OPINION: I Joined The American Suppressor Association (And You Should Too)

I just righted a wrong that should have been fixed long ago. I joined the American Suppressor Association, an organization sponsored by industry, dealers and individual membership, dedicated to promoting the benefits of firearm silencers/suppressor ownership nationwide. So why is ASA membership so important now, even when it appears that we are entering a more politically-friendly firearm climate here in the United States? I’ll explain.

There is a tendancy among many gun owners to relax opposition to gun restrictions and legislation because the threat to our protection, sport and our future is reduced. However, I believe now is the time to increase support to those organizations who have, and will continue to focus on preserving (and restoring) our second ammendment rights.

Case in point, the Hearing Protection Act, a House Bill that, among other objectives, seeks to remove suppressors out from under the control of the National Firearms Act (NFA). The passage of this bill would be a huge win for all firearms owners (more on that in a second), and especially good for silencer aficionados. But, with mid-term elections only two short years away, the window to pass this important legislation may be especially short.

So, as a non-suppressor owner, why should you join the ASA? Because for whatever reason that you don’t/can’t/won’t spin a silencer onto the barrel of your favorite gun, supporting the ASA and the Hearing Protection Act will lead to a spike in innovation across the industry. As it stands now, the period of time a consumer has to wait between the purchase of a silencer and the physical ownership of that silencer is 8-12 months. Meaning real world data on that suppressor’s use is already a year behind when the first serial number should end up in an American’s hands.

Making suppressors mainstream will also open up the market to a segment of shooters currently unavailable to manufacturers and distributors. The industry as a whole will adapt to a more silencer-friendly stance as demand increases and the development of parts focuses on blast, recoil, gas and sound reduction.

I had the opportunity to speak with Knox Williams, President and Executive Director of the American Suppressor Association. And while there is still a lot of work to be done, I left the conversation with a feeling of optimism – an impression of “when, not if” for the passage of the HPA.

Williams states:

The strength of any association correlates directly to the strength of its members. In this regard, the ASA is not unique. Simply put, the more members we have, the stronger our voice becomes. The stronger our voice becomes, the more our legislators will listen. Now is the time to come together to get the Hearing Protection Act passed and signed into law. We call on every suppressor owner and SOT in the country to join our fight to protect our right to protect our hearing. If we work together, we will get this done.

So I am issuing a challenge to gun owners across the nation: I urge you join the ASA and support the Hearing Protection Act. And once you do, ask your friends to join.

I am also challenging industry leaders – if you aren’t already ASA members, it’s time to join. If you are members, consider offering incentives to customers to join or give discounts to customers who are already ASA members.

As the saying goes, “A rising tide floats all boats”.  It’s time to help move the moon and surge the water in our favor.

The American Suppressor Association (ASA) is the unified voice of the suppressor industry. Our mission is to unite and advocate for the common interests of suppressor manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and consumers. To accomplish our mission, our principal initiatives focus on state lobbying, federal lobbying, public education, and industry research.

For four years, the ASA has worked in conjunction with like-minded organizations to ensure and expedite the passage of pro-suppressor laws and regulations. Since the ASA’s formation in 2011, thirty six pro-suppressor laws or regulations have been enacted. Eighteen states have legalized suppressor hunting, fifteen states have passed “Shall Sign” or “Shall Certify” legislation, and three states have legalized suppressor ownership.

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  • 22winmag

    Shhhh…. quiet!

    With any luck Trump will kill that ITAR/DDTC nonsense which certainly has some bearing on silencers, barrel threading, gunsmithing, and so on.

    • Joseph Goins

      Trump can’t “kill that ITAR/DDTC nonsense” and it isn’t nonsense. He can do an executive order removing small scale gunsmithing under XXX of money a year from ITAC regulations. Essentially, that would go back to what it was.

  • Budogunner

    Knox is one of the best men I’ve met and the ASA is an organization for all gun owners. Everyone would benefit from fewer barrier to hearing safety devices.

    This is the best political climate we have had in over a decade to get legislation like this through. I encourage everyone to join or donate what you can.

  • wetcorps

    The part about continuing to fight even though the government in place is more gun friendly is very true. Governements tend to be more motivated with the people actually pushing them.
    Democracy isn’t just about voting every 5 years.

    • Joe

      5 years?

