Cloud Defensive Tape Switch Rail Mount


For those who dabble with weapon mounted lights, specifically Surefire Scoutlights and their Millennium Series weapon lights, knows the problems with the tape switches. The ubiquitous ST07 tape switch comes with an alcohol wipe and adhesive velcro. Those don’t last long after a while. Other issues arise with the squishiness of the velcro. It gives when you push the tape switch and requires more force to activate the light. You can use rubber bands, tape or zip ties but those still have their own unique problems. One remedy is the SR07 tape switch that is molded rubber and clamps onto picatinny rails. Only problem with the SR07 is that it is not cheap. They retail for around $85.

Well Cloud Defensive has come up with a machined rail mount to hold the ST07 tape switch with integrated cable keeper. One issue with the SR07 is that the cable is still exposed. The Light Control System solves many of the issues with the tape switch.

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The LCSMK1 retails for $60. Check it out at

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Joseph Goins

    I still don’t trust tape switches.

    • 360_AD

      It’s not so much the switch that bothers me, it’s the cord that can snag and get damaged.

      • Zip ties.

      • Joseph Goins

        I used zip ties in the military; they worked pretty well. In my experience the switch short circuits where it connects to the light.

        • 360_AD

          And the zip ties probably added strain on the cable to light junction to cause the short circuit. Which goes to my other posted point, there has to be a better integrated design (like Inforce, but better) that does away with the conventional flashlight + tethered switch format.

          • You just need to avoid making a sharp turn as you head into the plug. It isn’t rocket science, you can’t bend cables as thick as the Surefire switches too sharply.

          • mbrd

            definitely this…

            i would add, however that there are a myriad of cable strain relief options out there already, from larger diameter insulation, through longer connector housings, to tasked strain reliefs. certainly at the smaller gauge end of the wire spectrum the off the shelf options narrow dramatically, but this does not mean some bits of the fatter cable engineering could not be reverse engineered/ripped off.

            anyone handy with tools could probably overcome these issues with a little consideration of what’s already out there, and a mind for small mods.

          • Dual sport

            There is a better way but Surefire is either not capable of making it or won’t. The light with a tail switch that has two levels of on, a lower than full and a full, and never stays on will solve all these problems for me. They currently make on tail caps that click on. Then you have to click them back off or they stay on. Bad for me.

      • Billy Jack

        You can always run it without a cord.

  • Nick

    This looks very bulky compared to current Surefire offerings and other solutions made of nylon/zip ties…

    • 360_AD

      Agreed. Plus, more forward positioned weight. Ounces add up to pounds.

    • Agreed, the SR0X series of switches are smaller and lighter. And can often be purchased for about the same price as this mount.

    • Sean McCauley

      The SR07 retails for about 90 bucks. And you still have to use zip ties. It gives you a dual function but so does the DS00 tailcap if you want that. They are totally different creatures but with the LCS you don’t have to zip tie anything. I ran the SR07 for a couple of years and frustrations with it constantly popping off my rail led me down the the path to the LCS design. But from a cost perspective, you can get an ST07 for about 50 and you can get the LCS for 60. 110 total compared to the 90 for the SR07. Pretty much the same price in the grand scheme of things. To each their own of course.

    • Sean McCauley

      Here is a profile shot of it. Not bulky at all in reality…though admittedly certain angles with the camera do make it appear that way. In reality though, its low-profile.

    • Raymond Miller

      Wrap it on with Teflon tape, no sticky, no bulk, works great.

  • D

    Inforce WML. Nuf said

    • Joseph Goins

      …if you like cracked housing. Bought two. Cried twice.

      • d

        I have 4. None of them cracked. You should return them for replacement

        • Joseph Goins

          The originals were from separate lots and they cracked right were the bulb screws into the battery compartment. They added metal inserts there in the new generation.

          • Billy Jack

            Do you mean the stuff released this year as new generation or a new batch after the first production run sometime before 2016? Just trying to verify. I have 2 that are from 2014 but I know they’re not the first run cuz they have more lumens than the initial offering. No problems so far knock on wood but just trying to clarify.

          • Joseph Goins

            I bought the first gen stuff in 2015. Both of them cracked this year. They replaced both of them (excellent customer service, by the way) with the new version that came out a few months ago. You can go to YouTube and get back a lot of results.

          • Billy Jack

            Whoa. Did they crack when firing rounds or the tightening thing? I’m worried the ones i have will go but no issues yet. I considered switching go surefire lights with switches but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Have you tried to abuse the replacements?
            Your generation remarks are the first I’ve heard that explain how the mil contract still is in place while some folks have problems. Yeah saw HossUSMC and a friend of his had issues. I have found him to be honest so I didn’t think it was a fake report. Couple of smaller channels had guys who were pretty upset. I’m building some election run pistols now and will probably try a new small surefire product that’s similar to the wml and regular old surefire handhelds in mounts. I don’t like not being sure if I dropped my rifle that the light would fall apart. I don’t really feel like that now too much but doubt is a SOB

          • Joseph Goins

            The first generation lights broke on impact. One was when I accidentally dropped the gun on concrete. The other was when my home alarm when off. I grabbed my rifle and banged it into the corner of my closet and the light broke. That is when I decided to forgo the plastic design and buy a metal light. I used a Streamlight Protac 1 at Frank Proctor’s Way of the Gun. It took a licking and came back ticking.

    • Blake

      Straight up. I don’t know if they had a series of bad batches or what, but none of my three units has ever cracked or really shown any signs of serious wear. Not sure exactly what happened, but they really need to work in repairing their brand image.

