DIY Gunbuilder Royal Nonesuch Says Youtube Hates Him

You either love him or hate him, no matter how you lean; the fact remains. Royal Nonesuch is as much a part of the online shooting community as our own James, Miles, Edward O., myself, and even Youtube giants like IV8888 and Hickok45.

What affects our goofy friend that has a penchant for building guns out of old pipes, flare guns, and used waffle irons will influence our community as a whole. Youtubers rely on ad revenue as well as other forms of income to purchase supplies like ammo, materials, firearms, and even cover their time. After all making passable content on Youtube is a time-consuming task.

With Royal losing about a video a day, especially the most popular videos with the most earning potential, is rather troubling for gun lovers as a whole. How long before advertisers decide that guns are distasteful and cut all funding to these gun channels that rely on it? Services like Patreon (TFBTV has its own Patreon, 95% of the costs come out of our pockets, not TFB’s) only help so much. Before long I fear we may see a mass exodus of the big gun channels to Full30 or remaining on Youtube but selling ad space in their videos to make sure the costs are covered.

Anyhow, the video is posted below. Take a moment to watch it and think about how this might affect your favorite gun-related Youtube channel. (Hint: it’s TFBTV)

Patrick R

Patrick is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and TFBTV Host. He likes guns and has liked shooting guns for as long as he can remember. You can follow Patrick on Instagram @tfbpatrick, Facebook, or contact him by email at

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  • Edeco

    Unfortunate but impressive: The lovable rascal’s hijinks have run him afoul of South Korea. #savenonesuch

  • M.M.D.C.

    What is the downside of packing up and moving to Full30?

    • G B

      Less exposure to a larger audience. Less opportunity to educate people. Less earning potential. It’s a slippery slope. The content isn’t graphic or illegal. Etc. Etc.

      • M.M.D.C.

        Right, but if they’re being forced into the shadows anyway….

    • Harry’s Holsters

      A lot of people do youtube who aren’t into guns and they find guns through YouTube. For all gun owners it’s a lost opportunity to show others the joy of owning and shooting firearms.

    • Joe

      User ease is the biggest drawback. Every portable device out there has the YouTube app, which is fast and user friendly. I know YouTube hates my lifestyle, but it’s easy to grab my iPad and click the app for my favorite content providers during my morning constitutional. Full 30 needs a user friendly app to compete.

      • Cynic

        Not every device, google are intentionally trying to kill the MS device platform or force them to go to android based OS’s

        Because their being forced to pull apps for stupid reasons like. 1. You used the source code we gave you when negotiating the deal to create an official app to write the app like every other YouTube app that exists and we have now decided we don’t want you too.

        Demands that the app be written in a certain language as a flat part of the tos despite YouTube not releasing the code that makes them able to make the language work.

        And my favorite, ‘the official YouTube app you launched based on the deal to write one uses the YouTube logo’

    • Brick

      Significantly less traffic.

    • DanGoodShot

      No customer service. I have an account there. But I can’t log in. Somehow my password stopped working. The reset links are not working. I’ve emaild and facebook messaged them. Its been ATLEAST 6 months and I still can’t comment or join in any conversations. What good is that??? Sux too. I’d love to use full30 over youtube. But if they can’t even fix a simple password issue after 6 months….

  • CSBD001

    How about just block the videos from being shown in S. Korea?

    I know it can be done by region (I have gotten the message “video not allowed in your region” more or less…)

    • Ambassador Vader

      because youtube is owned by google and google doesn’t want anything that disagrees with their overall agenda shown. Look at the “fake news” censorship that they use to silence anyone who disagrees with them.

      • Jake


        • Lloyd

          ^that’s messed up and lame Jake.

  • DaveP.

    If YouTube blocks this guy because “South Korea”, with that as precedent what are they going to block because “Saudi Arabia”? “Iran”? “North Korea”?
    This is BS on the face of it.

  • Sianmink

    RN just needs to do a StarCraft-themed video to get back in the good graces of South Korea.

  • I thought the only reason people watched his channel was to see if he gets maimed by his experiments. I have not seen his channel in a long time since Mark started helping him.

    • Joshua

      he’s got a real love/hate thing going on, he’s kind of annoying, a lot of what he does is cringe-worthy, but he is doing something that not many other people are: he is building simple guns that work, and documenting the process for reference.
      When I first saw him, he was really bad, since he’s been working with Mark Serbu, he’s gotten better, he’s still not good, but he is improving, and I don’t know of another youtube channel that provides the level of documentation he does, so, I would lament it if he is forced of the air.

      • Rick O’Shay

        For as long as he’s been doing it, I’m a little disappointed that he hasn’t gotten any better or more advanced in what he builds.

        • Cynic

          He’s limited by equipment at this point and having a range to test stuff safely without driving somewhere he can’t easily go out do a msg then go in to tweak xyz.

