life, ruggedness and reticle brightness usually top the list of consumer requirements. And from the limited information we have now, Vortex seems to have covered all those bases and more.

I had the chance to talk to the good people at Vortex about the UH-1. James “JImmy” Hamilton was nice enough to answer everything he could – production details are still being finalized before SHOT 2017. Here’s what he had to say:

You might like to know that the holograph element is a single focused element with no moving parts – part of what equates to its improved durability over traditional holographic systems and sharp reticle image. People might notice that this holographic does not have a “Hood” or outer “Shell” that is attached and surrounding the sight. Other holographic sights use this because their important parts to the holographic system are connected to the main body of the sight, so they need an outer housing around it to prevent that from being damaged. The important bits in the Huey to the holographic system reticle are not connected to the main body of the sight, so that main body basically acts as the “Shell” by itself and no additional outer housing is needed. In short – it’s very durable and very low profile without a bunch of extra metal in your FOV.

From Vortex’s Blog Post:

Meet the Razor® AMG® UH-1, affectionately known in-house as “Huey.” The UH-1 is a completely new force in weapon mounted holographic technology, and you’re one of the first to see it! Inside the durable aluminum chassis the UH-1 features fewer moving parts compared to traditional holographic sights, which equates to maximum durability. The sight is powered with the included CR123A battery, but also has the option of running LFP CR123A’s, which can be recharged using the on-board, waterproof micro-USB port. We believe the shooter is the only one who should see the new EBR-CQB reticle so we engineered the entire system to virtually eliminate all traces of forward signature, unlike any other red dot or holographic sight on the market.

Want more information? Yeah, me too. But we are all going to have to wait about a month for further details. The good news is that the actual public release of the “Huey” will happen soon after its debut.

Preliminary Specifications – Vortex Razor AMG UH-1

  • MSRP: $699
  • STREET: $499 (est)
  • CR123 Battery with USB Recharging Capability


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  • noob

    🙂 usb charging capability.

    I hope that we get powered accessory rails soon or people will start hanging those lithium battery banks that you can buy for phones off their 6o’clock rails

    • hking

      Put them in the stock where the storage tube or compartment on stocks like the magpul ubr/acs/str or LMT/B5 sopmod. I would much rather have the extra weight on the rear of the rifle than front.

    • b0x3r0ck

      Do they even make battery banks that can attach to the rail?

      • noob

        Hmm. Maybe there is opportunity in inventing this rats nest of cables. Powered rails is taking too long. Who knows maybe it might end up being a monster product.

        Until then people will just zip tie whatever doesn’t have a decent rail mount

        • int19h

          The real trick would be making rail covers with integrated lithium batteries, such that adjacent covers are connected to form a single power bank.

          • noob

            That is genius

      • Don

        Vortex already makes a spare battery holder that mounts on the rail. Battery banks, how many batteries do you go through in a year’s time??? One spare battery is more than enough, any more is just added weight.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    So Vortex is trying to fill the void in the market filled by EoTech.

    I like the look of the optic. Looks like something from a video game.

    Why does the window look so small? Is this optic going to come in light weight for it’s size?

    • Cuvie

      That’s funny because video games just copy the aesthetics of the EOtech

    • AlanHan

      What void?

      • Harry’s Holsters

        The void that happened when the internet fell apart over the internet recall.

    • Don

      You must have skipped the part of the article when they described the housing or where they state not much has been released on it yet. Reading everything usually cures stupid questions.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        I read that part. TFB isn’t the only source for this kind of information so it’s always good to see if anyone else has heard anything. Never hurts to ask.

  • Frank

    So this is an offshore made take on an eotech thats….more expensive than an Eotech?

    • Chad Wilkins

      Hey maybe it will acfually work as described… Unlike an eotech.

  • Aono

    I was under the impression that AMG stood for “American Made Glass” at least on the Razor HD model, but maybe I made that up in my head. That doesn’t seem possible here at this price point, but if it is I’ll be all over it.

