Hamburg Police (Germany) issuing HK MP5 and Haenel CR223 (AR15)

According to several sources, the Police in Hamburg (Germany), are getting new body armor, helmets, armored cars and HK MP5s and Haenel CR223s.

The real news here is the issuing of the Haenel CR223, which is a piston driven AR15 style rifle.

Hamburger Mobile Einsatzkommando (MEK) is the main unit that will receive this equipment.


The reason is of course the continued threat from terrorist violence, and what has been learned from and concluded from the previous attacks.

Apparently there is a need for protective vests and helmets, which can protect officers from rifle bullets.

The HK MP5 is already included in the basic training, but the addition of the Haenel CR223 gives the Police access to rifle ammunition in 5.56 x 45 mm NATO. The choice fell on the CR223 model, developed by C.G. Haenel in AR 15 standard.


From what I have heard, C.G. Haenel is a subcontractor to Heckler & Koch, so they are familiar with the CNC machining of uppers and lowers.

About 70 patrol vehicles will be equipped to this standard.

The costs for the new protective equipment package in the security of the police forces in Hamburg amount to 4.5 million €uros. (4.8 million USD).

Link to the Haenel CR223 “homepage”.

“C.G. Haenel, the traditional manufacturer from Suhl, is now offering its own version of a semi-automatic rifle in the popular AR 15 standard. The Haenel CR223 in the .223 Rem. calibre is an indirect gas-pressure loader that is fully compatible with the basics of this class. For Key Account Manager Björn Dräger, the development is a step towards new rifle classes – at the same time the company is building on from old expertise. C.G. Haenel in Suhl developed the world’s first type 44 assault rifle in the 1940’s – a rifle that not only created this rifle class but also had a decisive influence on all subsequent constructions of the same type.”


The CR223 is available in the following barrel lengths.

16,5“ – 935mm/ 850mm
14,5“ – 883mm/ 798mm
12,5“ – 812mm / 748mm
10“ – 769mm/ 684mm

Based on the photos I guess they will be using the 14.5″ version.

Below: Parts of the new protective equipment of the Hamburg police: Ballistic Protective helmet SK1 +, Ballistic protective vest SK4 and a CR223 rifle from Haenel.


Officer with MP5 and armor (hint, not the guy holding the microphone).


Protective helmet SK1 +


The special units will be using the “Survivor” emergency vehicle with these technical data:

– Displacement: 6.6 liters. power 238 hp – Weight 9800 kg – Length: 6 meters. – All wheel drive.

If you know the brand of the vehicle, please tell us in the comments below.


Sales seems to be going well for Haenel in Germany. I wonder what Heckler & Koch are thinking?

As TFB reported in february, the new German Army Sniper G29 is a Haenel RS9 in .338 Lapua Magnum.

New German Army G29 Sniper Rifle (Haenel RS9 in .338 LM)


This trend is growing in Europe, Police units have a need for 9×19 mm firearms, a handgun but with more “rifle-like” characteristics for PDW.

Concept formula = 9×19 Handgun + Red Dot + Stock/grip = Shoot more accurate and further.

Example of this are for instance the Tanfoglio TCMP and B&T USW and MP9/TP9. Yes, those links will point you in the right direction.

Stronger, and more urgent, there is also a need for real rifles and rifle calibers, which opens up a new market for HK416 and AR15 like manufacturers. In Germany there are a few producers like Schmeisser, Haenel, HERA Arms and Oberland.

Very soon TFB will be telling you about more Police units getting AR15 rifles.


Eric B

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  • cons2p8ted

    Hamburglar beware! The Hamburger Mobile Commando just supersize with a piston .223!

  • datimes

    In other news a contingent in government is working to disarm its citizens and police officers as the has been no reported terrorism in the US and the prospect of future terrorism is null.

    • iksnilol


      This is in Germany, and there has been terror attacks there and countries close by. I literally see no problem with them upgrading thier police equipment.

      • datimes

        Sorry you didn’t catch my sarcasm.

        • Core


  • The Don

    Not quite correct. The ARs and the protective gears will be issued mainy to the Beweissicherungs- und Festnahmeeinheit (BFE) which should support the special units in case of terrorist attacks. The specialized units usually are already equipped with ARs, G36s or (in case of the South Bavarian SEK) with AUGs.

  • Hellbilly

    Does anyone else wish that Eugene Stoner and his team were all still alive to see the popularity and proliferation of the AR10/AR15 platform across the globe in the past 10 years?

    • Anonymoose

      He lived long enough to see the latest incarnation of Armalite rip off his final design, and the rise of Oly and Scrubmaster.

