International Army Games 2016

So you like to compete with guns? USPSA, IPSC, IDPA? Perhaps a little 3gun or Cowboy Action? Well these guys compete with tanks lol. There is a Tank Biatholon among other competitions. From this video it looks like helicopter manipulation.

Not sure who came up with this course for the trucks but I imagine this part would suck to drive through.

Tanks 2

Then I found this gem, an almost hour long video of the Tank Biathlon where China cheats by cutting off Belarus with their tank. You can see it in the video below at 38 mins into the video.

Tanks 3

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  • Green Hell

    I think all NATO competitors were also invited to those games, heard some even considered coming before Ukrainian crisis hit. Let’s hope next year we’ll see some Abrahms and Leopards there.

  • TVOrZ6dw

    Interesting to watch. In the picture above, the Chinese are racing against an Iranian tank.
    I wasn’t too impressed with the tank firing- seems to me everybody took a lot of time before firing, and 2 of the teams missed. From my memory as a 19D in the late 1980’s our M60A3 tanks were much faster at taking that shot, and very rarely missed. I would love to hear from current or former tankers on this.

    • kusti

      And if you consider that these were best trained crews in that competition and they missed ….

    • micmac80

      In Strong Europe tank challenge US M1 totaly sucked at hiting targets and they were driving on paved road ,ad the crews didnt know how to camouflage the tank with the camo tarp. At Nordic tank cup US teams also placed last.

      • Blake

        Not really sure what that has to do with 80’s tanks compared to moderns tanks, but that still doesn’t surprise me one bit. If an army that has trained over the past two decades pretty much solely on fighting insurgencies and guerilla tactics was able to beat tankers trained in regular warfare that would be a huge upset.

        • micmac80

          Indeed tankers fighting courrent wars lost many of the core tanker skills.

          • Uniform223

            I know some battle buddies in the armored cavalry… they would GREATLY DISAGREE with you.

      • were there rules regarding computerized fire control systems? maybe we yanks forgot how to manually sight a gun

    • Shannon Kelman

      I agree. I had to fortune to attend a Calfex at Fort Sill back in the early ’90s. I recall an Abrams hitting a target while traveling about 50MPH! I was flabbergasted at the accuracy of that thing and kind of surprised at the level of marksmanship in this video. Am I missing something?

    • Tritro29

      No FCS use in pursuit…

  • DanGoodShot

    That looks like a blast! If that didn’t look fun to you, you really should turn in your man card. Then go sit in a corner somewhere and contemplate your manhood.

  • noob

    I wonder if billionaires will start playing this for kicks, like how the Royal Family plays polo?

  • bttf

    Without knowing the rules, the author claimed Chinese tank cheating by cutting off… In that stage, after running through the obstacles in separate lanes, all tanks need to merge to a single lane FYI

    • Tritro29

      Which is fairly normal, however when you don’t have room you kinda don’t make room in tank. That’s what trajectories are for.

  • Dougscamo

    NASCAR style paint rubbin’ with tanks….what’s not to like?….

    • Uniform223

      The crashes would also be infinitely more entertaining as well

      • Dougscamo


    • TJbrena

      I’d rather see Initial D with AFVs. I want to see a Stryker, Bradley or Type 90 drift while Eurobeat blasts.

      • Uniform223
        • TJbrena


        • iksnilol


      • Max Glazer

        There was competition between APCs, IFVs and other armored vehicles too 🙂 There is even competition for Air Force called Aviadarts. Pilots compete in accuracy of combing, strafing, rocket firing and IIRC navigation.

  • Marco Antonio Gonzalez

    I see Venezuela i up-vote 😀
    By the way several of the contestants competed using borrowed equipment. Not necessarily the same model used in their countries of origin

    • micmac80

      indeed most temas competed in loaned T72B3 , chinese actualy brought hot roded tanks , with 200HP extra and 2 tons of armor striped.

      • Tritro29

        Well to be honest the T72B4 we used was also better powered with a 1230 HP powerpack. The Chinese switched their FCS on last year though. And then you have the Zimbabwe crew that switched off the lock on the stabilizer while off roading…

  • 360_AD

    Cheat? Don’t you know it’s how they drive normally in China?

  • adverse4

    If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying.

    • mbrd

      if you’re in a fair fight your tactics suck…

  • Marco Antonio Gonzalez

    Tank rolling, some drifting and one tank stalled after crossing a water trap happened last year