          His grease gun impressed me and seeing that makes me interested as to what other big projects he will end up with

          Plus the slamfure guns are built as an aspirational thing showing people that with limited tools and knowledge it can be done safely and you can build something that works. Whereas several other of the homenade channels look fairly intimidating in skill and tool requirements.

          I find the idea that RN is encouraging people to build stuff like that wonderful just because i can hold it up to idiot gunbanbers as a ok… Ban find thrn ban lead then ban pipe then ban welders you can’t stop the signal type comments.

      • alex waits

        crypticCRICKET , ecco machine, Proto-Ordnance are some really good DIYers

  • 22winmag

    I’m ambivalent about Royal Nonsesuch, but let me tell you one thing for certain: the “gun community” itself is responsible for turning off more potential new gun owners than anything else. One look at all the “gun fails” videos and the countless gun videos (and blogs) that screech about politics and religion (and overly technical jargon) is enough to discourage just about any potential new gun owner. Sorry for my slightly off topic rant.

    • derpmaster

      It’s heavily polarized. While you have tactical beardo d-bags like Yeager rambling on like offensive idiots, you also have some very nice and informative people making videos, like Hikok45.



        And you have Forgotten Weapons that is probably the most academic and enlightening video channel on Youtube about firearms. And then you got CarniK Con that are just slapstick.

        Weird how these “tactical” channels always get into these pissy catfights. They’re just man-babies and it’s embarrassing.

      • Voice_of_Reason

        I’ve never watched more than 30 seconds of a Yeager video.

        It’s pretty easy to switch to another video.


      Sometimes it’s as off-putting as having religious people knocking on my door.

  • Bigbigpoopi

    Damn you m00t

    • Emfourty Gasmask

      get back to /pol/

      • Bigbigpoopi

        Cry harder, /qa/. We’re in the White House now!

        • JoshCalle

          The only acceptable board to discuss here is /k/. Crawl back to the dankweb from whence you came, you Kek worshipping degenerate.

          • Jake

            only Kek can save us from moloch.

          • Did someone say /bane/?

  • alex waits

    This mentality isn’t just affecting gun channels, anything conservative or “anti SJW” or “alt right” or “fake” is being harassed.
    Google just bought Famebit… think about that, they are positioning themselves to be the arbiters of ad money.
    The gun channel community has exploded this past 5-10 years, and it is largely in part to ad money, being able to “self fund” your content allows you to operate your channel they way you want it to operate, and not be beholden to a coin master. Opening the doors for some really talented content creators that would not normally “make it”. In a sense they are small business, and youtube intends to kill them off, because it doesn’t fit their new narrative.

  • They’re not deleting his videos, they’re being demonetized. YouTube’s rules for monetization are not all that clear.

    This is the common clause they use to remove monetization when there’s no copyright issues:

    “Your content is advertiser-friendly.”

    He should file an appeal for each and every one of them. I’ve had monetization removed too, and I every time I filed the appeal, I won. They are auto removing monetization based on titles and tags.

    Full30 isn’t really an option. Royal was a pretty new and creative upstart. Full30 never would have given him the channel, since it’s an invite system.

  • mazkact

    Every one needs to jump ship from youtube and go to full30. If full30 had all that content and viewers they could offer as much in the way of monetizing as youtube.

  • Stephen Paraski

    This kid shows the futility of gun laws. There are thousands of pages on web that show how to make a weapon out of hardware store crap. Sure they are ugly, but they go bang.

  • Swarf

    I’m going to prove everyone’s point by asking what the heck Full30 is? Never heard of it.

    • Jeff

      why ask? just go there and look around. It will not bite…..

  • Iblis

    Just start another video “channel” and let Youtube wither. Let the profits go to another channel who will show what people want and allow them to make money on it. If someone started Youtube, someone can start another video channel.

  • Noishkel

    Well that blows. I have some project ideas of my own, including a few ‘builds’ of my owns.

    Still, there’s part of me what wants me to just go ahead and do those builds and look at different ways to monition stuff to help pay for said project. And hell… maybe just NOT allowing outside of US videos will help. :/

  • Ryfyle

    In remembrance, all complicated Zip Guns and homemade rifles shall be known as “Royals”. That Royal Nonsesuch has inspired me to keep looking around yard sales and Craigslist for Harbor Freight grade mills & lathes so I can also make awful looking weapons. Seriously, you can find find pretty good barrel blanks for 50$ these days.

  • Dave Parks

    Anyone else notice that at about 0:54 he sends one over the berm?

  • Voice_of_Reason

    Here’s an interesting fact:

    in gunless South Korea, the suicide rate is MORE THAN DOUBLE the US suicide rate and murder rate COMBINED.

    Hey, let’s be just like gunless South Korea, right?