Ukraine adopts “Malyuk” bullpup rifle ?

Ukroboronprom (Ukrainian defense industry organization) made an announcement about Malyuk bullpup rifle successfully passing government tests. They’ve already started manufacturing it.

It is a bit confusing because they don’t literally state that the gun is adopted. However, passing all government tests and trials and being put into large-scale production usually means that. Malyuk is a heavily modified AK-74 converted into a bullpup configuration. Right now “Krasyliv Aggregate Plant” factory upon order of another Ukrainian company called “Interproinvest” started manufacturing the rifle.

Ukroboronprom has also released a video on their YouTube channel demonstrating the rifle:

Theoretically, it is possible that Ukraine manufactures it to offer for export only. However, in such cases, there is usually no need of extensive government tests, because if other countries decide to buy the gun, they’ll arrange their own tests. As a rule, government tests result in either adoption or canceling of any particular firearm. Unfortunately, nobody from Ukroboronprom answered to my messages for clarification of their announcement.

Historical note

Ukraine developed its first AK-based bullpup rifle in 2003, which was called Vepr. Later they were continuously revising and upgrading the rifle and eventually it evolved into Malyuk. Ukraine showed Malyuk last year and since then it appeared in many arms fairs. Reportedly, it was adopted in small numbers by Ukrainian special forces and even saw limited use in the current war in Ukraine.

If you want to learn more about the Malyuk rifle click here and here.

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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  • JSmath

    So, do we jokingly call this the Akvor or the Tavak?

    • MrBrassporkchop

      Akvor and Tavak at Tanagra.

      • RocketScientist

        I get this reference!!

      • pithy

        AR, when the walls fell

      • Vhyrus

        John Browning, his pistol!

  • Avery

    Huh, I would think we’d see the Fort-licensed Tavor adopted as a new rifle than the Malyuk.

    • Twilight sparkle

      The tavor has already been adopted for certain troops, since the malyuk is based on the Kalashnikov it might be easier for them to produce faster

  • dnepr0mike

    tavor need to be manufactured from scratch while malyuk is a deep upgrade of existing stocks of AK-74s. it’s cheaper way to go. question is whether ministry of defense sees the need to replace existing AK-74s park with bull-pups. other than for vehicle crews it’s not really seen as i need of replacement especiaally when moneys badly needed in other areas. existing AK-74/AKM/47 will do in the pinch.

    • John

      >tavor need to be manufactured from scratch while malyuk is a deep upgrade of existing stocks of AK-74s. it’s cheaper way to go.

      It certainly looks different than a typical AK-74, and telling the troops apart might be a reason the Ukraine command is pushing this design.

      • Edmond Huet


  • Ryan Snow

    Wonder if it will be used against Russian separatists

    • Tritro29

      Russian separatists? Pro-Russians, Separatists or both?

  • hking

    Looks like it has pretty stout recoil from the shooting clips in the video.

    • DIR911911 .

      nah , comrade just has soft and supple shoulders

  • Ebby123

    No one else is gonna say it?… Oh, alright..


  • Black Dots

    Given that a large segment of the Ukraine is currently being occupied by Russia, maybe these dudes should be focusing on developing heavy artillery.

    • Twilight sparkle

      I think I remember reading that they were developing missiles with turkey and artillery with Poland

      • Edmond Huet

        any source?

        • Twilight sparkle

          I can’t easily post links on here but here’s the headlines and the cites you can find them on Ukraine is developing a new self-propelled artillery system (defence news)

          Ukraine, Poland to team up to develop two self-propelled artillery systems (zik, which is a Ukrainian news source)

          Turkey seeking to woo Ukrainian defense experts amid Russia crisis (hurriyet daily news)

          Turkish, Ukraine Defense Firms in Talks for Tank Upgrades (not middles but still interesting, defence news)

    • lapkonium

      They can’t even get the mortars straight, what talk can there be of artillery?

    • Edmond Huet

      3% is not a large segment. There is artillery, just that Ukraine respects the Minsk Agreementy when for Russia “ceasefire” means ” YOU cease, we fire”.
      Ukraine uses now artillery to repulse russian attacks.

      • Black Dots

        More than 0% of your country being held by another country is a large segment.

  • Ed

    Might see use in there special forces. I don’t see them being used in any other way.

  • Vhyrus

    This can’t be true. Everyone on TFB tells me bullpups are awful and every military is phasing them out.

    • Gus Butts

      They are simply restoring world balance since France is replacing the FAMAS with the HK416.

    • Zugunder

      Every legit military that is.

  • Harambe

    For a second there I thought it had two charging handles.

  • gunsandrockets

    Well since you mentioned the Valmet bullpup…

    • Tritro29

      Amazing cinematography for the time.

  • Ominae

    So is Interproinvest the official manufacturer?

  • John John Slade

    Ukraine Tavor Licensed armed by Ukraine Armed Force(certain troop) againts The pro-Russian Separatist armed with Kalashnikov? The result, it seem the pro-Russian defeat them with the Kalashnikov.