  • Oooo, shiny

  • MrBrassporkchop

    When people tell me “Just do this, everyone else does!” I dig my heels in and say no.

    So this might interest me since I don’t want to “Just get an Aimpoint”

    • Chad Wilkins

      Thats a shame. Youre missing out on a damn nice red dot. My aimpoints are rock solid. My vortex has been nice too. Im excited to try this.

  • Dave

    battery life?

    • bobinmi

      I did chuckle a bit when they specifically state that they cover those bases and then fail to mention how they are covered in the write up.

  • SerArthurDayne

    JUST what the market needs. Another $500 optic to pick from rather than a $1-200 value choice.

    • Don

      There’s tons of cheap optics out there, remember you get what you pay for.

      • Wow!

        You know, I hear that a lot but let’s be honest, there isn’t much to a red dot sight. I have used cheapo chinese airsoft sights and they never failed me. UTG is now US made, they are very cheap optics and honestly their scopes really are up there in performance. Sure people will say “you need better glass” but 850 yard hits with 30-06 on their 50mm model can’t be that wrong. Its holds up to 50 cal too. All under $100.

        You have to remember in the gun industry they sell us $5 per bottle wonder oil that you can get for $20 a gallon of full synthetic motor oil, and $3 per bag of cotton patches when you can buy a crate for $5 in the painters isle at any hardware store.

        The whole “life and death requires “quality”” have made gunowners not very smart shoppers and consequentially the market has been reflecting this.

    • Bronson

      I don’t understand where this comment comes from. I feel like all I see anymore are new “value” sights.

  • GaryOlson

    Ho hum, another red reticle. I’m red/green blind like many a male. Wake me up when someone makes a quality blue reticle.

    • Guest

      They’re coming. Technology is catching up. Blue lasers are at the point that red lasers started with. Give it a few years of growth

  • Core

    I’m glad that they went with a circle dot reticle. Hopefully it’s around 65 MOA.

  • Wow!

    I didn’t mean to offend, I was just stating a fact. There is nothing optimized about gun patches vs rags, they are all the same thickness and material (exception of those almost papery hoppes patches which don’t clean very well because they don’t conform to the barrel or absorb well). Maybe the seams from the ends are cut off for the gun patches, but that is automatically removed as you cut your patch anyways

    I mean, we could do some math:
    4 pounds of Buffalo Industries Box of Rags costs $10
    Alternatively 1000 precut 30 cal patches weighs less than 4oz for $10

    So basically, you are paying ([4×16]/4) 16 times more (or alternatively getting 16 times less) just because you don’t want to cut a patch. You could cut an entire 4lb box of patches in 30 minuites. Even if you got paid $20 an hour, that time only takes $10 of time, so you pay $20 for 4 lb of patches, vs $10 for less than 4oz.

    I could pay $10 for pre cut 4 oz, or $1.25 for the same amount of patches I cut myself, paying myself for the time to cut them. You could nearly buy a box of 9mm for the amount you wasted simply because you didn’t compare the costs.

    And this is what I am saying that a lot of gun owners are not smart shoppers. We hear lots of things like “pay once cry once” “no price tag on your life” “buy quality” “time is worth more”, but the reality is those kind of arguments really only apply to government budgets which have unlimited free money from taxpayers.

    No matter how wealthy you are, every dollar you waste is a dollar less of something else you could have bought. I doubt any of us would say we have “too much ammunition”. Why would you throw away dollars and consequentially throw away ammunition? It boggles my mind and then we get people who complain about capitalism like raising prices during shortages and they call it “gouging” because they were too dumb to not stockpile and prepare ahead of time. And why didn’t they stockpile? “It was too expensive”. And why was it too expensive….? Pennies add up, people don’t get rich by being loose with their money (unless you are a career politician).

    So yeah, the truth may be douchbaggery, but it is still the truth.