LEAKED: New Timney AR-15 Competition Trigger

Not long ago TFB was offered the chance to go on a media tour of several manufacturing facilities in the Phoenix area over a three day period. When Phil called me about it I quickly jumped at the chance, after all, who doesn’t love learning how much love goes into a product. We will have several posts covering the tours and a range day where we got a chance to shoot past 1100 yards!

While at the Timney Triggers facility we met with the trigger designer, Calvin. You might make a connection between the name and the “Calvin Elite” series of triggers if you are a Timney fan. The new trigger is the latest in the line of high-end competition triggers, this time it is a drop in unit geared towards 3-gun shooters.

Calvin tossed everything at the new design, including the kitchen sink and an interchageable trigger shoe that can be canted to the user’s preferance as well as moved up and down the shaft to sit in the best position for speed. On top of that users will be provided 4 options for trigger shoes, a traditional curved shoe, one flat, one L-shaped, and one knurled bar.

Pull weight is a scant 1.5 pounds and will feature a single stage design. No word on release date, the trigger we were shown was a prototype. Soon they will be Beta testing the trigger once Calvin gets it to the point where he feels it is good to go. After the Beta they will hammer out the release details. Since it is a prototype no word on price either, but I imagine it will fall around where the current AR lineup sits.

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Patrick R

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  • claymore

    Finally an AR optional part that makes sense.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    So many screws. Even with thread lock, I’d be nervous something would come loose.

  • Wild, I wonder that the knurled bar feels like…

    • Ghostalker

      Certainly not like any firearm I have ever fired before. Maybe some kind of heavy equipment control or something.

    • iksnilol

      It’s super comfortable. If you’re refering to the trigger shoe being knurled. A youth rifle I used had one. I hated the rifle itself (almost screwed up my thumbnail due to the mag release on it) but the trigger I loved just due do it being knurled.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Ribbed for your pleasure? I think I am going to pick one up to try out, the knurled bar has my attention.

      • uisconfruzed

        Coming soon to a gas station bathroom near you.
        Four quarters please.

  • roguetechie

    The knurled bar makes me think of the very early Finnish Valmet guns with the round pistol grip.

    • Paul

      Maybe like the JP roller trigger?

      • roguetechie

        I’m aware of some items like this, but I’ve never looked at the knurling on a hand tool and thought to myself… Gee this would make an awesome trigger!!

        And, no like the pistol grip on early Finnish rk62 rifles is what I was thinking specifically.

        Otherwise I have to say the perfectly straight knurled round bar triggers really strike me as stupid…

        Really they take the whole solution looking for a problem dichotomy even further, all the way into solutions that CREATE problems territory.

  • ??

    I wonder if loctite is needed? Because it would really suck to lose your trigger ?

  • Pandaz3

    I have many AR triggers, I have a six pound single stage trigger from Colt with a normal looking shoe, it works well. I have straight shoe CMC modular trigger and a CMC/Lantac curved shoe modular trigger, I have many more, but they all are better than a ‘Mil-Spec’ trigger. I see a little more comfort with this new trigger due to the plastic shoe. Accuracy comes mainly from the barrel with the trigger a distant next in regard to accuracy. The triggers have are good for me as I don’t shoot near as much as competition people do. That comfort from this Timney would help keep consistency throughout a competition I would think.