    Note: Just been analyze how the effective these both fighting with the guns they carried.

    What i’ve been analyze the Ukraine need some certain firepower to defeat enemy including Pro-Russian themselve because the Fort(Tavor Lincesed) wouldn’t enough to defeat them. So, the solution? They decide to create another weapon like Malyuk which based on AK-74 but bullpup version to defeat them. Meaning AK vs AK. Since the Ukraine has start Malyuk production and enter Ukraine Army(replace the Russian AK), highly chance to defeat enemy will be success or stalemate.

    • toms

      That is just dumb talk seriously. The Ukrainians have inflicted 2-3 to 1 casualties on the “separatists” and are only really stopped by the threat of large scale Russian invasion at this point. The separatists are at a fraction of their 2014 strength. The separatists are mostly Russian mercenaries and volunteers with a few battalions of Russian troops to hold it together. The Ukraine now has one of the largest forces in Europe at 300,000 strong. The separatists have less than 30,000 all told. They would get steam rolled if Russia didn’t intervene.

      This gun is nothing more than trying to utilize extensive systems already in inventory. The Ukraine has millions of ak74’s. Money is tight and better spent on stugna-p’s, BTR3-4’s, and T64/84 bulat tank upgrades.

      The tavor, AR15, Galatz/ace and Negev are in use but limited by a lack of 5.56 ammo. They actually have way more in inventory that just sit there for lack of ammo. Only 4-5 units (mostly MVD and airborne troops) use them in a major way although everyone would like to switch over, the money for new ammo is not there.

      • U.Krop

        “Russian troops”, lol. Comes from about the same sources who were shouting for a long time “NO CAULDRON IN DEBALTZEVO!” and “NO CAULDRON IN ILOVAISK!” ad nauseum.

      • Edmond Huet

        The Tavor is in 5.45mmn Neguev is not in use.

      • Джон Доу

        Is this russian invasion-themed BS still actual in the West?
        I though it was gone along with Saddams WMDs, Ghaddafi bombing protesters and russian invasion to Georgia or replaced by more convenient and harder to proof-or-deny version stating there were some russian troops for short periods of time.

        As for the topic, the main reasons of possible adoption of Malyuk are:
        – it could be made from soviet era junk pile AK parts and sold to goverment at full price of newly made western rifle (PROFIT!)
        – propaganda effect: made in Ukraine, means 10k times better than soviet AK and etherything else in that manner.

  • CJS3

    Was it just me, or did anyone else notice that the shooters in the video looked very uncomfortable. Even in slo-mo the shooter at the end looked like he couldn’t wait to get that thing off his shoulder.

  • Edmond Huet

    It is not adopted and it is not in service with SF units even in small quantities.
    There are not millions of AK 74 but around 750.000 and 250.000 RPK 74 in 5.45mm
    There are not separatists but 43 Russian Federation Armed Forces units that have been identified.(Strelkov aka Girkin complained that less than two thousands people from Easter Ukraine fight alongside the Russians, OSCE has counted 30.000 “Persons in military outfit” crossing the border and entering Ukraine through just the two crossings they are allowed to observe.
    750 to 800 MBT with the largest share coming from RF Army storehouses, T-72 B3 and T-64 RF variant
    1100 to 1300 IFV including a large number of the latest RF version BTR
    around 500 howitzers and 350 SPG

    • Джон Доу

      To be clear about Strelkov’s 2k militants, what this number means: he entered Slavyansk with ~20 men, he left it with ~2k men. Most of them were local volunteers from cities of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, that is 300k+ population total and he thought it wasn’t enough. 2k is for two mid-sized cities, not the whole Western Ukraine.
      I admit you have been manipulated or trying to manipulate the others.

  • Niguana

    Is Ukraine independent or did they get taken over by Putin’s Neo Soviet Union completely? I recall them being invaded.

    • Cmex

      Not invaded. You see, Crimea, having been historically Russian and having been screwed over and stripped of their rights by Ukraine twice, held a referrendum about what to do. They voted leave and reached out to Russia for help. Russia answered and Crimea was peacefully anexed with the will of the people and without firing a shot. Donetsk and Novorossiya are different; they’re crazy rebel groups that are essentially like slavic Daesh. Of course, NATO likes to call everything Russia does threatening of evil, all the while attempting to help Georgia oppress and genocide the Abkhazians and Ossetians, backing the fascistic Svoboda regime in Ukraine, the evil Saudis, and pointing tons of troops at Russia while saying “Don’t you dare get nervous”.

  • Max Glazer

    Bullpup-ized AK. Again. With all the known problems that it’d entail. It’s been done by Russians, Americans and everyone else that could be bothered. And results were always same: poor balance and poor ergonomics which combined to make the weapon less precise in burst fire. Russian military tried it back in the days of OC-14 and SpetsNaz gave a judgement that resoundingly slammed the door shut on adoption of AKs that were turned into Bullpup as opposed to a clean-sheet bullpup like A-91M/ADS