Suarez Expands Glock Line-Up with “Match” Glock Barrels

Suarez International, known for training, avocation of red-dots on pistols, and quite a few Glock components, has announced their latest release, Glock “Match” grade barrels. The new barrels are 1/10″ twist to stabalize most common 9mm bullet weights, from 95 to 147 grains.

The barrel blank is manufactured by Lothar Walther with all follow-on machining completed in the United States. Barrels are chrome-moly steel (no mention of  such as 4140 vs 4150, etc), completed in either a Melonite (nitrocarburization), “Aqua Terra Nickel”, or a Titanium Nitride for those wanting some “bling” on their handgun.

To claim “match” readiness, the barrels feature “polished bores” with fully supported SAAMI spec match chambers. The barrel hood is made slightly over-sized (hand-fitting may be required), but Suarez states “significant increases in accuracy with no loss in reliability”. Suarez reports 1.25″ groups possible with match-grade loads.

Barrels fit all current generations of Glock handguns, with options for Glock 17 full-size, 19 compact, 34/35 competition, and 43 sub-c

ompact models. Pricing clocks in at $199 starting with most around $250. Adding threading looks to add $25. Various thread protectors are also available direct from Suarez.

Details from Suarez International:

Unhappy with the results of existing after market drop in barrels for the Glock system, we decided to make our own. After producing CNC testing sample barrels from various barrel blanks, we selected the best for accuracy standards. These barrels are precision machined from hand selected Lothar-Walther Chrome-moly Match blanks and will work perfectly with Glock factory slides or Suarez Match Slides. They feature a 1-10″ twist that retains our accuracy standards with a wide array of bullet weights (95 grain to 147 grain tested) suppressed or non-suppressed.

These are Machined in the USA by the same American workers that manufacture our slides to match grade tolerances.  Nearly 3/4 of the solid steel billet is machined away to produce a single Suarez barrel. This intensive production method, providing the greatest material integrity and tightest tolerances, was chosen to assure the best quality barrel possible.

The barrels are finished in Black Melonite inside and out. They have polished bores and fully supported SAAMI spec. match chambers.  Accuracy of 1.250 or better at 25yrds is obtainable with good ammo.Being Match Quality Barrels, they may require some fitting of the hood to fit your slide. We do offer these fittings for an ADDITIONAL charge.

Perfect for Gen. 3 or 4 Glock 34 Slides. In our accuracy testing, this barrel out shot all other aftermarket barrels.

  • Machined from Lothar-Walther Chrome-Moly Match blanks.

  • Black Melonite Finished Inside and Out.

  • Machined in the USA by the same American workers that manufacture our slides to match quality.

  • Fully supported SAAMI spec. match chambers.

  • Significant increases in accuracy with no loss in reliability.

  • Available for all Generation Glock 34 9mm.

  • Non-Threaded.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

The above post is my opinion and does not reflect the views of any company or organization.


  • guest

    There is no reason what so ever to replace any factory Glock barrel with an aftermarket one, with one possible exception – threads for cans. And chances are 1/10 that any aftermarket barrel is a POS compared to what Glock makes.

    • Wolfgar

      If you wish to shoot lead bullets there is a need and if you wish to change from a 40 S&W to a 9mm there is a need.

    • iksnilol

      Ummm… I am pretty sure a Glock OEM barrel is a POS compared to a Lothar Walther.

      But hey, you’d know that if you actually knew about good barrels.

      • gjest’n

        Oh gee you just had to interject, didn’t you? Kinda like a troll that just can’t help himself when the opportunity arises.

        Ok, let’s look at what Lothar makes for a Glock:

        whoops! They don’t make anything! Except for special orders, so I am guessing whoever has the most acute version of “look at me I have a CUSTOM gun” disease can still order one, probably for a price more than the gun itself and then some.
        Now then, assuming you or any one of the above mentioned terminally ill decide to get one anyway. What exactly does Lothar Walther make?
        Machined barrels with button rifling.
        The factory “lame OEM barrel that is a POS” however is forged and not rifled with some archaic method. Next, it is Tenifer treated. I had a look down barrels of all the Glocks at the range I usually shoot at. They are “club” guns, so of all firearms in existance those guns get least care and most rounds down the range. I have yet to see ONE gun where rifling is worn in any way, or where even the coating has been eroded. Not saying it’s impossible, not saying it will never happen, but it kinda gives a hint of the quality and durability none the less.
        Next up the little things: just like that vato Suarez here, almost nobody uses factory drawings for their parts, they all reverse-engineer, so there WILL be the “err on the side of caution” which almost always means looser tolerances, unless a blank is used and gets custom fitted by a gunsmith. I know the idea alone will make you semi-erect by now, but that ups the price just as much. Also there is the final verdict so to speak – what exactly is gained by taking NOT a sporting weapon – but a duty weapon – and fitting it with a custom barrel. What exactly is gained? Now before you and whoever else here claims the title of the new Jerry Miculek or… God rest his soul… Bob Munden, and claim that you all can hit a “one” with a handgun at any range let alone intermediate ranges (25m and beyond), I would like to call the bluff and say none of you do. Now I know, just like perfect girlfriends without gag reflexes and semi-regular crazy fits, such shooters do exist, but I have yet to see one in real life, so considering they are just as rare that argument fails as they say in Norway “faller på sin egen urimelighet”, so there’s that.
        Next up, even if we do take yet another step into the fantasy world of insnilol one more step and assume all of that is true and does take place on a regular basis, there is still the question of use and practicality. I have not heard of anyone shooting “bench rest with handguns”, perhaps it does exist I don’t know, but for IPSC and whatever more down-to-earth purpose, or even for Glock’s designed purpose which is being what it is – a service pistol – what it offers NOW from the factory minus Lothar’s handywork, is more than enough.

