Indo Defense 2016 Trade Show

Thanks to my friend Irfan for taking and sending these pics to me. In the main photo above, that is a boat with a turret on it. It is dubbed “Tank Boat”.


Komodo Armament, now that is a cool name.




Komodo’s 3D printed pistol frame.


Tanfoglio TCMP





This is the Savox Thor Helmet. It is a modular helmet system that has integrated power for communications, NVGs, cameras and any other electronic system you can think of. According to my friend, it is a bit hefty at 2.6kg which is 5.7 pounds.14914612_10153840376820826_235717291_n 14914753_10153840376760826_435096846_n



Below is a Beretta ARX in 7.62×39.



This is the .308 Beretta ARX. 14962873_10153840377005826_405003309_n


The turret ontop of this vehicle can be remotely manipulated and fired from inside using this video game like controller. Also you can see it can be aimed using the on board gun camera.  14962261_10153840376430826_401786985_n 14962259_10153840376580826_2067895031_n 14962250_10153840377595826_999313140_n

This is some sort of laser simulation system. I believe similar to US Army’s MILES.

14958735_10153840378090826_1577203835_n 14958405_10153840378045826_275755300_n


The rifle on top is an Indonesian made Pindad. I was told it is a copy of an FNC.  14958319_10153840377915826_1607086656_n   14937106_10153840377705826_1313235990_n 14885731_10153840377995826_350575315_n


Thanks to Irfan for sharing these with us.

Nicholas C

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  • mechamaster

    I read the article about Komodo Armament month ago, the previous name is “Tanfoglio Indonesia”. They supplied piston-operated AR ( similar to HK 416 ) and DI-type AR into Indonesian Military.

    And yes, the “Rompi Taktis Simulasi Lapangan” ( “Tactical Vest for Field Simulation” in English Language ) is similar concept with MILES system.

    And the FNC-type rifle is indeed licenced build FNC under the name of “Pindad SS-1”.

    The current Indonesian military-issue assault rifle is indegenous design Pindad SS-2 and some recent model Pindad SS3 for special forces ( previously called “Pindad SSX” )

    • ArcherIDN

      There are no such thing as Pindad SS3… At least officially. SSX remains a prototype and they hasn’t been adopted by Army or Police. And we still have a lot of SS1 especially in remote regions and 2nd or 3rd tier regional command. It’s gonna took years for Indonesian army to completely replaced all the SS1 with SS2.

      Also I look at Komodo Armament. They claimed they will built a factory in Indonesia to produced Pistols (Tanfoglio obviously. They started as importer for them. Now it seems they hold rights for Asian market. As in DSA 16 Tanfoglio stand were crewed by them). AR-15 style rifle (It seems they got license for LMT products) up to M134 (By Dillion Aero apparently) But I’m doubting it. It seems they just an agent for these company and I think it’s either assembling it or provide maintenance facility.

      • mechamaster

        The SS3, I read from domestic military news and magazine months ago. Maybe the production model of SSX . It can be recognized by the left side FAL-style charging handle and the 7.62x51mm Caliber too ( looks loke it’s accept Magpul AR-10 type mag too )

        • ArcherIDN

          I see I might have missed it. I thought 7,62×51 is the SS-4. And they skip the SS-3 designation for no reason (hoping SS-3 is a designation of bullpup SS-2). I don’t know it’s like re branding of SS-4 or Pindad finally made up their mind of the designation.

          But is there an order for SS-3? I think army hasn’t yet decided on using DMR based on SS series or taking the M14 based one (Made by pindad modernized licensed M1A from Australian company and make it like quasi M14 EBR type DMR).

          • mechamaster

            Yes, it’s really confused…

            Maybe “SS” designation from the Pindad factory and Indonesian factory is slighty different meaning.

            For the “older SS3 concept” = Bullpup SS2
            For the “SS-4” = 7,62x51mm version of SS2

            *Maybe it’s similar case with AR-15 designation by Armalite, but in US military, it’s officially called M-16

            The recent news that I follow is, the SS3 is still in “limited production & trial” status.

            Well, for the Indonesian military DMR program, it’s still unclear. Maybe the “quasy M14 EBR” is used for ‘stopgap’ or field test purpose to find the best formula.

  • Iggy

    Tank Boat, while goofy, is actually kinda genius when you think about it, as for riverine operations your only options when attacked are:
    1) Go forward fast
    2) Go back fast
    3) Hit back with superior firepower.
    And this definitely provides for #3, with the extra armor meaning a new spin on the old monitor concept.
    Also Indonesia of all people would definitely be interested in boats.

    • mechamaster
    • noob

      is it cheaper to use a tank shell than a dumb rocket or guided missile?

      it’s like a tiny battleship destroyer

      • mechamaster

        Yes, the tank shell is more economics than missile / rocket and easy to maintain.

