ETS Releases 170mm Unlimited Class Compliant Glock Magazine

I dub thee “Happy Stick – Lite”

All joking aside, Glock shooters now have a significantly less expensive option for unlimited class shooting. ETS (Elite Tactical Systems), known for their clear polymer magazines, has released their latest Glock ware, the 27 round Competition Legal (170mm) magazine.

Like all other ETS Glock Magazines, the new 27 round offering (just a scant 4 rounds less than the full-size Happy Stick) features clear polymer for the highly useful and tacti-cool feature of seeing your ammunition. From there, the Glock OEM compatible base plate keeps the ETS “wings” for easier gripping and magazine extraction and full compatibility with Generation 1 through Generation 4 handguns with reversible magazine catches.


Typically, Unlimited / Open class shooters have been forced to purchase magazine extensions which are prohibitively expensive. Taylor Freelance, one of the most popular offerings (and a great one at that), clocks in at $48.99 for the extension kit only which does not include the factory Glock magazine needed for competition. The ETS 27 round offering is $21.99 for the completed magazine.

For those interested, or simply wanting a lighter version of the full-sized 31 round offering can purchase the magazine directly from ETS’ website or through their reseller network. Unfortunately, these cannot be sent to those in restricted states.

I for one, want one if only to have a magazine that will fit in my 5.11 pants pockets and actually be easy to grab. The extra capacity is a bonus!

Nathan S

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  • Nicks87

    I know ETS is relatively new but has anybody done any long term testing with these? I’m interested in how durable they are.

    • 360_AD

      Plenty of youtube videos of the mags being abused and holding up.

    • Hellbilly

      I have some of the 31-rounders. They feed reliably, but I did some drop-testing (chest-high onto concrete) with them fully loaded and the base plate flew off of one of them, dumping all 31 cartridges. After putting it back together, it passed subsequent drop tests. My guess is the base plate was slightly ajar. Additionally, they stick in my Kel-tec Sub-2000 but drop free every time in my Glocks. Other than the above, they have been reliable during range outings.

      • wopper

        I’ve seen the same thing happen with Korean magazines in a gen 1 Sub-2000. I think the Sub-2000 magwell is tighter than Glock specs.

    • Wow!

      At their low price, even if they aren’t durable they are great for bulking up your storage. Remember, magazines are disposable items anyways. Reliablity is all that matters. Durablity is a plus.

  • Gary Mobley

    These are wonderful, highly recommended. Have used these a lot in competition and have beat heck out of them and have had no problems.

  • John

    >”Unfortunately, these cannot be sent to those in restricted states.”‘

    Well, yes.

  • Edeco

    Come on 43-or-so-rounder with steel lips.

    • Keiichi

      And in 10mm…

      • 360_AD

        Impatiently waiting for .40 (G23) and .45.

  • ??

    Both the Henning and the Taran base pads fit these mags. And function. So that’s a thing.

  • Mystick

    I really hope that’s a lighting artifact because that’s one fugly gun.

  • mike

    Where is the Magpul 27 round mag?

  • Gary Kirk

    I can “clearly see the need for these”..

    People wanting to make their S2K almost an evo..

  • El Duderino

    Fit in your 5.11 pouch? A regular G17 mag with a +2 extension just barely fits in mine. You have a longer pouch or something?

  • noob

    hmm – i wonder if you could inlay polycarbonate windows into the sides of the glock grip with some careful soldering iron work without messing up the trigger pack?

    It could be like the ASP pistol. or that singapore kinetics subgun that has a clear backstrap so you can see how many rounds you have left.

    this would really shine in a pistol caliber carbine with a short magwell separated from the grip so you can just glance down and see how many rounds you have left.

    • BattleshipGrey

      I’m hoping to see this option on the gen 5s. But I’m not holding my breath.

      • noob

        Nice! maybe lone wolf makes frames? The ASP pistol had some good ideas. It would be interesting to see what could be achieved if modern manufacturing techniques like 2 shot overmoulding and advanced light collecting sighting systems were used.

  • eyeballs

    whats with the pedo symbol on the slide? is this podestas glock?

    • Georg B.

      You are bit too deep into pizzagate I think, that’s an Agency arms slide on that glock.

  • PK

    Still waiting for extended 10mm Glock mags. Help me ETS, you’re my only hope!

    • Georg B.

      There’s also the Kriss Vector guys, they are introducing a 10mm version of their gun, so I assume they will come the same extension they have for .45 mags to come to 10mm mags.

      • PK

        I sure hope you’re right, Dubya. I’ve got a lot of fun things I could do with a properly hicap 10mm magazine, and I don’t much enjoy buying the expensive HK SMG mags.

  • steve

    ETS? their magazines SUCK. literally every single review I’ve seen on them blasted them, as they performed horribly.
    aregularguy just uploaded a video on his youtube channel of the AR mags not even staying in his gun while he fired it (despite them clicking in when he loaded it.)
    he also shows failing ETS glock mags.