        But me being a very liberal and tolerant person by nature, and accepting the existance of other people’s opinion I will not stop anyone from getting a barrel made out of pure platinum for that matter, and I will neither in any way encroach on iksnilol’s right to say what he wants – despite the fact that he by his own admission can’t shoot a glock because of his own inability of using a gun with a “wrongly shaped grip” (read: muscle memory from using too much of something else, and never learning how to shoot with different guns) and at the same time have his say about a gun he can’t even use.

      • Zachary marrs

        i doubt saurez is getting lothar walther to make these

        • iksnilol

          The blanks are from Lothar Walther according to the article.

      • Wow!

        Expensive doesn’t mean better in all cases. Esepcially in handgun barrels. However, the chamber work dimensions matters a lot more than anything else, and basically any aftermarket barrel is better than glock OEM in most cases simply because the chamber is better supported for cast bullet shooting.

        As far as accuracy, few if any can shoot a handgun to it’s full potential where the barrel and ammo combination starts to shine. I wouldn’t worry about who makes the barrel. For most applications aside from benchrest, barrel MFG is really arbitrary. You are going to get the most accuracy boosts by handloading ammunition than by equipment. The wonders of handloading can make a silk purse out of nearly any sows ear.

    • MikeSmith13807

      Except, ya know, if you want a more accurate gun. But feel free to be mediocre if you choose, you’ve got a lot of company in the gun world.

      • Bill

        Whose mediocre? I cannot shoot to the mechanical potential of any of my guns. And it’s a GLOCK, not a ISU free pistol or a NRA Bullseye gun. But feel free to spend your money on a barrel, I’m assuming that you have completely wrung out the potential of the factory GLOCK barrel. Good for you.

        • MikeSmith13807

          Shooter skill will always be a variable. Modifications like adding a red dot and a more accurate barrel remove other variables so that the only variable you have to worry about is your shooting skill. A bad shooter will still shoot better with a match barrel and a red dot than without.

          • Bill

            It’s amazing how many guys come to me complaining that their sights are off or they need a trigger job or their issued pistol is possessed by Beelzebub thus they can’t hit with it. Invariably it works fine for me. Or I loan them my Magic Instructor Gun (TM) and lie to them that it’s been worked over and all of sudden the placebo effect kicks in and they start to pay attention to things like sight alignment and trigger press…

        • iksnilol

          Then you need to git gud.

        • guest

          “Shooting is all about practice” – Kim Jong Il

          As much as I hate to quote his ex-bodyguard quoting him when he explained what guns are all about, I have yet to hear someone utter more exact and precise words.
          Shooting is ALL about practice. So much so that there is no ultimate “peak”, one has to shoot and keep on shooting.
          I also had the “get ALL the guns!” disease until I understood that many mods are simply fancy toys with no purpose. The same money spent on 10x fewer guns/accessories and 10x more ammo to train with can get the shooter a long way. So every time some amateur says “this will make you so and so much better” I cringe, because just like there’s only one way to for example a better body which is a lot of energy and sweat spent at the gym, the same exact applies to shooting, and there’s no way around it.
          However such is the “gun world” that is attracts the mentally deficient with inferiority complexes that think a gun itself is the solution to problem X, or the snobs that like to have the most expensive because they simply can.

      • iksnilol

        To be fair, if you chose a Glock you kinda chose mediocrity.

        • Zachary marrs

          thats a funny way to say “XD”

        • I get that Glocks don’t have the aesthetic appeal of some competitors, like HK or Sig, but I have been able to shoot very tight groups with my factory Glock – saving $100-200 on initial purchase price as well.

          • iksnilol

            Take the savings a step further and get a Rex (“Slovakian Sig”) or an used CZ variant. I don’t know about your AO but in my AO both of those are much cheaper than a Glock 🙂

            To be honest, I kinda like the Glock look.

