We’ve written a few posts about the HERA Arms CQR stock and grip.

Here’s a brand new picture that we can’t resist sharing. A HERA Arms with a 7″ rail and a Magpul D60 attached. It looks like all this metal and polymer was made for each other – I want to own this configuration!

Note how the Magpul D60 seems to integrate with the front grip, and blend in.

Upcoming: The latest HERA H3 magazines, and Hera HFG vertical grips, landed on my desk just a few minutes ago, so they will be filled up this evening and go into testing for a review. Too much snow here, but I will find a way to head to the shooting range for some 223 Rem and 300 BLK.





2016-11-13 23.37.44


If you been offline for the last few weeks, and unaware of the HERA stock and grips, please find the previous articles below.

They will be available fairly soon and the prices look very attractive. Considering the attention and feedback the pictures got, I’m sure they will sell in no time.

New AR-magazines from HERA Arms. Plus prices for the CQR stock and grip

The will also be a California legal version.

HERA Arms CQR Stock and CQR Front grip


Those interested in the CQR will be happy to read this update from earlier today: “First samples of the CQR are on their way from Germany and are at LAX right now!!! that means if everything goes well…..Pre-sales time!!! Stay tuned!!

Who will post pictures of the first build?


Update: Pictures of the HERA H3 magazines, hot news melting the snow.

2016-11-16 13.30.48-1_resize

And the HERA HFG grip below, a bit more traditional than the CQR.

The rifle is a Troy PAR, and the grip is mounted on the Picatinny pump.

2016-11-14 16.30.23_resize



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  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    Looks like something from the latest CoD…

    I like it.

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      Me gusta….

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      It looks like they wanted to an AR to pretend it’s a P90.

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        I have no objection to that

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        You see son, when a AR-15 and a P90 really love each other…

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          Hot AR on P90 action?

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          Range so *very* hot.

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            It was a P90. There is even a Pelican case of P90’s in the scene.

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    Finally! Something besides just another AR! Wait a minute…

    Does look awesome though, looking forward to the review.

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    Ermgerd that’s neat looking. Maybe practical due to low snag potential.

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    I want to shove my hands through the holes and walk into a gun shop asking for help because I’m stuck.

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    I HATE ARs(especially cleaning them) …. but it just looks SO COOL. It really does. And that forward grip probably makes it more controllable on FA.

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      I also hate cleaning ARs, fortunately they really don’t need it.

      • Uniform223

        Just a way to keep soldiers and marines occupied…

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          It wouldn’t be as big a deal in my mind if guys were actually taught how to maintain them also. But when I got 11B’s coming up with spotless guns with broken bolts or a unstaked has key that has the screws backing out and wondering why it doesn’t work. Its just mind boggling. So many hours wasted cleaning and they have absolutely no idea actually how their weapon works.

          • El Duderino

            Too true. Military trains for the white glove inspection, not function. Most small arms are overcleaned and assembled/disassembled way too often.

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      There are 50 stater rifles that could look pretty good with that P90 style foregrip

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      The non-hole stock was specifically made for California. Have at it.

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        SBR in CA is no go 🙁

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      Maybe Magpul will make a D5 drum for you guys

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        D10, FTW!

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    Bet that SOB is louder than all get out with SB and comp.

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    Looks like a futuristic tommy gun…. weapon of choice for gangsters in the narrowly-missed era of weapon prohibition.

    • John

      Thank you! I was wondering what the look reminded me of.

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      I think it was called Detroit from Deus Ex (you *know* they had sensible gun laws in that city; arm-sword laws not so much)

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    Use an AR-57………..hmmm

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      Or 9mm belt-fed upper?

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        With a Binary/Echo trigger…

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    Crappy timing to introduce mags into the market…

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    It needs to have MBUS Pro sights, but otherwise that is delicious.

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    Count Tacula would approve.

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    The Hera stock and grip have me actually thinking about buying an AR. Too bad PWS has like no rifles in stock.

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    It looks like they designed the foregrip with a little removable section specifically for the D60.

    • Richard

      The last several times that I have been to either gun shows or gun stores I see a bunch of the D60 drums so it would make sense.

  • ki113r45

    I have a question, does anybody think it will fit a S&W M&P 10?

  • jamezb

    The Hera system looks ergonomic and integrated. So many AR accessories look ‘stuck on’ – these look deadly purposeful , like they grew there…

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    I want it all…

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    So, an arms room rack at SGC had a P90 next to the Carter Special next to a Zat…

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    Coming to a Ghost in the Shell movie #3591 near you.

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    too much snow…where? Have not heard of any blizzards in CONUS

    I don’t see stripper clip guide lines in the magazines, will they have them? Stripper clips are still the quickest way to load magazines

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    Damn, if it wasn’t for the NFA I’d have exactly that as soon as I could afford it.

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    Seriously magpul why didn’t you think of this…..

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      They’re too busy making shirts, gloves, belts, wallets, etc.

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    The next product need to be an integrated light and laser in the foregrip. That, or a tape switch mount to trade out for the front panel.

  • AD

    Very sci-fi, I like it!

  • MrMaigo

    Its got a little screw on plate so you can use the drum mag? That’s got to add $10 to the cost.

  • Justin Roney

    I wonder if it will be considered, like the Magpul AFG, to *NOT* be a vertical foregrip, and thus able to be used on AR pistols…

  • lowell houser

    Interesting. The cutout was obviously designed for that drum specifically.

  • Mattie Dimes

    So someone married that abortion of a stock to the nutsack of the mags? Glad to see there are still people spending way to much money to make their AR’s look like garbage.


  • Sasquatch

    Its like it wants to be a bullpup but sadly it never will be.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    Even if it’s not practical, I still want it because it looks cool.

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    Not to be the dudly downer, but if she jams real good you’ll have to take the damn thing apart, no more pulling the back pin and folding her open…

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    Looks heavy. I would like to see the buttstock skeletonized for weight reduction, also fixed adjustable.

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    Thumb hole, so hot right now thumb hole.