Lionheart Industries imports K5 pistols from S&T Daewoo, The LH9 is the American version of the k5. It has similar styling to a Sig pistol but it has a Double Action + system. You rack the slide and flip the safety on. Then manually push the hammer forward. Then when you want to fire the LH9, you flip the safety off and pull the trigger. There is a light reset of the hammer then you are firing single action. Here is a video by Colion Noir explaining it.



  • borekfk

    Really wish they’d bring over the K2 rifle soon.

    • roguetechie

      Especially since they’re swapping out the GOOD furniture in their military guns for your typical 4 way forward cheese grater and the superbly shaped stock with awesome ergos… For a f***ing buffer tube they don’t need etc.

      • iksnilol

        But mah AR ergos?

        • roguetechie


          Somebody stole your Lego’s?

          What’s that Lassie?

          Little Timmy is stuck in old man Macgregor’s well too?!!!

          Seriously heh,

          I love the AR too but folding stocks are a thing for a reason.

          Paradoxically, I also love bullpups…

          I’m basically an apostate from all the main cults of the gun world.

  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    Colion can be pretty cringey at times…

    • PersonCommenting

      Eh he is your typical industry guy when it comes to “reviews”. I think the magazines and videos like this should be called something else as they arent quite reviews. They are more telling you about products and what they offer. After that all guns are good and great. When that isnt the case.

      • Aklover

        Every other industry calls it a Spotlight

        • PersonCommenting

          We need something like this. I think old media would get less backlash and more appreciation. Also it would cover them when the occasional R51 failure comes along. They can say that it wasnt a review.

      • A bearded being from beyond ti

        I can give him some props (is that how you write it?) for atleast keeping his videos short and fairly focused. They aren’t these 20 min vids with some guy staring into the camera going over redundant facts.

        • Billy Jack

          He tried to hard. I appreciate the effort though. But sometimes like muttonfancy i just can’t take listening to them.

    • TJbrena

      His style comes off as odd, yeah, but it’s kinda fun too. I like it, it’s a nice change of pace from most reviews. He rarely reads off redundant or unnecessary info too and his reviews are a nice length.

  • Mmmtacos

    Stying of a Sig perhaps, but it’s more similar to the S&W semi-autos; even takes the same magazines.

    • TechnoTriticale

      So basically an S&W 39xx that’s still in production?

      I thought it looked familiar…

      • Ben Loong

        That’s one of the reasons I like the DP-51 so much: It’s got the same characteristics of the now under-appreciated S&W semi-autos, but they had the good sense to give it a frame-mounted safety.

      • TechnoTriticale

        re: So basically an S&W 39xx that’s still in production?

        Now that I’ve looked into it, it’s more like a 59xx. I thought it was a single-stack, but it’s a double. Having owned and traded off a 5906, I think I’ll pass on this.

    • Billy Jack

      Bedazzled Sig in FDE. Sign me up. It should come with Kim Jung targets. Any grip that looks like orthopedic slippers on crack has to be tactical.

  • Kivaari

    The feature on the original Daewoo was great. Until you’ve tried it you can’t appreciate how good it is. It is a trim and lightweight pistol.

    • Edeco

      Interesting, but is this a useful interpolation between DA and SA? I mean, I guess it looks better to have the hammer down but this reminds me of SA but with huge over-travel… I realize mechanically it’s closer to DA since end of the day the trigger moved the hammer, but you know what i mean.

      • Duke Wyder Corporation

        You don’t understand how this works, when the action has been pre cocked, the effort return the hammer to double action mode is almost un-noticeable, once you learn that you don’t have the long trigger pull, you almost can forget you ever did.

      • bweek

        I read somewhere “DA is an answer to a question nobody ever asked” I think it was John Browning about the 1911.
        It’s an extra safety feature, and I don’t think anyone has ever argued it served some tactical purpose. As in switching from single to double action on the fly depending on the circumstance and who you were facing. Now they add a third trigger setting. Do the Koreans know something we don’t?
        Then you got the israeli method still in use lol
        Seems to me this just may be another gun feature for the OCD crowd.

    • Duke Wyder Corporation

      Again, as I noted, you MUST handle this pistol to understand it, the triple action trigger is amazing, no long pull on any shot if you don’t want it, and, if you need that long pull for safety reasons, you can leave it alone.

      And, the quality on these is amazing, much the same as the Korean cars, once they get a chance, they start to build better products than we do.

      We should have adopted the original K1 design years ago, which, is a cross between the M16 and the Kalashnikov, AR design, AK gas system, a perfect union, that we don’t appreciate.

      • Duke Wyder Corporation

        Sorry, I meant the K2, the K1 was more AR in design, I always confuse them.

  • Cymond

    FWIW, Lionheart is having a black Friday sale with the pistols for $550, not including the railed MkII.

