Inside the M4 – 4K Ultra HD – With Vickers Tactical

Even since the resounding success of the “Inside the AK” videos (Part 1 and Part 2), Larry Vickers has been at it hard with additional cut-away firing models of popular weapon systems. The previous release of the 1911, sponsored by Wilson Combat, was and is an utterly georgous example of shooting, machining, and video editing. Not content to let the people’s wants go unfulfilled, Vicker’s and BCM worked out their latest installment: “Inside the M4”

In absolutely stunning 4K resolution, no less.

Unfortunately, I am limited to 1080p on my home screens, but watching the footage on a computer monitor meant for design and marketing, I am absolutely floored by the footage.

Starting off with the “basic” slow-motion footage, I thought I was along for another well-produced, if unexciting YouTube video. I was wrong. Within the first minute, Vickers Tactical starts to impose and ghost in the inner workings of the AR-15 using an expertly cut-away weapon system. Coupled with the equally fantastic sound editing (I am curious if it is from the actual shooting footage – if so, even more impressive).

It gives one yet another reason to appreciate the hard work of those designers well over five decades ago. I’m sure Stoner would find this a suitable tribute.

Enjoy the video, and if you get the opportunity, you need to watch it on a 4K screen.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • BlueMarlin Blues

    Damn that thing runs slick I wonder what kind of oil he uses? Olive, canola, safflower?? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • JustAHologram

      I believe it is whale oil

    • A bearded being from beyond ti

      I don’t get this meme.

      • ambidextrious

        Vickers came up with a video with the Sugg brothers to promote FireClean. Their BS metric was more smoke equals more carbon exiting.

        In reality, the smoke seemed more to be just various oils burning off and not more carbon, though everything is debatable.

        Since Vickers is chunky and shilled for snake oil…..

        • A bearded being from beyond ti

          Thanks for explanation.

        • Uniform223

          Why does it always have to go back to the man’s size/weight?

  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    that editing is pretty impressive.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Well said. I didn’t realize it was done with 3D rendering until I saw one of the fade-ins. I wish I could say it was the first fade-in, but it’s done rather subtly.

      • SGT Fish

        its a real gun that they milled sight holes in.

      • A Guest

        If I understood correctly, they had two identical rifles, with one being made into a cutaway with brightly finished working parts. They pasted in parts of the complete rifle over the cutaway so that they would fade away.

        Pretty slick.

        • Phillip Cooper

          Definitely slick. I’m not sure how they managed to render the two guns back and forth given that it was being held by a person (and thus would be subject to not being in the same plane/alignment, etc)

          • iksnilol

            Motion tracking possibly?

  • AznMike

    If i remember correctly, most high speed cameras don’t record sound. So all the effects you are hearing have to be added in post and meticulously aligned with whatever action is happening. I forgot which video but the Slow Mo Guys explain it in one of their videos.

    • AndyHasky

      Yeah that actually drives me nut about these videos, I mute them most of the time.

  • lostintranslation

    Interesting how the barrel ‘moves around’ (shown at 3.54/5.08) after firing.

    • Vitor Roma

      The funny thing that many people thinks only “violent pistons” would cause such a thing.

      • Uniform223

        ALL BARRELS move around or wiggle. If compare an M16A2 to an AKM the difference is very noticable.

        • lostintranslation

          Would this; ‘wiggle,’ influence the accuracy of full auto?

          • Uniform223

            From my understanding, yes. Sorry if the word “wiggle” isn’t the most accurate or technical word. A good example of having a thicker barrel for better accuracy can be seen in the Mk12 SPR. From my understanding to squeeze out the most accuracy they gave it a thicker barrel profile to reduce muzzle whip. It also from my understanding, good barrel and weapon harmonics aids with accuracy.

    • anonymouse

      It is. It’s also interesting that the barrel stops resonating before the next round is chambered, however the chambering of the round and the bolt locking in place causes it to move around some more.

      There have been plenty of attempts to minimise the rearwards recoil of firing, but have there been any to minimise the forward recoil that the bolt imparts on the barrel when it recycles forward? Will definitely impinge on accuracy when firing full auto (although everything is relative at that point).

  • Blake

    I bought a 54″ 4k TV when I needed a TV for my living room mostly because I found one for a screaming deal, and I wanted to future proof my purchase. I was so ecstatic when I got home and found out that Netflix offers a true 4K service for $2 more per month. I am so freaking happy I went 4K, watching native resolution videos on that thing is just jaw dropping. I can’t wait until movies start being released in 4K standard. I highly recommend anyone that’s looking to buy a TV to try to find a decent one in your price range, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Aaron

    It would be better with narration like the old government training films. Those things are just fun to watch.

    Or maybe a slide projector version with “beep” sounds to change the slides. 🙂 “This is Larry” *beep* “And this is his rifle” *beep*

    Why am i smelling a Mimeograph. Damn grade school flashbacks.