IPSC Practical Shooting World Records

IPSC – International Practical Shooting Confederation – have a list of World Record holders in shooting.

The World records are based on the number of points actually achieved by a competitor at an IPSC Handgun World Shoot, then multiplied by 100 and divided by the total points available.

Eric Grauffel from France is quite remarkable. He’s got two records in the Open division (one Overall and one as junior) and one in the Production division.

Robert Leatham (USA) is even “worse” with four records, excluding Team.

Jerry Miculek (USA) has two World Records, as overall and senior in Revolver.

The only Russian on the list is Maria Gushchina, in Production Lady. Yes, she shoots in the men’s team…

I must say it’s pretty outstanding to get 98+ out of 100 points, like Miculek. Only Grauffel comes close.


Below: Eric Grauffel (FRA) shooting Standard .40, Tanfoglio.



Source: IPSC World Records.

Open Division

Category Name World Shoot Location Year Record
Overall Eric Grauffel (FRA) XV Bali, Indonesia 2008 95.9696
Lady Karla Blowers (AUS) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 72.5474
Junior Eric Grauffel (FRA) XII Cebu, Philippines 1999 91.5883
Senior Michael Voigt (USA) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 76.7260
Super Senior Thierry Obriot (FRA) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 67.7021
Team – Overall Racaza, Eusebio, Michel, Tilley (USA) XVI Rhodes, Greece 2011 90.4099
Team – Lady Cabalatungan, Lee, Tan, Kangleon (PHI) XIII Pietersburg, South Africa 2002 68.8736
Team – Junior Balsley, Coley, Mc Ginty, Mc Cord (USA) XV Bali, Indonesia 2008 81.0662
Team – Senior Voigt, Pearson, Townley, Oosthuisen (USA) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 72.0485
Team – Super Senior Delos Santos, Hizon, Fontanilla (PHI) XVI Rhodes, Greece 2011 46.7163

Production Division

Category Name World Shoot Location Year Record
Overall Eric Grauffel (FRA) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 95.1079
Lady Maria Gushchina (RUS) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 79.0066
Junior Adam Tyc (CZE) XIV Guayaquil, Ecuador 2005 89.1758
Senior Frank Garcia (USA) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 80.2774
Super Senior Miroslav Kamenicek (CZE) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 63.4688
Team – Overall Racaza, Stoeger, Mink (USA) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 88.8826
Team – Lady Gushchina, Barinova, Chernenko, Bykova (RUS) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 63.8843
Team – Junior Hetherington, Katz, Morton, Clagg (USA) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 77.7899
Team – Senior Anglo, Castro, Sy, Gotamco (PHI) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 66.7314

Standard Division

Category Name World Shoot Location Year Record
Overall Rob Leatham (USA) XIII Pietersburg, South Africa 2002 92.5510
Lady Petra Tutschke (GER) XIV Guayaquil, Ecuador 2005 64.7180
Junior Michael Ron Ligon (PHI) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 75.7915
Senior Emanuel Bragg (USA) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 80.3195
Super Senior Esterino Magli (ITA) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 72.8047
Team – Overall Leatham, Voigt, Avery, Strader (USA) XIII Pietersburg, South Africa 2002 89.6449
Team – Lady Rogers, Nonaka, Munson, Randolph (USA) XVI Rhodes, Greece 2011 61.9623
Team – Senior Santarcangelo, Silvera, D’Alessandro, Simula (ITA) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 74.1584

Classic Division

Category Name World Shoot Location Year Record
Overall Robert Leatham (USA) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 90.6032
Lady Anne-Valérie Fonder (FRA) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 55.2437
Senior Rob Leatham (USA) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 90.6032
Super Senior Daniel Torrevillas (PHI) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 64.1794
Team – Overall Leatham, Jarrett, Byerly, Dilworth (USA) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 84.4153

Modified Division

Category Name World Shoot Location Year Record
Overall Jojo Vidanes (USA) XV Bali, Indonesia 2008 93.0787
Senior Rob Leatham (USA) XVI Rhodes, Greece 2011 87.7391
Team – Overall Lejano, Uygongco, Biraogo, Sy (PHI) XIV Guayaquil, Ecuador 2005 88.7525

Revolver Division

Category Name World Shoot Location Year Record
Overall Jerry Miculek (USA) XIII Pietersburg, South Africa 2002 98.1080
Lady Annette Aysen (USA) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 57.2655
Senior Jerry Miculek (USA) XIV Guayaquil, Ecuador 2005 93.2697
Super Senior Elliot Aysen (USA) XVII Frostproof, USA 2014 74.5214
Team – Overall Todeschini, Brusin, Ricciardi, Zambonin (ITA) XV Bali, Indonesia 2008 83.3876

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • Phillip Cooper

    <deleted, wrong article)

  • Data Venia

    I had to look up what the scoring system is for IPSA to makes sense of the article. And I actually to go to Wikipedia’s article on the IPSA to really understand it, the official organization’s website is not what I’d call “user friendly”.

    I really liked the article and I’d love to see more articles about marksmanship, marksmanship standards and competition, it’s just that we non-competitors would benefit from a quick “here’s how scores work”. 🙂


    • raz-0

      I’ve been shooing USPSA matches for over a decade at this point, and I have no idea what the hell IPSC is trying to claim. It appears that the records are the non-normalized per stage points. So basically an overall match percentage rather than a normalized per stager one, which is 1) not something that is used in actual USPSA or IPSC scoring and 2) TOTALLY not comparable between match A and match B.

      Someone on that list might have the highest percentage ever for that division and category, but that doesn’t mean they outperformed someone at another match who took top place in the same division and category.

  • felix

    If they started shooting like that from moving platforms or on the move I’d try it

    • Dave

      They do…

  • Wolfgar

    Every handgun owner should give practical shooting a try. It is a great sport and improves ones shooting by leaps and bounds. Just remember to leave your ego at home because your going to realize how poor of shooter you really are compared to good ones, it takes a lot of practice.

  • Tierlieb

    You remember when we used to criticize TFB for reposting company press releases without any reflection on their merit? Now ask yourself: Do you understand what those “world records” mean and how they can be compared to previous records?

    The thing with IPSC and its varying stage layouts is that you cannot compare it to previous runs. A hundred meter dash will always be measured over the same distance (save for that 200 micron mistake made in 1889), that’s why we can compare records from the beginning of the olympics to now. IPSC not so much until they start re-using parcours or establish a set of fixed qualifiers to rank against.

    We all know that the people mentioned are exceptional shooters, the best in the world. And probably they best in history. But we cannot say that for sure. I would sure love to see Jerry Miculek try his hands at something like Adolph Töpperwein’s 72,500 block record (Kim Rhode, too, that seems to be closer to her speciality).