      • QuadGMoto

        Also, Democracy?

      • wetcorps

        Or whatever it is where you live. Not from the US so I’m not really up to date.

        • QuadGMoto

          Okay, here’s a quick primer:

          House of Representatives: Term of office is 2 years.

          President: Term of office is 4 years. Limited to 2 terms.

          Senate: Term of office 6 years. Broken into 3 groups so elections are held every 2 years.

          The U.S. is a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. That means that by design, the Constitution supersedes laws passed by any governing body. Those governing bodies consist of representatives chosen by the citizens to make the decisions on their behalf. There are additional features designed the limit the effect of simple “majority rules,” which is what a democracy is.

          The classic example of democracy is “two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner.” Under a constitution, lamb isn’t on the menu.

          I hope this helps.

          • wetcorps

            Anyway my point stands : you’ll get further with voting and a bit of militantism than with voting alone 🙂

          • carlcasino

            If we are Lucky the Media and our Elected Represenatives will learn that when they are required to take the test for citizenship. Our form of Govt. was designed to give the States and ultimately the People the final say, not the way it is now where WE the People have to play Momma May I to use 3 gallons to flush our toilets.

  • AndyHasky

    I was literally just thinking I should Join ASA a few days ago for alot of the same reasons. I plan on joining soon. It’d be cool to see as many ASA stickers on cars as you see NRA stickers.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Make it so.

    • 2ThinkN_Do2

      There are many that suggest not putting any stickers on your vehicle affiliated with firearm organizations; it attracts criminal elements and a possible break in or even a home invasion when you are not home. Home invasion, how do they know where I live? Insurance card, Car registration or Mail in your vehicle. There are plenty of reports written every year, especially around holidays of vehicles being broken into and later the homes of the same people (when they get your address). They know where you are not, when they find your car at the store. Often they work as a team, with a person watching the vehicle . . .

      • Miguel Raton

        Agreed. Slap’em on street signs, covering the skater stickers [did anyone else but me think “Volcom” was a cellular carrier with really loyal customers?] and gang-tag graffiti that’s already defaced them. The power of positive vandalism! 😉

  • Joseph Goins

    Even if the Hearing Protection Act fails in Congress, Trump could at least grant a reprieve. He could issue an executive order that requires that all NFA paperwork be returned within a reasonable time like one month. I think the wait is around eleven months right now.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      With background checks being instant, why wouldn’t a week or less be reasonable? A month still seems pretty unreasonable to me.

      Or adopt the CA model: 10 days 🙂

      • Joseph Goins

        Background checks for NFA items aren’t instant because they require more information. My comment addressed those items. All HPA would do is require a 4473 and NICS check for each silencer.

    • Cymond

      I’d like to know how that would be achieved. From what I understand, the issue comes from a lack of staff, which is a budget issue beyond ATF’s control.

      • Joseph Goins

        The Agency would stop doing BS undercover investigations (think Ruby Ridge and Fast-And-Furious) just to become a regulatory agency.

  • DoctorH

    I support the passing of the HPA, but this post seams to stray from the “not politics” ideals of TFB.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      I disagree. I laid out facts and timelines for the world we now live in. If you support the HPA, the time to get it passed is now.

      No partisan rhetoric from me.

  • alex waits

    So how is ASA different than the NRA-ILA, GOA, NSSF, NAGR, GOAL, GSL, Pink Pistols, VCDL, etc…? State level lobbyists? Cultural change initiators?

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Dedicated to making suppressors more accessible.

  • Pedenzo

    Uhm…..if it was required that I had to wear cowboy boots…..and shorts….. to be able to use a suppressor…..like the guy in the tube video….I think I would pass….

  • .45


  • Marcus D.

    Nah. Whether or not suppressors crawl out from under NFA, they are still illegal in California, and that is not likely to change. Ever. No matter how stupid that is.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      That’s defeatist. I know the ASA has visited the CA statehouse. They are fighting for you too.

      • Marcus D.

