Hodgdon Announces New Powder for 2017


The Hodgdon Powder Company announced it would introduce a new powder in 2017. This new spherical powder is called CFE BLK, and it was specifically designed for the 300 BLK cartridge.

This powder is part of the company’s CFE line. CFE stands for Copper Fouling Eraser because it helps reduce copper residue in the barrel when used. Other powders in this line include the original CFE 223 and the more recently introduced CFE Pistol.

For the 300 BLK, the company states the powder runs supersonic and subsonic cartridges reliably in the AR platform. Additionally, Hodgdon states that CFE BLK works very well in other rifle cartridges with relatively small case capacities. For this reason, the powder is said to work well for the .218 Bee, .17 Hornet, .221 Fireball and similar cartridges. The company also states the powder performs admirably in 7.62×39 and 6.8 SPC loads.

According to the company, the powder meters exceptionally well which should allow for consistent powder charges.

Hodgdon says the powder should begin shipping in January with load data becoming available some time in December. The powder will be sold in the standard one and eight pound containers.

For those of you loading for the 300 BLK, what powder(s) are you using? Have you tried any of the company’s CFE powders? Do you see a reduction of fouling in the barrel?

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • AJ187

    I knew this would happen. No more workarounds for me!

    • JumpIf NotZero

      What workaround is there for just using a pistol powder in 300blk like as designed? Why would you want to stock another powder for a single round?

      • AdaptivePrep

        @Jumpif Which pistol powder have you found ideal in that regard?

        • Wow!

          A1680 is pretty much the all around king, 2400 is a close second, H110 only works for subs in properly ported rifles (usually pistol length). However, having more powder options is best because magnum powders tend to be the most difficult to find in stock over all others. Likely because they are only used for commercial market and with no military application, there isn’t a surplus to lean on.

      • Laserbait

        For the same reason that I do, because one powder works better in that round (case/bullet combo) than my existing powders do.

  • ??

    Hodgdon’s version of Accurate 1680. This could be interesting.

  • I for one plan to buy some. C.f. e 223 meters so well. I hate the way varget and the IMR types tend to powder-bridge. If supply of cash and powder were adequate, I would standardize cfe all the way even though I mostly shoot powder coated bullets. The metering, low standard devs, temp stability, and low pressure per velocity make cfe223/pistol best in class.

    • Drew Coleman

      Have you used H335? That’s what I’ve been using for 223 with good results, for my plinking loads.

      • No, but thanks for the suggestion.Is it substantially cheaper than cfe 223, or in some other way better? Cfe gives Great performance, at average cost. An alternative would need an advantage to entice me away.

        • Drew Coleman

          Not sure, I was mainly curious if you’d used and preferred one over the other. I might pick up some CFE 223 but then I’d have to redo my load development…

          • I likeit for everything up to 308 win. Mostly because it drops from the measure plus or minus one grain, but more often than not, dead on. Stick powders have to be trickled to get that.

  • Sardo Numspa

    I just picked up 16 lbs of Shooters World Blackout which is a 1680 copy but you have my ears Hodgdons well played

  • I’m going to be the idiot that tries this with 9mm reloads for my 995 before trying it in my CZ scorpion.

  • alex waits

    well, another powder for me not to be able to find in a store.

  • Al Liguori

    .300 Blackout 9″bbl
    Nosler brass
    18.7 gn H110
    125 gn Sierra BTHP
    2084 fps (mean)
    σ = 12 fps
    78°F 29%RH

    What then will CFE BLK give me?

    • Wow!

      Did you even read the article? The point is the addition of their CFE tech, which supposedly reduces copper fouling.

      • Al Liguori


  • marathag

    So, what is the burn rate closest to? IMR-4227? H110? 2400?

    • Kelevra

      Hopefully H110 and keep the charge the same or lower. Probably spherical too, like the other CFE’s for that repeatable metering.

  • Brian Fulmer

    IF, big IF, it gives me the velocities for supersonics I get with H110, I’m in. I like the CFE223, in fact I only bought the cheap Copperhead bullets because it really does work to clear copper fouling. Save me using up Varget on heavy bullet 223 loads, as well. If CFG BLK wil get me 2300 fps+ with my Barnes TAC-X 110g flat base, things will be fine. I can go back to using my H110 for 30 Carbine and 357 Mag, or maybe expand the cartridge envelope for the CFE series.

  • ILicence

    I’m currently running H4198 for 208gr subsonic use in a 10.5″ barrel.

    Everything else I have tried leaves a lot of fine ball powder residue behind in the action which can induce malfunctions after modest round counts and requires me turning the gas system up to get them to cycle well. Not really ideal.

    So far (250 rounds in) H4198 cycles much better than most other subsonic powders. Although, it does leave unburnt powder behind in the action, the short cut extruded sticks are much easier to clean up and feel less likely to weasel their way into moving parts that could cause a malfunction.

    I am pumped for CFEBLK, especially since it is being billed as optimized for sub-sonic 300BO. If it can burn more cleanly than H4198, offer high enough pressures to cycle the action well, and still ride UNDER 1050fps, I am in!

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    I’m shooting almost exclusively powder coated cast bullets, but I’m still interested in CFE BLK for its other advantages besides reduced copper fouling. I like that it meters well in a progressive press, but what I’m most hopeful about is the chance that Hodgdon will provide copious load data for supersonic and subsonic loadings in 300 BLK. There’s now a fair amount of load data for 300 BLK, but it still seems a bit haphazard trying to find good loads for subsonic and supersonic for the same powder.

    I just had my first field sighting of CFE Pistol powder at Reloader’s Supply in Richmond Kentucky last Friday. I didn’t buy any because I’m happy with Hodgdon Universal, I just bought another 16 pounds of it, and my powder coated cast bullets don’t benefit from the Copper Fouling Eraser aspect of CFE Pistol.