New Gun: Inland Liberator


Inland Manufacturing announced that it will offer derringer-style handguns in 2017. The new gun, called the Liberator, will be chambered in .45 ACP. Even though Inland Manufacturing is known for making reproduction M1 Carbines (and a Vietnam era one), the Liberator has nothing to do with the .45 caliber handgun of the same name from World War II.

The new gun is an over-under two barrel arrangement. Each barrel is 3″ long. Both the barrels and frame of the Liberator are made of stainless steel and have a bead blasted finish.

Although the company’s press release was not clear, it appears the Liberator handguns may be made either by Bond Arms or under license. According to the company:

In an agreement with Bond Arms this super-quality Derringer pistol is nothing like the Liberator of WWII fame.

An e-mail for clarification has not yet been answered. However, looking at the gun, it does appear to be the same, or at least a very similar design, to some of the guns in the Bond Arms line.

The guns are not light for a two-shot handgun: 18 ounces unloaded. My S&W 642 carries five rounds of .38 +P at less weight, and my Glock 43 carries 6+1 of 9mm while still being a hair lighter than the Liberator.

The suggested retail price on the gun is $495. No date was given for when the gun will ship.

Richard Johnson

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  • JustAHologram

    This just raises the question of why not just get a Bond instead?

    • Richard

      Because bond arms doesn’t write liberator on the side of the gun maybe?

      • DW

        xXx_SnAkEsLaYeR_xXx instead?

        • JustAHologram

          Well they have their Texas Rangers special edition

      • d s


  • Ratcraft

    ? I thought, “It looks like a Bond Arms”. I click and it is….. da frick? $500? For a liberator type pistol? Nah, you missed the boat. This will sell like shampoo in Portland Oregon… Make it look like the original for $225 and it will sell like rice in Tokyo.

    • d s

      Sell like shampoo????? Don’t they have hair in Portland??

      • Ratcraft

        Lots of hair, unwashed matted hair…

  • PersonCommenting

    Even the double tap would be better than your typical derringer. At least bond sells theirs for a good price for what it is. A single action only two shot pistol basically.

  • iksnilol

    At least make it in 30 carbine to share ammo with the M1s they’re selling.

  • Andrew

    This is the kind of gun that your fire once and then stick in a drawer because the recoil is too painful to ever want to shoot again.

    • DaveP.

      Nope! Nowhere near that bad.
      My Bond Arms .45ACP is surprisingly shootable for its size. While recoil is present and you wouldn’t exactly want to burn through one of those 250-round boxes of WWB in one afternoon with one, it won’t beat you up like (example given) a Scandium-framed .357 Chief’s Special with full power loads would.
      That having been said, I don’t think I’d want to fire one of these in .44MAG. Not even a little bit. And the .45-70 version is totally out to lunch.

      • JustAHologram

        I don’t remember where I saw the interview but it was an interview at a trade show with someone from Bond Arms. In the interview he mentioned that the .40S&W version that was still around then felt worse to shoot than the .357 Mag version.

  • kzrkp

    actually kinda neat. a ww2 “styled” derringer. i like the finish.