A Gun That Shoots Tears

“I lube my gun with liberal tears” is a common phrase seen on tasteless decals and shirts. There is actually a brand called Liberal Tears Gun Oil.

Tear gun 1

Well Yi-Fei Chen made a gun that collects one’s tears, freezes them and shoots the frozen projectile. I question the purpose of this since Mythbusters debunked the whole “frozen bullet” myth and that an ice projectile is not feasible. So collecting one’s tears, freezing it and shooting it is a futile effort

From the video it looks like a simple CO2 powered pistol with an added freezing chamber to freeze the tear solid.

This might come in handy when exposed to tear gas and then you will have an endless supply of ammo. LOL

Nicholas C

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  • VanDiemensLand

    I’m guessing it is all about the symbolism.

    • Jako

      “So what’s the symbology there?”

      • janan

        Tears contain emotion chemicals, so if she gets her tear bullets inside us, we can ‘feel’ her emotions. Penetration, gunless emo asian style.
        I assume she’s trying to charm our elites. Don’t fall for it, their fake tears!

        • Jako

          It was actually a portion of a quote, followed by

          “Symbology? Now that Duffy has relinquished his “King Bonehead” crown, I
          see we have an heir to the throne! I’m sure the word you were looking
          for was “symbolism.” What is the ssss-himbolism there?”

      • Gambler X
        • Jako

          This scene always cracks me up.

          Only 2 years and a handful of months until the next movie!

        • Michael R. Zupcak

          I might just be wantin a bagel to go with my coffee…

        • Ben Pottinger

          What movie is this from?

          • steve

            it’s from “boondock saints”. good flick if you haven’t seen it.

  • BattleshipGrey

    “Teararms, Not Politics”

  • koko

    Doctor Fu Manchu would be immensely proud of this invention.

  • Bierstadt54

    The symbology of her repressed feelings as a student in a foreign culture, aka an advantaged child whose parents are paying a lot of money for their girl to study in the West. All that freedom must really weigh down her psyche?

    I mean, sure culture shock is a thing but still…

    • Hinermad

      Whatever happened to “because it’s cool” or “because I can”?

      I’ll bet she built the gun for S&G, then had to come up with a sob story to enter it in the show because “design” is all about the feels.

      • iksnilol

        So much this. As an artsy dude, so much this.

      • wetcorps

        Did art studies, can confirm.
        Stage 1 : do something cool
        Stage 2 : come up with something to make it sound artsy. Don’t forget to talk about well known artists even if they have nothing to do with what you did

        We filmed ourselves running around in NVA gear with GP5s, throwing molotov cocktails at things and got awesome marks for it.

        • iksnilol

          How… how was this legal?

          • Nashvone

            Because art trumps hate crimes.

            http://www.nytime dot com/2016/04/21/us/austin-peay-state-rainbow-nooses.html

          • iksnilol

            Not that, but the molotovs.

          • Wow!

            Some countries don’t consider molotovs restricted. Also DD depends a lot on intent which is subjective. Making it for an art class and using it as such makes it not a DD. Same as how researchers can order restricted chemicals and compounds for their work.

          • wetcorps

            I guess we could have been in trouble if someone saw us and called the cops on us, but we did this on relatily unoccupied private land.

            Walking around in uniform at school only rose minor eyebrows, people were used to art students shenanigans.

  • b0x3r0ck

    I stopped trusting anything myth buster says after the episode about running cars on water. Those idiots nearly dead that day pumping pure hydrogen into the engine block without a bubbler.

  • mrsatyre

    What’s tasteless about those decals and shirts? Liberals cry crocodile tears over “gun violence” and push for restricting and denying us our rights. If they were crying legitimate tears over something like cancer, or rape, then those decals and shirts would be tasteless.

    • TJbrena

      Plenty of people on the left of the American political spectrum are pro-gun. The problem is they’re marginalized by their own party (at least as far as guns go, YMMV in other issues), and comments like these are indicative of a similarly exclusive phenomenon among generally conservative pro-gunners.

      That’s why I prefer the term “anti-gunner” to “liberal”. I’d rather empower and encourage pro-gunners regardless of their position on the political spectrum.

      • Mystick

        Yet they choose to support those dedicated to eradicating those Rights they supposedly hold dear. No tears in my area for those whom make the choice to do so.

        • Ryan the Red

          >Yet they choose to support those dedicated to eradicating those Rights they supposedly hold dear.

          This could be said about a large number of rights that either end of the spectrum attacks. Everybody has to rank their rights, and support a political party based on that. The ranking will vary wildly.

          • Norm Glitz

            Not really. Most gun owners just want to be left alone to play with their toys.