    Also, there may be a bankruptcy involved.
    If true, that would explain why their website says “Our last big sale”.

    • That article is from 2004. I dare say it is unrelated to the current sale.

      • PersonCommenting

        Last big sale of the year is what I am guessing. Id like one but for 550 idk, rather have a sig or something.

        • PersonCommenting

          Now if they made a 10mm for around 700-900 Id be game.

  • FWIW: Here is Daewoo’s original patent for the Tri-Action design used in their DP51 family.

  • Pandaz3

    I have the standard LH9. I bought it for my wife and she used it for her first 4 day hand gun course. She quickly be came very accurate with this gun, but she being new to guns could not seem to find the safety without looking each exasperating time. She also complained that the aggressive diamonds hurt her hand. Later I used a file to knock down the outer points and that made her happy. Still a keeper

  • Ben Loong

    Coincidentally, I’ve finally been able to find DP-51s available over here for a reasonable price (about $380) at a recent gun show.

    Unfortunately, I’m not currently on the market for a new gun having
    already got one a few months ago, so I had to pass on the opportunity.

    • PersonCommenting

      Where ya at?

      • Ben Loong

        I live in the Philippines.

        You would think that it’d be easier to find Korean guns on the market here, but they’re relatively unknown and just one company seems to import them (Shooters Arms).

        From what I’ve heard they’ve also got a stock of K2s that are apparently way cheaper than ARs but don’t sell that well because barely anyone’s aware of them.

    • Duke Wyder Corporation

      Sarco had them for 250 bucks a few years back, old DP 51s from stock. They might have had them in 40 IIRC.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    Its cool, but when I notice I can get a nice 5906 trade in for $300 less, a Sig Pro for $200 less, and an alloy frame Sig for not much more then Im no longer interested.

    • Duke Wyder Corporation

      Hey, you can buy a Taurus for a lot less than a Smith revolver, and you get exactly what you pay for.

      As for dimensions, minor, in fact, I never would have bought a SW semi, until I handled the DP51, and I did get a used one, for my daughter and son in law for home protection, but, it doesn’t have the trigger, which, is a KEY point about these.

  • John E Davies

    I’ve carried an LH9N daily for a couple of years. Spare parts are a little hard to come by and they promise “new stuff” weekly on their Facebook page, but rarely deliver. My gun needs:

    Thinner grips, so I can do a mag change without shifting my strong hand, and I have pretty large hands. I already filed a deep groove in the left grip for my thumb, and that helps, some.

    Fix the safety detent – sometimes when I carry in a fanny pack it goes to Fire by itself. So I carry in the traditional DA mode, trigger pulled, hammer down. Eventually I will just cut down the right safety lever and that should fix the problem.

    There are no aftermarket accessories, maybe a few holsters.

    Other than that, it shoots great and I love the look, feel and very high build quality. It really is a fine piece of hardware. I will keep it, and if parts become an issue it will become a safe queen.

    John Davies
    Spokane WA

    • Nick Grahm

      If you find someone who makes LH9 grips, please share! I’d love some low-profile wood grips for my LH9.

    • Duke Wyder Corporation

      John, the only issues I ever had with my DP 51 was the magazines, which, has been solved with the importation of these, I don’t know the track record of these pistols, because there just weren’t enough of them imported to lay one down.

      How many parts have you ever had to replace on other pistol designs? I have an old 1930s production Argentinian made Colt 1911, that has been buffed and word down to the point that markings on it are almost worn off, but it works fine, and is one of the most accurate 1911’s I own.

      Buy enough mags for a lifetime, maybe a set of springs? If you wear a gun out, I’d be impressed.

  • Duke Wyder Corporation

    Lots of misinformation, lack of information, etc, going on.

    These are clearly derived and an improvement upon the S&W series of pistols as noted the mags will work with a slight gap at the bottom, further extended mags designed for the browning hi power, will work in this pistol as well, showing that S&W more than likely copied their magazine design.

    I have owned on of these from about the time they were first imported, and they cost less than a Glock by about 100 bucks at the time.

    Ergonomically, they are nothing, NOTHING at all like a SIG, the frame is much smaller, and while I can’t comfortably shoot either a SIG or Glock, the Daewoo is no problem for me.

    Before you poo poo a product, you really need to at least handle it, and see exactly what it is, before writing it off.

  • HealthyCuriosity

    I have a DH40 that I bought from a guy in 1998 with 5 mags for $250. It’s absolutely rock-solid. Of the ones that I own, it’s probably my favorite .40 to shoot.

    Love the way this looks, although the grips look like they might be a bit cheese-grater-ish.

    If I thought I could find some extra mags at a reasonable price, I would probably jump all over one of these.


    S&T deawoo (x)
    S&T Motiv (O)