        Maybe in the future, the variant equipped with rocket / missile will be developed ( from the design, it’s possible for future upgrade / modification ).

      • ArcherIDN

        Appearantly the turret is also compatible with Ukrainian made Falarick 105mm guided missile. (Much like the one they used on Soviet tank)

    • Jim Slade

      Reading elsewhere that it’s only armored sufficiently to ‘resist’ 7.62.
      More useful for anti-piracy, maybe?
      Also, looks like the United Arab Emirates has ordered 100. Those guys have a lot of coastline and deep pockets.

  • uray aldo juviar

    pindad SS-1 is licensed build FNC with some modification:
    1. minimi style pistol grip
    2. shortened buttstock to better suit average indonesian male length of pull. compared to FN FNC, ss-1 buttstock is less angled
    3. different foregrip with vertical texture
    4. later version omitted grenade cut-off lever as indonesian military chose to install M203 underbarrel grenade launcher

    Pindad made SS-1 in at least 8 different variants:
    V1 full length rifle with skeletonized buttstock
    V2 carbine version with skeletonized buttstock
    V3 full length rifle with polymer buttstock
    V4 heavy barrel for Designated Marksmen Rifle
    V5/R5 micro rifle with 10.5 inch barrel
    Sabhara micro rifle with indigenous 7.62 x 45mm (7.62 NATO projectile neck down to 5.56 case) for Indonesian police
    M1 and M2 with grey-phosphate finish for Indonesian Marine Corps
    SBC semi-automatic-only with blued finish for Indonesian Customs Office

    pindad SS-1 now is being slowly phase out..since 2008 pindad introduced SS-2. basically illed alumunium upper and lower receiver, picatinny rail, M-16 style carry handle/rear sight, beveled magazine well, reduced weight and other modifications

    • john huscio

      C’mon Trump, get rid of the import bans, I NEED an FNC (or the closest thing to it)

      • iksnilol

        And help the slant-eyes ruin the economy?.
        Dont think so

        • Derrick Delgado


        • mechamaster

          Well, the SS2, especially the Designated Marsman rifle is nice rifle actually, feels like the between Daewoo K2 and FNC.

          The trigger reset is nice and crisp too especially the Designated Marksman variant ( SS2-V3 ).

          And for the Long-stroke piston rifle, it’s lightweight too.

          And it can accept AR-type adjustable buttstock too.

  • TVOrZ6dw

    I’ll take the armoured car- Might be useful when making grocery runs here in Chicago.

    • Beju

      I think the fuel bills might wipe out the savings you get by going to the Englewood Whole Foods instead of the ones in neighborhoods that don’t have a homicide rate on par with Honduras.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I was just in Indonesia and I can promise, no cop or army was walking around with ANYTHING that even remotely resembled a 416.

    Saw some Daewoo and some things I couldn’t ID. A couple of normal police with revolvers. One or two M16A2.

    There might be some “special” stuff there, but no one seems to be walking around with it.

    • zz

      our SAT-81 Gultor, within Kopassus (Army Special Forces Commando) & Navy’s Denjaka use them. but i’ve seen significant use of Sig516 & several AR15s (probably Bushmasters, but i cannot confirm) within Special Police Forces and several Military Spec Ops units

    • ArcherIDN

      Because it’s relatively uncommon in Indonesia for police to walk with their firearm. Unless there are special occasions. Although I admit in Indo Defence you don’t see a lot of armed police or army guarding it. Maybe they try to make it low profile.

      The regular police is woefully equipped with old Colt and S&W .38 and local made copy by Pindad. For anything above revolver they can rely on hodgepodge of M1 Carbine, Ruger Mini 14, SKS and sad SS1 variants called Sabhara as uray aldo juviar explained above. That rifle has bad safety mechanism and necked down bullet that has weaker penetration and range than .30 carbine.

      Anyway for SWAT of Indonesian police has more choices. SS1, AUG, Galil, AK 101, SIG 556, CZ 805, MCX. As for HK 416 they are primarily used by army and navy special forces.

  • Bierstadt54

    The Thor Helmet – so you too can have bulging neck muscles!

    Or is it The Thor Helmet – because everyone knows the best place for a heavy battery pack is on the back of your head!

    Next it will be: Coming soon, the Thor Integrated Suncap n’ Fanny Pack! Finally, a fanny pack for your forehead!


    • iksnilol

      Well, makes sense for NVGs since you often need a counterweight on the back.

  • Jared A. Faber
  • GD Ajax

    I want that SMG. Tanfoglio should release a version in 5.7×28 to troll Heckler and Koch.

  • Southpaw89

    That TCMP would make a fun SBR, I must learn more.

  • Stanley Rabbid

    haha the big boy arx has keymod