        No, it is realistic. When a Republican governor bans open loaded (which eventually led to an open unloaded ban), and when another Republican governor signs a bill banning the Barret .50 BMG “because terrorists could use one to shoot down an airplane,” and when a member of the Public Safety Committee this last session tells a witness (who happened to be a physician representing a group of pro-gun physicians) that he thinks gun owners are disgusting and despicable, when all of the leaders of the Democratic Party promote ever more tyrannical gun laws, including repeated attempts to completely ban ARs and AKs, and when 66% of the electorate votes Democrat, the probability that silencers, which obviously “have no use except for murdering people”, will ever be legalized in this State is essentially zero. The ASA can visit all it wants, but it won’t find many friends there.

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          Never give up.

          • Hillary: A Voice of Treason

            Pete, I’m with you big time on that.

            Most of us think we ‘know’ how close we came to having our Second Amendment rights seriously restricted or even eliminated with this past election. A sigh of relief, and business as usual, right?

            Wrong. Our anti-gun opponents are enraged and hysterical regarding their losses, and are doubling down on all of their objectives, including elimination of the Second Amendment.

            We all need to do the same to DEFEND our rights. They won’t give up.

            And neither shall we.

  • Pedenzo

    If the HPA passes….and suppressors are treated the same as firearms….does that open the door to being able to manufacture one from an 80% kit?

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      The way it is written now, yes. That would be awesome.

    • AndyHasky

      The cool thing is 80% kits already exist, just buy a mag lite and some freeze plugs lol

      • Pedenzo

        Yes, they do. Have you checked into what it takes to get your Form 1 going? Way more gubinmunt gobbledegook involved than what I want to go through…..

        • AndyHasky

          Yeah I was definitely just joking, I form 1’d and SBR about 2 years ago and I don’t want to go through that again.

          • Pedenzo

            You have way more patience than I do……

  • Risky

    Joined for the owl, stayed for the quiet.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Yes! Very nice.

  • Just joined, thanks for the recommendation!

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Awesome! Thanks.

  • Dave

    Thank you for the post, I am going to look this up a little further.

    Airgunners are becoming more used to integrated shrouds that reduce the bark of pre-charged pneumatics (about like .22 LR or more). These are permissible because they are integral to the design of the gun, thus not removable for possible use on firearms.

    Components of many airgun suppressor systems would not likely survive more than a shot or two on your powder burners, anyway. But the paranoia is such that we must not mention the “s” word on forums, etc. This is silly, suppression makes sense, and I just like the sound of the HPA.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Dave, thanks for the excellent comment. Having lived in the airgun world for a few years with my suppressed Daystate, I hadn’t considered the implications on our non-powder burner friends.

      Hopefully we can spread ASA membership over to places like The Yellow Forum and the Air Force Forum.

      I will send an email to the ASA guys with your insight into the airgun world.

      • Dave

        I actually posted the HPA in the Off Topics forum immediately after reading your article. Hopefully it will get some attention (before the padlock), Of course, in our world HPA means “high pressure air” so I spelled it out. 🙂

  • supergun

    I have just made several comments about this subject. This law is one of the most stupid and infringing on the 2nd Amendment law besides the auto ban.

    • Norm Glitz

      Which law?

      • supergun

        The suppressor law. In addition to the short barrel law, the stock on a short barrel law, and the automatic law.

  • supergun

    All gun clubs and organizations in all States should have one main PETITION for us to sign to send to President Elect TRUMP. Can you imagine 50,000,000 SIGNATURES, or 100,000,000 GUN OWNERS petitioning President TRUMP?

  • Justin

    $5.00 shipping for a $2.00 sticker. I’m not sure what kind of stamps envelopes these guys are buying. No thanks.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      I think you are missing the point.

      • Justin

        I have hemorrhoids

  • Miguel Raton

    Sure, I’ll join. Even tho’ regardless of how the Federal law is changed, I’m behind the Granola Curtain in the PRK, so it won’t do *me* a lick of good. BUT, before I do, they’ve got to promise NOT to be like *every* other gun rights organization out there & bombard me w/ spam and sell my contact info to every @$$h0l3 out there who thinks that just because I signed up with them, I’m a soft touch for every scammer who puts a right-wing slant on their come-on.

    When they do that, I’ll join. But I’m sick & tired of being bombarded w/ spam after I’ve already contributed, and having my email & snail mail addresses sold to anybody who wants it to add a nickel to their coffers. So until they can make that guarantee, they’re SOL.

  • Brett

    They need to make some t-shirts with that sweet owl logo! I’d support them by buying one as soon as it hit their store.