  • Black Dots

    Seems kinda…high. Not sure if it would be as ergonomic as the low Surefire and Streamlight mounts.

    • Sean McCauley

      You would be very surprised. It’s only 1/8″ over the top of the rail. It’s visually deceiving in the pictures because you see the metal that locks it down to the rail as well. I have yet to hear a customer complain about that.

      • Black Dots

        Roger that. I’ll check it out.

  • 360_AD

    There has to be a better weapon light design than these snag-tastic flashlights+cord+switch types. The Inforce WML series comes close. With all the brilliant industrial and product designers out there, and thousands graduating from designs schools every year, someone needs to step up to the plate.

    • The problem comes with placement. Take the Inforce rifle lights for example.
      12 o’clock – In the way for IR laser users
      10-11 or 1-2 o’clock – Harder to activate if you go to your non-dominate side.

      Tape switches aren’t a great solution, but it gives you a better ability to place the switch and the light in a position that will best for you.

  • valorius

    Overpriced, but a good idea.

  • Sunshine_Shooter

    A little on the pricey side, but if I ran a gun for a living, I’d be ordering one already. Now, onto the article itself:

    Third sentence into the article: “Those don’t last long after a while.” I’m not saying the the editing on website is poor (it really isn’t), but come on.

    A thought so nice you had to type it twice?

  • Squirreltakular

    I appreciate how affordable it is, but the SR-D-IT is way more elegant.

  • Gary Kirk

    Tanto down vfg.. Made for the surefire tape switch, then route cables through your for end, mindful of sharp edges

  • Joe Moore

    I like his thinking, but unfortunately, this plays like a bad infomercial. The SR07 wire is meant to be secured with proper rail covers with integrated cable clips, like the Magpul EXTM or LaRue index clips. If I had an ST07 I’d consider one if these, but I have SR07s and won’t change.

    • Sean McCauley

      “bad infomercial” was not the intent. HA! And that’s my fault for just putting a cvideo together for the sake of a quick comparison that people had asked for on Instagram. I will say though that when I found myself spending 90 bucks on the SR07 only to have to STILL zip tie it AND the cable to the rail…it’s what caused me to design this and go through the process of bringing it to life. The SR07 frustrated me personally to no end. Like we’ve said all along, if you like the SR07, more power to you. We’re just looking to help the folks who were frustrated.

  • noob

    This is a nice evolutionary step towards a common power and data accessory rail that those future soldier systems people are trying to keep from shorting out.

    It would be cool if the future you could stick your accessory switches anywhere with keymod, and they would communicate via USB-like interface so you could program any switch module to talk to any accessory.

    On the other hand, in a large military context, such a system would be like picking up a game controller and finding your little brother remapped all the buttons

  • DanGoodShot

    Personally, If I was that concerned about my switch I’ll spend the extra $25 for the better switch to avoid the added bulk. That thing looks like a brick. At $60? No thanks. I’m going to stick with my zip ties that cost me $1 for the whole pack.

  • Garfield3000

    Good looking product but it does look like it raises the switch a little too high. Tangodown pocket panels accomplish the same thing but lower profile and half the price.

  • Sean McCauley

    First of all – I appreciate all the comments here. I created the LCS because I was frustrated with other mounting options. Like everything else on the planet, one piece of gear is never right for every single person. We all accept that. However with this we offer the strongest mount on the market and it gives you the ability to deal with excess cable. We wanted to improve your options here, so we got to work.

    Some people have asked why not just use a zip tie for the cable: The answer is that you absolutely can. However if you are like me, you do not believe that you should have to use a zip tie on the tool that you bet your life on. We feel that all shooters deserve better than that. In my mind, this is 2016…we can do better than zip ties. And we did.

    Also, regarding the size of the LCS: The tape switch sits 1/8 of an inch above the rail. If you perceive any bulk visually it is simply because you were looking at the metal that wraps around the rail itself. When you actually have one in hand it does not feel bulky on the gun. The LCS with the ICC and the screws weighs just 1.4oz. Its not heavy. But it is 7075 aluminum and thus, virtually indestructable.

    If anybody has any questions feel free to contact me through the website. We love to hear all of the constructive criticism because it makes us all better. So by all means keep those questions and comments coming. I will do my best to keep up with the comments here as well. Thanks for your time guys!

    • iksnilol

      But zip ties are pretty awesome.

      What’s next, will you campaign against duct tape?

      • Sean McCauley

        Not at all. It’s great for patching up all sorts of things. I just don’t want either thing on the rifle that defends my family. But again, that’s just fine. Not every product is for every person. We knew a lot of people would say ” I love zip ties” and we respect that. We simply feel our solution is a lot better.

  • Sean McCauley

    Also – I should apologize for the crappy videos. We’re a new company, we’re a small company and with product in hand I made the simple choice to get it out there and choose “content” over “presentation”. We’re working on some better videos but in terms of the editing and what you see there, blame me for that. It’s not my realm but we had to start somewhere.

  • Matt Frikin Bennett

    $85. They can keep it.

  • Raymond Miller

    I use the Teflon tape that sticks only to its self. Wrap it around the switch with just enough pressure to keep it in place and not activate the switch, works like a champ and isn’t sticky

  • Wow!

    His first argument is basically, you wasted so much money on the light and your rifle, why not waste more money? I never bought into the idea you need a $3000 rifle to be “combat ready”. Check out the armories of the military and police. You aren’t going to find LVOA Warsport Rifles, you are going to find $450 DPMS or FN rifles. Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean under-performance.