RELEASED: DDI U.S. AK47s @ Atlantic Firearms

You know it is a good sign for business when customers are banging at your door to buy your products. As a quick update to our August story on DDI’s U.S. made AK47 rifles, Atlantic Firearms is teasing the first batch due in any day. Although purists may balk at the non-traditional gas block and missing cleaning rod, all signs point to a top-notch DDI rifle with high quality manufacturing processes and parts.

Atlantic Firearms DDI U.S. Made AK's Are Here @TFB

DDI U.S. Made AK’s Are Here @TFB


DDI U.S. Made AK’s Are Here @TFB

From the DDI Facebook Page:

Folks we are being inundated with requests about our newest rifles. Here’s the latest, we are shipping the fixed stock rifles this week and building more as each day goes on. We are getting ready to build the folders, but they are still being finalized. Patience is required if you’re after one of those units! We should have the last parts approved and ready by the end of the month, but as you know we are NOT going to rush these out the door.

From the Atlantic Firearms website:


DDI U.S. Made AK’s Are Here @TFB


DDI U.S. Made AK’s Are Here @TFB


DDI U.S. Made AK’s Are Here @TFB


DDI U.S. Made AK’s Are Here @TFB


DDI U.S. Made AK’s Are Here @TFB


DDI U.S. Made AK’s Are Here @TFB

DDI AK47 US Kalashnikov Features

  • 4150 Barrel with Fenocite™ technology for accuracy & corrosion resistance
  • Concentric 14×1 LH threads
  • US Hammer Forged Trinity that consists of a US Hammer Forged trunnion
  • US Hammer Forged bolt carrier
  • US Hammer Forged bolt
  • DDI’s Bulgarian style side rail for mounting your favorite Optic
  • Stainless steel gas piston
  • DDI’s exclusive front sight/gas block combo, Great for SBR conversions
  • DDI’s exclusive flash hider
  • DDI’s improved safety, Smooth and Ergonomically pleasing
  • DDI’s Military Grade Furniture including a full stock that incorporates the cleaning kit pocket
  • Finished in KG Guncoat a baked on nearly indestructible finish
  • Comes with one 30 round magazine( Type may vary ) and instruction manual.

DDI is also hinting at the future release of a more traditional looking AK:



Ordering and availability from Atlantic Firearms:

This new model arrived in our warehouse late Friday and each rifle will be checked over and released for sale on Monday Nov 7 th. Please sign up for the Notification list on the site and all members will be emailed once they are release .We have a limited number but do expect subsequent shipments.

MSRP: $899-$949

Destructive Device Industries

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  • MzUnGu

    Do companies making AKs need to like pay Kalashnikov any IP licensing fees these days? or is it pretty much public domain now?

    • USMC03Vet

      If it was ever patented in the US it’s well expired by now.

      • MzUnGu

        I was think the likes of Copyright, or Trade Dress…which got much longer protection life… I remember a story the Russians trys to collect.

        • Anonymoose

          Only Saigas, maybe. Kalashnikov USA has been producing their own domestic “Saigas” while Kalashnikov Concern is blocked from import under Obama’s EOs. The God-Emperor may overturn that EO and things could get interesting between those two companies, but their may be a dispute like there has been with Budweiser.

      • CS

        It probably never had a patent in the USA due to issues with the Soviet Union. Also I dont even think Soviet controlled allies paid one RED cent to moscow.

  • AC97

    “Although purists may balk at the non-traditional gas block and missing cleaning rod, lol signs point to a top-notch DDI rifle with high quality manufacturing processes and parts.”


    • Pete – TFB Writer

      lol. Fixed. Thanks.

    • Anonymoose

      If they’re not going to have the FSB detent, then they may as well just thread the barrel 5/8×24 or 1/2×28 (for 5.45s). AK muzzle devices are not meant to be torqued down like AR muzzle devices are.

  • pun&gun

    I wonder if the changing political climate will result in a lift of the Kalashnikov import ban. Now that the US manufacturers are tooling up to make AKs, it would be beneficial for the market to have to compete with something of high quality like that.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Was just thinking the same thing. Thanks.

  • Wolfgar

    They should have moved the rear sight to the dust cover like the Galil with that gas block. That is a short sight radius.

    • Max Glazer

      Dust cover mounted sight doesn’t ensure repeatable zero after remove/refit for cleaning.

  • Reid

    I think this should be a good seller for them, especially if the rifles are available under MSRP. I just wish DDI would go the extra step and include some pre-drilled holes in the receiver for optics mounts. I’m looking at adding a 7.62×39 rifle, and I really like the CSA vz.58, but this would be much more attractive based on price.

    • Ken

      What do you drill the receiver for in an AK? DDI already has the side rail, which is solidly riveted on.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    The only thing that I don’t like about these rifles is that they copied the AR-15 method for adding a muzzle device. I can’t stand having to properly time muzzle devices using crush washers.

  • Wolfgar

    John from Atlantic firearms uses a cheek to receiver weld.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    I didnt know that there were people that cared what their AK gas block looks like…

    • nova3930

      I’m a little lacking in my AK knowledge, is there any functional difference between the DDI and the traditional gas block?

      • J.T.

        Since the DDI block has the front sight on it, the sight radius is shorter. It also means that standard muzzle muzzle attachments might not mount easily since there is no pin for them to index on and you have to use crush washers.

        • nova3930

          Appreciated. I just noticed what you’re talking about.

        • Anonymoose

          Some people can use that short sight radius pretty effectively, but I’d rather have Tech-Sights or an optic or both.

        • DW

          But it is the easy way to ensure concentric thread.

    • Russ Kell

      Looks like the Type2 Vepr gas block with integrated sight. I’ve got a few of those. Shorter sight radius, no functional issues. Great guns.

  • Jeff Smith

    Just curious – what’s up with the switch to combo gas block/front sights? Is there any function difference aside from, perhaps, the lessened possibility of a canted front sight? It seems like the longer sight radius would be better.

    I dislike the look of it, but I guess functionality conquers all.

  • Twilight sparkle

    This release seems like odd timing…

  • spencer60

    I have one of their AK-74s and it’s very well put together and accurate. Definitely will be in teh market for one of their 7.62 AKs.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Hopefully we’ll see 7N6 ban reversed DDI will come out with a 5.45. We might even be lucky enough to see the armored piercing import ban reversed.