        • TJbrena

          The vast majority of the time pro-gun Dems don’t vote for people as anti-gun as, say, Clinton. It’s a major factor in decisions but not the sole one. Pretty much everyone I know who’s pro-gun voted Republican or Libertarian this election, especially on the down ballot.

        • Bill

          Not everyone is focused entirely on one single issue.

          • Norm Glitz

            I have a single issue that I vote on 100%. I call it my “canary in the coal mine”.

            If a politician doesn’t trust me to walk into any hardware store, plunk my money on the counter and walk out with any weapon of my choice, I don’t trust him to run any other aspect of my life.

        • iksnilol

          Priorities my friend. IE if I was gay I’d rate LGBT rights higher than guns, because guns can be made/aquirred illegally more easily than you can have equal rights or marriage.

      • gusto

        Especially since the frekkin word liberal is so misused in the american debate.

        people should look up liberal in the dictionary before they fling it around

        • steve

          THAAAAANK YOU!!! I say this ALL the time about the word, “liberal”. even people who identify as liberals (James yeager for example) use it to a pejorative term. I understand it’s simpler to just say “liberal”, but geez, at least understand what the word means.
          if anything, a true liberal would be pro gun freedom, free speech, etc.
          I also love it when people say, “I’m not a liberal, I’m a libertarian” as if that is even possible, or as if the only reason we even have the word, “libertarian” isn’t because the usage of the word, “liberal” has changed over time, to almost become synonymous with the word, “democrat”.


      I didn’t realize that there were pro-rape or pro-cancer people. I’m pretty sure people from both the “left” and the “right” are pretty anti-both of those things and actively move against them.

  • iksnilol

    Y’all had to joke about liberal tears, now they’ve weaponized them.

    Thanks a lot, guys.

  • roguetechie

    Wow, just wow…

  • Graham2

    Liberal tears? I’d rather shoot crocodile tears at someone, much scarier!

    Saying that, due to them rampaging all over the place, maybe the tears of a clown would be my ammo of choice. Tears For fears, even.

    • Graham2

      She’s clearly a Tear 1 Operator, despite the lack of beard.

      • Wow!

        So tactical, the beard is absent to be incognito. (Which ironically, blending in was the original intent of the military beard)

  • Hudson

    It might work, at the lower pressure and velocity, a frozen projectile might stay intact

  • JC

    Adapt it to shoot piss, and it will be useful.

    • corey d ledoux

      why would you bother when supersoakers already exist


    Maybe if the tech goes far enough, then we’ll finally get some confirmation that the CIA used an ice-bullet to assassinate JFK.


  • AD

    Mythbusters didn’t “debunk the whole frozen bullet myth”, they just failed to create one themselves. Just because a weekly TV show tries something once and doesn’t pull it off doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.

    As I recall, they simply replaced a normal metal bullet with one cast in regular frozen H20 ice (and I think one made of frozen meat?) in a normal brass cartridge running normal propellant. They didn’t try protecting the ice from the heat generated by the propellant with, say, some sort of insulating sabot, or try a high-powered air rifle or something instead, just to throw out a couple of ideas.

    And apparently this girl has pulled it off (on a very small scale to be sure, but still), so it seems it can be done, despite what the Mythbusters claim.

    Also, “accept and take advantage of your tears”: what exact is she suggesting? How does one take advantage of their tears, other than for the purposes of emotionally manipulating others? And, apparently, making bullets? I mean, the metaphor here seems to be “use your pain to cause pain in others” – well, I suppose it could be “use your pain to have fun plinking random rocks and empty cans” or “use your pain to develop your marksmanship skills by punching paper at the range”?

    • Nashvone

      Mythbusters had obviously never heard of a Girandoni air rifle.

  • iksnilol

    Well, Alex is just looking out for his assets. If a law came that made garden gnomes worth much by prohibiting them after a certain date, then I assume that the guy with a bunch of (now super valuable garden gnomes) wouldn’t mind that law.

  • Voice_of_Reason

    That’s gay.

  • dltaylor51

    Why do liberal tears smell like boiled pork?

    • Cottersay

      I don’t know; why?

  • L. Roger Rich


  • Wow!

    “Liberal tears” merch is tasteless? Am I on Huffington post?

  • Wow!

    Firearm blog is a collection of liberal and libertarian (what’s the difference? Badum-tsh) gun lovers. It should be a tip off when they say “Firearms Not Politics” when politics are clearly an integrated aspect of firearms. It basically means “no right wing ‘told you so’ messages here”. That said, we strayed so far from the motto that they mind as well take it off the site.

  • Tp

    Myth Busters used FIREarms to shoot the frozen projectile, key word Fire. She is using CO2 which when released quickly is cold, and shooting a frozen projectile, so the only thing that produces any heat is friction going out the barrel, which would not melt the projectile, so yes it would work, kill you no, but that’s not her purpose behind the build.