Black Friday: F-1 Firearms safety selector

F-1 Firearms is a Texas-based manufacturer with a lot of CNC machines.

If you’ve seen some of their products before, you know they like to use and run their CNC cutters as well.

To me, they’re most known for their uppers (and some other parts) where they have all the unnecessary surfaces and volumes milled out. The billet upper pictured, for instance, is a bit too “brave” for my usage, but it does look very nice and elegant.


UDR-15-3G Billet Universal Upper Receiver


On Black Friday, their new F-1 Firearms safety selector will go on sale.

The selector is available in Ambi, with 60/90 or 90 degree versions.

The kit contains two long and one short selector. Two detents for safety engagement with soft or hard feel is also included.F1-2

According to F-1, dealers and distributors should have these selectors available too.

If you want to have a look at F-1 Firearms, here is the link to their webpage:

They offer a wide selection of parts and options to let you individualize your rifle.

This goes for colors and materials as well.



You can go black for stealth or more brave choices like silver, blue or red.

I’m sure customers will be asking F-1 for the Rainbow when it comes to choices.

Olive Drab (which they don’t have) for me please, but I guess OD doesn’t anodize very well.

Zombie Green seems to be out of fashion by the end of 2016. All painters going to SHOT Show take note before the paint dries.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • AK

    Now this article should be “jumping the shark”. Who needs these do-dads? Especially since there is about 100 of the same on the market already.

    • Twilight sparkle

      I just bought a safety from seekins that’s almost identical, I don’t really see any reason to get this instead

  • PersonCommenting

    What does this small part that took a minute to make cost? 75 bucks? 100?

    • Zachary marrs

      what does their overhead cost? prototypes?

      • PersonCommenting

        I dont know, im just saying I am sure it is extremely expensive and probably overpriced.

        • Zachary marrs

          IF you can’t tell us how much overhead they have, why talk about how overpriced it is?

          • PersonCommenting

            Because I have worked on CNC machines and the metals were around 2 bucks a pound and renting the machine was around 500 dollars a day yet we see these companies come out with parts that sell for 50 to 100 dollars when there isnt R&D or huge design cost cause it is a damn part that has been around forever. All they have to do is design the lever part that the person interfaces with. They dont have to design the the cylinder that actually throws the safety. These companies are charging huge amounts and acting like they are broke when I just dont know how that can be when it really isnt as expensive as they say. A chinese part would cost around 3-5 bucks to produce and sell for a round 15, an american part like this should cost 9-18 bucks and sell for around 30-40.

  • Phillip Cooper

    What The… fashion? Who cares? We aren’t talking about handbags, Alice….

  • guest

    Legend has it that adding a custom part like a safety selector gives the ability to select “UBER full auto” mode, that Eugene Stoner planned to keep a secret.

  • Erik B

    1) Doesn’t look like OD
    2) Upper and lower different color.

    • HollowTs

      Lower absolutely looks OD green. However I do agree they don’t match.

  • Bradley

    I honestly thing there are a few people who read these articles for the sole purpose of complaining about how stupid everything is.

  • Joe Gamer

    I bought this on black friday when it was on sale everywhere for $40. the levers don’t feel like aluminum, they feel like polymer but they have a rough textured paint(probably for grip) so it could be either. I’m not sure but I think I got one with an AR10 drum instead of the AR15 drum because it sticks out about 1/8th of an inch on each side which is not the fit and finish I have experienced with F1 products so far. I’m using the included detent on the 40 degree side of the drum and it does not provide a satisfactory “click” like some other selectors I have used, dropping into fire feels ok, but returning to safe feels mushy and there is no feedback when it fully engages. I might have just got one with a bad drum and overall it’s still worth the $40 bucks to me but for full price I would get something else, V7 has been my favorite so far.