Improvised 12 Gauge Sledgehammer

A few months ago, the Military and Police Forces of Santa Catarina, Brazil, posted a Facebook video of an officer describing how an improvised 12 gauge sledgehammer would be fired. Like many home built weapons, the action is a simple spring loaded design that uses the handle as a barrel. The user unscrews the tube handle, places a single shell into the “chamber”, screws it back on to the head of the tool and cocks the firing pin.

The design seems simple but effective, hiding the weapon in the palm of a “laborers” hand.

Be safe guys.


Facebook Mobile Video of The “AOW Sledgehammer” Here










From Santa Catarina’s Wikipedia Page: and

[Santa Catarina’s] social indicators are the best in Latin America, besides being the Brazilian state with the highest levels of income, education and public health, and one of the lowest rates of illiteracy. Santa Catarina boasts Brazil’s highest average life expectancy and lowest homicide rate in addition to lower levels of corruption. The cities of the state are also considered some of the most livable in the country, enjoying a reputation of being “clean, safe and organized”.


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  • BattleshipGrey

    When I read the title I pictured an attachment/modification to the head of the sledge hammer for those times you need to destroy something on the first swing.

    I’ll certainly post this up at the department. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Michael Anthony Canizales

      Now isn’t that an interesting idea for breaching… Drill out the face to accept a black pipe barrel, weld a fixed firing pin at the back of the recess, and weld a large washer at the end of the barrel to give it more surface area.

      • Ebby123

        Better make sure its a heavy sledge… if a shotgun weighs 5-7lbs and kicks pretty heavily, imagine if that “shotgun” only weighed 3lbs now – and its on the end of a stick.

        Otherwise I think its an AWESOME idea. Some real hammer of Thor sh*t.

        • iksnilol

          You’re thinking backwards. Have the shell shoot in the opposite direction to boost the velocity of the sledgehammer hitting.

          • JustAHologram

            I’ve seen animation of using a gernade launcher to boost velocity on a hammer

          • Jared A. Faber

            Really what people need are shotgun gauntlets.

            Man I love RWBY.

          • Ebby123

            Lol! Do you even rocket booster, bro?

          • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

            …how much RWBY have you been watching lately?

          • iksnilol

            I have not watched that.

            I just think that boosting the speed of a sledgehammer via a 3.5 inch magnum shell only makes sense.

          • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

            Ah. Well, RWBY does that with a scythe that is also an antimateriel rifle.

          • iksnilol

            GOod God! THAT’S GENIUS!

          • JustAHologram

            They really show it off in the Red Trailer

        • jamezb

          Actually the inertia of the weight moving swiftly creates far more force… it’s why a sledge hammer works. I found a thread on an engineering forum stating a 20 pound sledge on a three foot bar produces on average a 8500lb point impact. even if the sledge was a much lighter head, it could still easily produce over 1000 pounds impact. The kick would be inconsequential –
          Additionally think of a 12 gauge “bang stick” shark killer that mounts a shell in a short bbl. on the end of a pole.. Not sure about the physics there, but they dont fly out of the diver’s hand..

          • Ebby123

            Fair point!

    • M

      Those are called powerheads and they’re used for killing shark and Gators

    • gusto

      I think they do that in some crazy festival in Peru! saw it on Vice

      fireworks or dynamite on the end of sledges smash the ground

  • tjdwls

    I think i saw these thing in Killing Floor.

  • Swarf

    That’s great and all, but I think the more important question is; how does this guy function with his radio antenna jabbing in to his ear all day?

  • S0ldier

    It’s reminiscent of the Pulverizer from Killing Floor 2.