9mm Kalashnikov – The Chiappa AK-9 Pistol

The Chiappa AK-9 (or PAK-9) 9mm AK-based pistol is not a new announcement, but at an approximate $425 MSRP, it certainly deserves a strong look. In fact, TFB’s own Miles V. will soon be receiving a test and evaluation unit for an in depth review.

One of the AK-9’s biggest selling points, besides the price, is the optional magazine well adapter that  allows the use of Glock 17/19/26 mags. The adapter is sold through a few online retailers for about $30.


Credit: IntoWeapons



Credit: IntoWeapons

Although the pistol itself is being imported into the U.S, by Chiappa, the gun itself is reported to be made by the Cugir Arms Factory in Romania. Cugir, who also manufactures the popular semiautomatic AKM WASR rifle, falls under the state-owned ROMARMS defense company headquartered in Bucharest, Romania.

Some initial internet reviews complained of failures to feed, but like anything in this world, seeing is believing. As such, I’m looking forward to Miles’ putting the Chiappa AK-9 through its paces.



From the Chiappa PAK-9 Product Page:

Chiappa Firearms harnesses the fun and functionality of the legendary AK rifle in the form of an easy to shoot 9mm pistol the PAK-9 respectively. It have the look and feel of the original but use more readily available and easier to shoot ammunition. Made from steel with exceptional fit and finish, uses standard AK furniture and comes with two 10 round magazines. The PAK-9 Pistol features an interchangeable magazine adapter (sold separately) that allows you to convert from Beretta® style to Glock® style magazines easily and without tools.

  • MODEL: AK-9 Pistol
  • ACTION: Semi-Auto
  • FINISH: Black
  • STOCK/FRAME: Alloy Frame
  • STOCK/GRIPS: Black Polymer Pistol Grip
  • WEIGHT: 6.1 lbs.
  • CAPACITY: 10+1
  • BARREL: 6.3″
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 14.25″
  • SIGHTS: Fixed Rear/Adjustable Front
  • SAFETY: Standard AK Trigger Block
  • ADDL INFO: Blow Back System
  • ADDL INFO: Beretta 92 Style Magazine


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  • plingr2

    too short

    • iksnilol

      That’s sorta the point of a pistol caliber rifle.

    • Joe

      How long a barrel do you need for a 9mm SBR?
      I’m sure initial purchases will be as awkward as a 6 pound 9mm can be, but after the tax stamp it should make a decent pistol caliber SBR.
      Here’s a better question, since the AK can fit anything from 5.56-7.62x54R, might we see a Glock mag 10mm PCC for 1/3 of the price of a 10mm Kriss Vector?

      • plingr2

        I want something that looks like a bison (or ak74u) with folding stock. Caliber must be in 9×19. The point of of a pistol caliber rifle is cheap ammo (for me). In Czech Republic, we do not care about the barrel length or stock.

      • Edeco

        Id like a little more hose than I can get in a conventional pistol; 9″ or so. It’s going to be a different world for me if assault-silencers are legalized (hehe) might start favoring shorter or integrally suppressed.

        My plans to own a PCC or the like (you know what I mean) are forever on hold, waiting for MPA to maybe do a glock one with a regular tube foregrip, or that bullpup hi-point, and now suppressors…

    • Swarf

      Did you just-

  • Raiderfan75

    Where is my damn wallet! I want!

  • BattleshipGrey

    Whoa! That price tag, with an affordable Glock mag adapter? Look out CZ, Sig and MP5 cloners.

    • hgff


    • I agree… if street goes to $350-$375, this thing is gonna fly off the shelves. Glock mag adapter is a huge selling point.

      • PersonCommenting

        This thing will be the new Sub 2000, MSRP will be lower than street prices for a while till the market is diluted.

        • CA

          WTF are you talking about? It’s essentially a giant glock. Why not just insert the glock mags into the glock itself? This pistol makes no sense…

          • Andrew Moursund

            Future SBR?

          • PersonCommenting

            Well this one has a larger barrel and a place to mount a stock if you so choose to as well as a place to put your weak and on the gun in front of the grip. It is completely different. it is a small rifle if you SBR it. If you leave it in its current state then yeah I agree but if you SBR it or sig brace it makes total sense .

      • JSmath

        And it they work anything like a cheap Chiappa, they’ll fly right back onto shelves at the LGS.

    • Swarf

      Before you get too happy: Chiappa.

      At least this isn’t made by them, but if they are involved, it’s bound to be a crap-fest in some fashion.

      See also: Chiappa M1-9 carbine in 9mm.

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        $450 MSRP. It has to be a HUGE (read: yuge) crapfest for it not to be fun at that price point.

        • Phillip Cooper

          “Failure to feed” would seem to qualify.

          • Jimmy Chimichanga

            if you watch the video, I am fairly certain the owner altered his mags & went to town on the internals. but I am fine with Chiappa haters, considering how fast the first batch of PAK9 sold out, that just leaves more for me when the next round is imported.

      • PersonCommenting

        Wasnt Chiappa involved with the 9mm M1 carbine with Legacy arms? That didnt turn out so well… QC is spotty. Some of their stuff is amazing and some of it blows. The Rhino is the only thing id buy of theirs if I was going for a quality standpoint only. Alas the rhino is ugly and revolver calibers are too expensive for me so I had little interest. If these are really 400 bucks then id be game and would take a risk.

        • Martin frank

          The rhino isn’t actually made by them it’s made by KIMAR and just imported by them.

  • Beardedrambler

    Will there be other magazine well adapters avalible and what mags it will take without the adapter?

  • AC97

    After they botched a blowback 9mm M1 Carbine clone that had no way to lock the bolt back and used Beretta 92 mags? Nope, not interested Chiappa.

