Smith & Wesson Holdings May Change Names in 2017

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The Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation may change names next year. The company announced an unscheduled stockholder meeting for December to seek approval to change the company’s name to American Outdoor Brands Corporation. This seems to reflect what I’ve said previously about the company diversifying its holdings.

Before anyone panics, the Smith & Wesson Holding Company (NASDAQ:SWHC) is not the company that makes the iconic firearms. The gun maker is Smith & Wesson Corporation. SWHC is the parent company of Smith & Wesson Corporation. SWHC owns a range of companies like Battenfeld Technologies and Crimson Trace.

The move is not surprising, as SWHC has been on something of a buying spree lately. The company acquired Battenfeld in late 2014. Since then, it has acquired a number of new companies including:

With all of the acquisitions, SWHC divided its holdings into divisions. For example, Crimson Trace is part of the new ElectroOptics division.

During a recent earnings call, it seemed obvious to me that SWHC was in the process of expansion and repositioning so that it could offer a broader range of products away from guns. “Rugged outdoor market” was a term frequently used in that call.

If the name change is approved, it would take effect on January 1.

Richard Johnson

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  • Joseph Goins

    I saw this a week ago on Fox Business.

    • Edeco

      I was thinking they might be getting squirrely about being a gun mfgr also. It’s happened before with Smith.

      • Joseph Goins

        This is true. However, it is the company that owns S&W, not S&W itself.

        • Edeco

          OK, but not a major distinction to me. I’d blame both for the acts of either.

          It’s like I had this leasing office, would always blame a parent company or vendor. Whining, dissembling nonsense. Made me more upset with them.

  • Jeff Smith

    Their new name will be Sexy and Waiting.

    Smith and Wesson’s fantastic customer service department will now service ALL your needs and desires for $4.99 per minute. Call today and let THEM speak to YOUR parts department.

  • Der Fuhrer

    How about J&G- Junk and Garbage.

  • HenryA

    Bad move, why throw away valuable and hard earned brand recognition.

    • MiniBus

      They wouldn’t be, the firearms would all still be branded “Smith & Wesson.” What concerns me is that many of the new brands they have acquired, with the exception of Crimson Trace which is a complementary firm, seem to be of dubious value and do not seem to advance shareholder interest long term.

  • AD

    Wow, that’s about as generic a name as possible.