LAV Ups the Slow-Mo Ante Again with Tula AK-74

Fresh off of the editing and framing masterpiece that is the “Inside the M4 Carbine” video, Larry Vickers does not seem to be resting on the upload button. His latest video features a unicorn AK-74 at least here in the United States.

Most US shooters are familiar with Izhmash, one of a few Russian government backed small arms manufacturing plants. Izhmash rifles were one of those banned by executive order earlier this year to the enmity of the AK loving shooting community. While AK’s still flow into the country from other countries such as Poland, Bulgaria, and others, the Russian AKs are king.

King of Kings is the Tula AK-74, which only until recently was not believed to have manufactured any full-size 5.45 weapons. After only a short period, Tula switched over the AK-74 SU before all AK-74 manufacturing was transferred to Izhmash.

The weapon features some fantastic wood, an angled gas block, and AKM curved trigger. Of course, in true LAV form, the weapon is also a pre Assault Weapons Ban registered machine gun.

The weapon looks to be extremely controllable, which is fantastic considering its age and lack of all the “modern” tuning that weapons can be subjected to. The 5.45 round is tame an the AK-74 brake keeps the weapon on-target through bursts.

Hit the video below to revel with fellow AK lovers:

Nathan S

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  • stephen

    Where would LV be without a slow-motion camera?


  • MPWS

    Watch the barrel flex; how much would it be without gas cylinder? Bigger, smaller – what do you think?

  • Nicks87

    Another excellent vid from LAV. Great slow-mo, interesting info, short and to the point, 18 sec intro and HD quality. Future gun video producers please take note.

  • Bill

    I’m not an AK guy: do they all have that much flex throughout the entire rifle when fired?

    • DD

      Yes. This is an inherent feature of AK platforms, since there is a force created by the gas piston reaction to the impulse. This flexes the barrel down, and the shockwave propagates throughout the whole rifle.

  • Charles

    My pals & I were able to buy a couple dozen Tula marked AK74 plum bakelite magazines last year from a company called RGP. If I remember right, they cost about $17.00 a piece.
    (maybe $23.00 each, I’d have to look up my receipt. I know that they were cheap enough that I got seven myself)

  • Isaac Newton

    His videos always leave me wanting more.