      • iksnilol

        Can’t wait until the zombie virus hits, reanimating Eugene. I imagine him rising out of the grave with an AR-10 in each hand raining hellfire down upon Armalite.

        • Scott Connors

          I don’t know if Eugene Stoner will ever be back with us, but in the Russian Federation they are planning on digging up Kalashnikov, giving him a good cleaning, and putting him back to work.

          • iksnilol

            Well, dig him up, lube him up and rack the action a few times and he should be good to go? Wasn’t that how the joke went?

    • SP mclaughlin

      Jim Sullivan ain’t gone yet

  • dP

    I’m a bit surprised that they still use the term Einsatzkommando. If I was a German SWAT team member I’m not sure if I would appreciate being associated with Heydrich’s death squads on the eastern front…

    • Anonymoose

      Well, you should know West Germany kept their old Stahlhelms around in storage after WWII, just in case…

      • Max

        Ohhh yes you are right! Lots of old second world war helmets were used in the different fire brigades for decades and the police used them in the early years too. You can finde pictures of the GSG 9 with new made old Fallschirmjäger helmets. But to post a picture of SS members to prove, i don’t now what kind of point, is dum.

        • Oronzi

          No, firebrigades used an helmet made of fiberglass/plastic with the same shape but NOT war helmets.

          • Max

            As I am a volunteer firefighter in Germany, I can assure you that world war helmets were used. The second step was to made them out of aluminum This kind of stile is still in use today. In the last 15 years more and more fire brigades changed to newer styles and new materials. In a lot of smaller fire brigades you can still finde the old style, because to the fact that the aluminum ones don’t have to be replaced after x-yeras.

    • Max

      You are right, Einsatzkommandos(/Sonderkommando) were part of the Einsatzgruppen. In Germany the word Einsatzgruppen is the most used one in reference to this subject. Usually we try to not use any word with a reference to this time, but the german language often makes it not to easy to find a new word. And many words were be used a long time before this period of 12 years. I can assure you that the next german tank will not be called Tiger or Panther.

      • H.C.

        Germany needs to get over the post war guilt already!

        • Max

          Yes we should, but we better never forget our past. In a few areas it is better to not use words related to this dark time, otherwise it is bringen new good organizations to a point were they constantly have to explain them selfs. Take the moment from dP as a example.

  • Anonymoose

    Well, I guess they don’t have SBR laws in Germany, so that makes sense (civvies can even own an MP5SF over there).

    • Marc

      There are some very specific minimum length regulations which mostly affect sport shooters.

    • Swissguy

      Only if you have a hunters license. If you have a comon sport license sbr is a nono

  • Max

    The new protected vehicle is a Achleitner “Survivor”. It is the Achleitner version of the Rheinmetall “Survivor R” both companies developed together.

  • VanDiemensLand

    Mp5 is still going strong!

  • Avery

    That plate carrier looks pretty small on that one guy with the MP5.

    Also, this Haenel rifle looks awfully similar to the Caracal 816 (or at least the initial version of the 816) from a few years back.

    • Swissguy

      Haenel says it is based on that Rifle.

    • Bill

      It looks REALLY small, and poorly fit. I’m guessing that they have soft armor and backers on under the uniform, but still…

    • Max Müller

      Well, those weapons might be similar because Haenel is a subcontractor of Caracal.
      The CR223 by Haenel is the official made in Germany civilian version of the CAR816.

      • Tritro29


  • Bill

    Funky bone domes/brain buckets. They must be using in-ear comms and creative cheek welds.

  • T.

    Haenel is NO subcontractor of HK!

    • snmp

      Haenel have make merger with HK hunting & Sport Divsion

      • T.

        Haenel is part of the Merkel-Group. Merkel was owned by HK from 2003-2007 or something. Since 2008 they are part of Caracal.

  • snmp

    Haenel have corprate link with HK

    • snmp

      Heckler & Koch Jagd und Sportwaffen GmbH (HKJS) become C. G. Haenel after Merkel Jagd- und Sportwaffen (Suhler Jagd- und Sportwaffen GmbH) buy the divsion to HK

  • Montrala

    Haenel is ex-HK civilian firearms division (HKjs) that was sold to Tawazun (Caracal). CR223 is copy of HK MR223 (HK416) up to the point of parts interchangeability.

  • Richard Lutz

    Issuing two carbines with a completely different manual of arms is stupid. They should ditch the MP5 and adopt a 9mm chambered SIG MPX if they feel they still need a 9mm carbine. If they can’t bear to give up the MP5 they should augment it with a short barrel HK chambered for the 5.56mm round like the HK53 or HK33K.

  • Core

    Looks like 16″ barrels to me.