Dickson L. shared this photo of some MP7 rounds he got from his friend Joe. They are miniscule compared to the .50bmg rounds in the photo. They are 4.6x30mm.



  • Dougscamo

    MY, isn’t it cute?….my money is still on the 5.7X28…..

  • Martin M

    Cute, but not much more powerful than .22WMR.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Pictured: $5000 worth of ammo.

  • AC97

    Does the 4.6×30 even have any meaningful benefits over the 5.7×28?

    In any case, for civilians, 5.7×28 is infinitely superior, considering that it’s actually possible to get it.

    • SizeDoesntMatter

      “possible to get it” – what ? Lucky Gunner and others stock 4.6×30 – that’s no the problem. The ammo is NOT THE PROBLEM. The problem is finding a gun chambered for 4.6×30 and available for civilians . . .
      The UK has sem-auto MP7 – but being as it is HK is high on crack, were they to ever bring it to the US market, it would be at $7K or more each.

      • AC97

        Which is pretty much the same thing in practice, and we don’t have companies like Elite Ammunition for 4.6×30 (admittedly as a result of guns chambered for it not being available), so…

    • Dougscamo

      Makes a wonderful subject to break the ice at cocktail parties….about the only advantage I can come up with…..

    • Renato H. M. de Oliveira

      NATO agrees with you. 5.7 won a NATO competition.
      5.7×28 is plagued by not having a more conventional, MP7-like SMG to fire it. Sure, the P90 is great and has a 50-rd mag, but mag changes take way too long.
      Problem for 4.6 is far worse – lack of a companion pistol.
      In any case, they’re either very specialized calibers, or very plinkster ones. There are far better options available.

      • Kivaari

        A Glock 17 is superior for all kinds of reasons.

        • Renato H. M. de Oliveira

          That’s why it’s standard on dozens of armies and police departments 🙂

      • GD Ajax

        If your not morbidly obese or used to only AR ergos are the only reason people complian about mag changes take too long.
        Shooters not spoiled by AR and 1911 ergonomics have no problems with P90 magazines.

        • Twilight sparkle

          I’m spoiled by ar and 1911 ergos and I have no problem with p90 mag changes, you just gotta smack it

  • Rimfire

    Probably closer to the newer Winchester Super Magnum rimfire rounds??? 17WSM

  • El Duderino

    First came the poodle shooter, then came the chihuahua shooter.

  • guest

    Though such cartridges make sense one way, they make no sense what so ever in another way. For example Russia has deliberately not even attempted at adopting such a calibre (but there probably were experiments), so it instead went “back” to using an old archaic 9×19, while loading it +p+ with AP bullets. Essentially there is this “red line in the sand” which is Level III armor which can be btw stand-alone HDPE plates – so that and below (IIIA) all such cartridges make sense. Specifically for soft kevlar/aramid only vests they do, at least.
    Above all that is IV, which is well out of reach of any conventional calibre – or more specifically load, as sabots/subcalibre bullets from 7.62×51 can get trough, but that is something exotic.
    At the same time when opting for such “micro- assault rifle” calibre the subsonic load and other goodies like hollow points take a beating.

    Call me crazy, but never has a cartridge like .357 SIG made more sense than here: even without +p or +p+ loads it packs a wallop in every way. With such hotter loads, we’re talking about 700m/s and above velocities NOT at expense of a longer cartridge. And, all that at the same practical ranges as such little … ugh, hate the word… “PDW calibres”… would be used.

    As for the subsonic loads with this or 5.7, it’ll be a kind of “when air rifle is too strong and plain old .22LR is too powerful” types of situations, lol.

    In the end this whole development is IMHO a victim of having to “pick a side”, while the technical aspect does not provide with any leg room to actually pick something meaningful. Kinda like having to chose between non-dilluted syrup or 96% alcohol when all you want is a cup of water.

    • Anonymoose

      Russia went a step further and created their 9×21 rounds, then stepped back and adapted the fancy 9×21 bullets for their overpressure 9×19 and 9×18. They also had the 7.62×25 Tokarev which was an armor-piercing PDW round before it was cool.

      • iksnilol

        7.62×25, preach it, brother!

      • guest

        7.62×25 was not chosen for its intermediate-ish qualities, but for a stupid reason that any other calibre would require re-tooling of barrel mfg lines.

        • Anonymoose

          7.62×25 is still a better round than the 7.65×21, old-timey 7.63×25, 9×19, 8x22mm, .32, or .380, etc used as other countries’ sidearms.

        • Twilight sparkle

          I kinda figured that’s why they picked it since that’s how they got the anemic 7.62 Nagant

    • Cmex

      7.62×25 was the PDW round before we even knew we wanted PDW’s. Seriously, look at it. It’s an amazing cartridge. Now imagine what could be done with it with modern technology and firearms. Think of it this way: not every handgun round is effective out to 200M…

      • Cal S.

        Yeah, we all know how receptive the American market is to anything not chambered in 9mm or 5.56NATO…

      • mike

        Would love a Glock type pistol in 7.62×25. Norinco make a copy of a Sig 226 in this caliber

    • Iggy

      The Russian’s do have a 5.45mm cartridge that’s apparently effective at armor piercing. However it’s only used in one of their secret squirrel guns and seems to be mainly used by diplomats for personal protection and /possibly/ the odd bit of wet work.

      • guest

        No it’s not, if it’s the microscopic pistol cartridge you are talking about.

  • d s

    Did they say what the velocity was if it is extremely fast, it would be a great varmiter. My 17 WAS is fantastic .

  • Beju


  • Mike Reagan

    Love the Zoolander reference!

  • S. Cautela

    Ummm…. No…. 2mm Kolibri was the original cartridge for ants… Or trapped mice that you needed to cleanly dispatch for taxidermy.

  • Cmex

    Remember back when shows like Futureweapons were trying to tell us this was the future of the SMG? ROFLMAO! PDW’s are beat everywhere and everyway by preexisting SMG’s and subcompact assault rifles.

  • Isa Akhbar

    Somebody should chamber a little bolt gun for it…would be fun.

  • User

    Zinngeschoss = Tin Projectile. So i quess its a lightweight, non toxic softpoint.

  • 22winmag

    Whether you realize it or not, 5.7×28 was rendered obsolete by common caliber Liberty ammunition, at least at typical self defense ranges. I get 2,000fps and 2,600fps all day long out of my 4 inch FNS40 and my 16 inch Keltec Sub2000 respectively. Low recoil, never single failure and accurate as can be.

    • GD Ajax

      Stop pushing that myth. It became of obsolete because Germany blocked NATO adoption of the round.