          • I’m fine with the Glock look too, though the appearance is usually one of the first complaints by those who hate Glock. I really like the Rex! The torture tests on YouTube have really shown its value. CZ is a great pistol too, but I prefer the striker fired over hammer fired.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    These aftermarket barrels are popping up everywhere. Most of the non sponsored “guys in the know” seem to still prefer bar-sto or KKM.

    99%+ shooters can’t take advantage of these barrels. I love the idea of nailing an 8 inch grouping at 100 yards but the barrel isn’t what does that it’s the shooter. Till I can out shoot the glock barrel every time it’s not worth upgrading and when I do it’ll be a fitted barrel not a drop it.

    • VanDiemensLand


    • Ryan L

      But but how can you be an instagramoperator if you don’t have TiNi barrel?

      • Harry’s Holsters

        Having had dinner one night with one of those Instagramers with 200k+ follows he told me straight up it’s all about the looks and pretty much everyone is getting them for free and most of these claims from companies haven’t even been verified internally.

        • When the market is on fire with accessories and “goodies,” the latest, greatest, and coolest draws the eye of the masses. When you get firearms, parts, gear for free, and it raises your followers – it’s not too surprising to see so many Instagramers or internet heroes flaunting the newest shiny object.

          What would be really nice is a few more Jerry Miculek’s out there who are truly professional shooters, and don’t hype the junk. He shoots stock firearms as much as the enhanced, and even when he shoots the enhanced he takes time to point out their practical purposes and benefits.

          • Harry’s Holsters

            The guy I had dinner gets a lot of crap for the companies he reps but in person he’ll tell you what the real deal is. I am a better shooter than 99% of people when it comes to handguns and I am a long way from benefiting from most “upgrades.”

            If these companies had to make a living from only the people who are good enough to truly get benefits from these items not even 1 company could survive in that space.

  • Joel

    It seems as though the number of “match” Glock barrels being offered >> the number of Glock bullseye shooters. For what it’s worth, standard Glock barrels are pretty darned accurate and CHF barrels are more durable than many aftermarket ones.

  • stephen

    I emailed Suarez and asked about getting a milled slide without the Suarez logo and I got a rude reply that he would not. From that experience I don’t think he will offer a blank barrel.

    Its probably because if you leave off the Suarez logo it results in less accuracy.

    Just saying


    • DIR911911 .

      ego is job 1

    • MikeSmith13807

      For what it’s worth, they did offer unmarked slides in the past for 3rd parties to brand themselves. But yes, Gabe is very proud of his brand and is proud to call himself a cutthroat capitalist… 🙂

      • Wolfgar

        Survival of the fittest 🙂

    • billyoblivion

      Rude or brusque?

    • Zachary marrs

      At least he didn’t say he wants one of your family members to go on a shooting rampage so he can kill them

  • Emfourty Gasmask

    Expensive Glocks were always both cringe worthy and hilarious

  • billyoblivion

    “avocation of red-dots on pistols”

    You use that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    I think the word you’re looking for is “advocacy”.

  • LazyReader

    This is like that old wisdom “If you over the course of time replace every part of a ship is it still the same ship”
    So given all these glock parts how much of the glock is left, you could probably build your own glock-style pistol using the third party components

    they sell

  • “Match” and “drop in” are two things that should never appear on the same ad copy.

    If you want accuracy from your gun, fitting the barrel to the slide to ensure the maximum lock up possible is going to be the primary method to achieve it. As most barrels themselves are actually pretty good.

  • SomeRandomGuy

    Of the 10’s of thousands of 9mil (if not into the hundreds now) I’ve shot out of Glocks, when they start to lose accuracy it’s not so much from bore-wear, I’ve yet to see a Glock bore wear out; instead it tends to be the rounding of the locking shoulder. With all the people I know who shoot as much (or more), we’re talking 50k+ rounds before the shoulder has a discernible radius to it and groups start to open up. With decent sights and proper shooting technique, a factory out-of-box Glock should shoot no worse than 2-3″ @ 15m with good (consistent) 124gr ammo.

    Food for thought, after all the after-market schtick I’ve tried, I still prefer factory triggers, and really the only mods I run are after-market sights and a Stainless Seel or Tungsten guide rod. I also like to polish and round/bevel the firing pin safety plunger, as this to me is the single best improvement to the Glock trigger without much compromise, doesn’t cost a thing and won’t negatively effect your ability to fire ammo with harder primers (CCI, Speer, any NATO ammo, Russian stuff, etc.). Typically I leave the connectors and springs alone; if you change how much load (potential energy) a spring can generate, and how far back the striker is drawn/released, you reduce kinetic energy imparted on the primer.

    Can’t have something for nothing when dealing with specifically turned mechanisms and their relative balance of components.

  • Hellbilly

    I wouldn’t give Gabe Suarez a penny even if he was willing to retrieve it himself from the bottom of an outhouse.