Who doesn’t love pistol caliber carbines? They are a lot of fun and @Steve_mp5 looks like he has a wonderful case full of fun. He has a KRISS Vector 9mm. You can tell based on the magazines and drum mag. Then he has an MP5K with folding B&T stock. There is a Trijicon MRO and Eotech to use with these SBRs. The only issue I have is the light on the Vector and how close it is to the short vertical grip. Not a lot to hang onto and it is too close to the weapon light.


  • Blake

    The wording of the last two sentences is poorly constructed. If you changed the last two words to “vertical grip” it would make much more sense since the subject of the sentence before it is the light, not the grip.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      Yeah, I had to re-read the last bit as well.

    • David Siemens

      For example, it could be edited to this: The only issue I have is with the light being too close to the short vertical grip. There is not a lot to hang onto and it is too close to the weapon light.

      • Billy Jack

        Inference of a there’s or that’s should be easy for an English speaker. This an American web log, a non-traditional internet journal of sorts. If you cannot stomach the use of slang I cannot imagine why you’d be reading posts on this site, let alone engaging in grammatical critique. If it were a magazine or newspaper site I could understand. You guys must be hell on Twitter.

        • bigfingo

          Sure are a lot of school marm.s commenting here.

          • iksnilol

            I would not be surprised if they’re here only to oogle at James and to criticize grammar.

          • Bill

            You misspelled “marms.” Technically, those of us who are male would be “schoolmasters.”


            You don’t know hell until you’ve had to proof police reports. And return them for correction. Again. And again.

          • Billy Jack

            I.see.YOUER.p0stin@recess again

        • Bill

          I beg to differ. Written communications is the same regardless of the medium, thus the basic, and simultaneously complex rules of grammar should be observed. If there are two different standards, and if the Internet is replacing paper, it will indeed lead to the dumbing down of our writing skills.

          I am hell on Twitter.

          • Billy Jack

            I respect your opinion but you’re tilting at windmills here. That dumbing down is in effect. Ask anyone who’s taught college English over the past ten years about their experiences and you’ll be on suicide watch. Twitter has been an abbreviated mess since it started and, just like texting, it’s teaching young persons how to wryight b@dl33.
            But in regard to blogs in general you’re asking why everyone isn’t wearing a tie at dinner. No tie required at Burger King. I’d also suggest that diminishing the skills of common people seems to be the agenda.

  • PersonCommenting

    Okay, I dont want to be all fudd like, and I love reading about these cool semi autos but could we get some more articles about the classics. Old Smiths, and Rifles with wood. Again I love the semi autos but I love some of the traditional stuff as well. Please dont label me a fudd, I hope this is a safe space. ; )

    • Ebby123


      Everyone under 50.


      • PersonCommenting

        I am under 50. Not even halfway there.

        • Billy Jack

          Such a hipster. Rediscover the rich supple grain of a fine polycarbonate.

          • PersonCommenting

            I like both honestly. Just would like a little bit more of the retro stuff. My oldest guns are an 1887 10 gauge lever action and the first run of a model 12. Also have a nice ruger black hawk. That being said I have plenty of plastic as well. Ive really been wanting to build an AR in 308 ans slap some wood on it .

          • Bill

            I inherited 2 Blackhawks, and they are neat and fun guns. I wouldn’t have bought them otherwise, and realize that that would have been a shame.

      • Bill

        Being somewhat over fifty, with the emotional age of a 14 year old, I’ve come to realize that there is a cohort of shooters who are younger than the AR15, possibly younger than the GLOCKs, who have never handled a blued steel revolver, or blue steel anything outside of a Zoolander movie.

        When I was a sprout whippersnapper in the previous century stainless steel was the epitome of HSLD.

      • Anthony Kaiser

        LoL. You DO NOT speak for everyone under 50. Still almost 6 years from 50, not a Fudd, and appreciate fine classic firearms in addition to EBRs.

    • iksnilol


      There, I gave you a label as a fudd.

      • PersonCommenting

        Sad day…. : . (

      • PersonCommenting

        All I want is a couple more articles a month. Not even 5%

    • Bill

      I’m not a sportsman, but I really appreciated a well-stocked long gun, and two of my life regrets are letting my duty S&W Model 10 and Model 19 go in two separate fits of stupid.

    • jimmyjet

      You’re a fudd!

  • Joshua

    Does anybody still make the drum mags? I want one for my 9mm vector.

    • Stephen Paraski

      CFS gets them every so often, $49.99.

      • Stephen Paraski

        In stock today.

  • Sasquatch

    If only we could have that in full auto….. An American can dream…..

    • Uniform223

      If you want to pay the tax and wait for close to a year or more (as I understand it).

      • Sasquatch

        Well a full auto vector you can’t buy until you are a class 3 vender. Then you don’t even fully own them your company does. Unless you find a pre 1986 full auto that is transferable.

      • PersonCommenting

        Still you can only have pre 86 made stuff and youre looking at least at 5k for a full auto 22 or some chinese made machine pistol.

  • The VFG is most likely functioning as a handstop in this case.

  • mechamaster
  • Billy Jack

    Looks like your average big city November 2016 Pelican lunchbox.

  • Nameson

    Two things.

    That package costs about 1.5-2x as much as my car.

    Everything would rattle around in the case and get scratched up.

    • DIR911911 .

      you mispronounced “battle worn”

  • DanGoodShot

    He probably places his palm between the light and the grip much in the same way I do on my AR with my vertical grip.

  • Uniform223

    For some reason Hitman comes to mind

  • Kurt Eskildsen

    I’ll wait and see which way the political winds shift after Trump takes office. I’ve heard rumors that silencers will be taken off the NFA list and a possible Nationwide Conceal Carry law. Perhaps a SBR elimination from the NFA? We’ll see…it’s all speculation for now. Time will tell and I am a patient man. I can wait to see rather than pay through the nose and be bummed I spent so much later.

    • Ben Pottinger

      It’s not “rumors” It’s called the “Hearing Protection Act”. Just google that and then email your senators/congressman and tell them to support/cosponsor the bill.

      Don’t “wait and see” or “speculate”, instead put the fire under your reps. Its not trump that makes a bill, he only signs it for veto’s it. Get your reps to get the bill out of committee and vote on it and get it to his desk.

      • Anthony Kaiser

        If/when HPA is law, I’m going for a 458 SOCOM SBR AR barrel w/integral suppressor. Id get a blind pinned non-integral one if I thought SBRs would ever come off NFA.

    • maodeedee

      An SBR elimination from the NFA Would make a lot of sense. It is a law that serves no purpose and wastes resources in it’s enforcement. The logic that says that a rifle stock on a pistol makes it more dangerous than a rifle is total absurdity and is based in ignorance.

  • Jacob

    I guess it doesn’t really matter because the guns are cool, but am I the only one who thinks this image is fake? The black background, strange shading, and the fact that is clearly pic n pluck foam in the case but all of the pieces are just sitting on top. And they don’t seem to be making any indention in the foam.