    • JoshCalle

      I was going to say the same thing, but apparently Chiappa is only importing them. I feel you though, I think the only Chiappa manufactured products I would trust are the rhinos.

      • Frank

        Does Chiappa actually manufacture anything? I thought they were like EAA and just imported guns.

      • Martin frank

        The rhino’s are manufactured by KIMAR. Chiappa doest actually make them just imports them.

  • Trevor

    Any way we can get a 50-60 round helical magazine with this, Bizon style? Then I’d be sold.

  • Major Tom

    But real AK-9 is chambered in 9x39mm and is carbine the size of submachinegun.

    This….this is no AK-9, is abomination.

    • SP mclaughlin

      That’s why it says “Chiappa AK-9”, not “Izhmash AK-9.”

  • Gus Butts

    But does it take Glock magazines? O-oh… it does…

  • ozzallos .

    I still don’t understand these things. Why not just buy a Glock 17 at this point, since this thing is a pistol minus the inch and a half in barrel length? It’s clearly modelled after the Draco and PAP AKs, but lacks the 7.62×39 powerhouse that makes this sort of small package attractive. Or were you planning to throw money away on a tax stamp to make this a poor man’s MP5?
    No. Just, no.

    • 11b

      Well if you spend for the tax stamp you have a 9mm carbine for a lot less than a Scorpion Evo. What’s wrong with that? As a pistol yeah, it’s silly, but I see no problem with throwing a stock on it.

  • Stephen Paraski

    Where can we order?

    • Jimmy Chimichanga

      These came & went back in August. The Glock mag adapter was vaporware, no retailer had them. Thankfully the right candidate was elected so we can hope another batch will be imported, there were plans for a rifle version as well.

  • Why did somebody let Hi-Point build an AK? Yuck.

  • PersonCommenting

    Quit coming out with the pistols FIRST! Not all of us want to mess with the NFA or braces. Or release two skus at the same time.

    • Dakota Raduenz

      Pistols vs rifles in importing laws are two completely different beasts. This is a way to test the waters of whether the rifle is worth the hassle.
      Really, if it wasn’t for the SBR and sling guys, you wouldn’t ever see these- back to import restrictions. Look into it, you might be surprised.

  • PersonCommenting

    Also please make adapters for the back plate so we can attach stocks and braces. Dont go the CZ route and rely on aftermarket parts that rip off the consumer. I dont want to spend 100 bucks for a 400 dollar gun just so I can have the ability to attach a stock and not even the stock its self.

    • Jimmy Chimichanga

      You can attach stocks & braces the same way every AK pistol can

      • PersonCommenting

        So their part isnt proprietary or something?

        • Jimmy Chimichanga

          The shelf on the grip it comes with prevents the edges of the receiver from cutting into your hand, but it could interfere with mounting a pistol brace. I put a Yugo grip on my PAK9, the Sig Galil brace mates up with it no problem & covers the sharp receiver edges as well.

  • Vizzini

    What will that do that a Glock 17 or 19 won’t do in a far less cumbersome package?

    • JSmath

      Become a great SBR.

      • Vizzini

        Become a mediocre SBR. What’s the point of a pistol-caliber SBR? You lose the advantage of velocity improvement you’d have in a pistol-caliber carbine with a longer barrel. You lose the power you’d have in a rifle-caliber SBR.

        Unless you’re firing full-auto, a stock on a pistol doesn’t buy you a whole lot.

  • BryanS

    Needs a stock. Doent need a tax stamp (cant they just go away already?)

    • JSmath

      If you put a stock on a pistol without changing or having the barrel length at least 16 inches, you are creating a short barrel rifle. Requires tax stamp.

      • BryanS

        I understand the federal infringements of the NFA and subsequent updates. Still does not change the silliness of it being a “pistol”.

  • Jay

    Could be a starting point to convert it into a Vityaz Clone.

  • imachinegunstuff

    Got one, the magazine adapter for Glock is vaporware so far. Called Chiappa and they said another month some time ago. Its functioned flawlessly so far, only a few hundred rounds downrange though, less than 500, more than 250. The rails on the side are metal and ar removable, makes the gun look a ton better.

  • JSmath

    Hmm… It’s cute that people have researched the size of the barrel, but if it requires custom tooling to remove/install the barrel for threading like other AKs, I can’t see myself being bothered.

  • Raidersfan75

    So did anyone here read that this ak pistol is made by Cugir just like the Draco and WASR? Chiappa only imports them here just like that crappy M1 clone. A tax stamp away from a durable, capable sbr that can use both Beretta and Glock mags. Some place were selling the PAK-9 for $399. I’d take a chance on it.

  • Alexandru Ianu

    It’s not manufactured at FA Cugir. It’s manufactured by a different company (Nova Modul) located in Cugir, near the northern entrance to the town, 500m from the arms factory. Nova Modul might be a part of the Nova Group (est. 1994), located across the street from them, but I couldn’t find any information to that effect other that they provide similar products and services.

    Some AK-9s may have some (fixable) issues – look at more in depth Youtube videos.

  • Vizzini

    You deliberately omitted context to create a bad impression:

    “We did try shooting the Glock with just the barrel fitted for fun; every single shot was a failure to extract.”

    So, surprise, shooting a hand-held pistol stockless with a 16″ barrel doesn’t work as expected. The authors noted that nobody expected that to work, just tried it for S&Gs.

    If you were converting it to an SBR, it wouldn’t have the 16″ barrel on it. because SBR.

  • MATT

    Too big to be a sidearm, too aneamic to be a rifle….now if it was avalible in 5.56, that could be fun. Not sure about recoil tho?

  • Cmex

    if it works well, I’d love to have it SBR’d. Would be quite a mean light carbine.