The Ranger Point Precision Lever Action Shotgun

The good people at Ranger Point Precision have been on quite the roll recently. As I contemplate one of their custom .40S&W lever action carbines (yes, you heard that right), they have just announced the release of another gun from my growing wishlist: a Marlin .410 lever action shotgun. Born from a donated Marlin 336 in .30-30, the RPP scattergun is lighter and has more shell capacity than the official version released in 2004 that was built on a hefty 444 frame.

This gun looks like some serious fun that can also pull double duty as an around-the-homestead workhorse.

Ranger Point Precision RPP Marlin .410 Levergun @TFB

RPP Marlin .410 Levergun @TFB

From the Ranger Point Precision Website:

We’re pleased to reintroduce the Marlin .410 Lever-Action Shotgun, with our own twist. We loved the idea of a lever-action shotgun, but wanted to improve on the Marlin 410 design so that it could be a handy piece for the ranch, the truck, the woods, or the homesteader. We also knew that there are millions of Marlin 336’s sitting around that might enjoy a new life as something other than a .30-30. So that’s where we started. In fact, the old Marlin 336 that we started with was one that we affectionately called Donkey, because it looked like it had been kicked by one repeatedly. What you see here is the end result of our Marlin 336’s transformation to a 410 lever-action shotgun, with a light profile, threaded 20.5″ Douglas barrel and magazine tube for 6+1 capacity, custom camo and all weather textured stocks w/ weight reduction cutout and forend M-LOK panels.


RPP Marlin .410 Levergun @TFB


RPP Marlin .410 Levergun @TFB


RPP Marlin .410 Levergun @TFB

Specifications and Pricing – Ranger Point Marlin 336 Lever-Action 410 Shotgun

Basic conversion includes:

  • New Douglas cylindrical smooth bore barrel that’s been chambered, fitted, head spaced and dovetails cut (your choice 18.5″- 20″)
  • Converted full-length magazine tube (18.5″ to 20″) with bulge for side loading 2.5” shells and 6+1 capacity
  • Action and ejection port modifications
  • Ranger Point Triangular Front Sight (Day sight with orange)
  • Marlin 336 .30.30 donor rifle will maintain its factory appearance (metal + wood stocks)

Basic conversion price:

$780 + Marlin 336 .30-.30 donor rifle (Ranger Point can also procure one for you)
Completed in 8-10 weeks

Available Options:

  • Extra long barrel (up to 24″) with matching full-length magazine tube
  • M-LOK panels in forend stock for accessory attachment (e.g. flashlight)
  • Threaded muzzle
  • Muzzle brake, breachers, chokes (if there’s enough demand)
  • Slick action and trigger tuning (down to 3 lbs.)
  • Ambi flush cup sling mounts
  • Ranger Point Scope Mount Base / Sight Set for mounting a Red Dot / Holo Sights
  • Ranger Point Integrated Night Sight Set and Scope Mount Base
  • Ranger Point Medium Loop Lever
  • All weather textured coating on the stocks; KG Gun Kote on the metal (one color, camo, custom design)
  • Butt Stock cut-out for weight reduction (standard 20″ model just under 7 lbs.)

Muttering about the price? After you factor in a new Douglas barrel, parts and the hours of labor that go into each build, the retail cost is perfectly reasonable for a custom gun of this caliber (gauge).

One option to consider is Ranger Point’s patent pending triangular sight set. The combination optics mounting rail and iron sights seems to be perfectly suited for fast-swinging carbines like those made by RPP.

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  • BattleshipGrey

    This is the first I’ve heard about the .40s&w lever action. I like the thought of that. It’d be really easy to store spare rounds in a Glock mag if you wanted to as well.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Yeah. I’m seriously considering it. Fun for sure.

      • valorius

        I don’t see how a .40 S&W lever would be any better- or even as good- as a .357 magnum lever action.

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          It’s not *better* really. Just super cool.

          • valorius

            If you carry a .40 S&W handgun i could certainly see the utility.

          • iksnilol

            + you get more shots and faster cycling (short throw lever magic, baby! )

        • James

          Higher ammo capacity. But yeah love me that .357… if the Henry and marlin guns weren’t 800-1000 bucks I’d already have one.

        • BattleshipGrey

          America likes options. I like .357 ballistics better too, but I carry a .40.

          • Omer Woodruff

            Nothing wrong with .40 . Sometime just take a look at the .357 Ruger LCR . Makes for a nice pocket gun and or back up if a semi auto jams . Or if a target is larger than expected .

      • yodamiles

        A review please!!!!!!!!

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          If I buy one, you bet I will.

    • Anonymoose

      Why not do it in 10mm? Then you would have more power and you should still be able to shoot .40s in it, just like shooting .38 Specials in a .357 carbine, .44 Specials in a .44Mag carbine, .45 Colts in a .454 carbine, or .40s in a 10mm revolver.

      • BattleshipGrey

        Yeah that would market even better since you could shoot both. I just jumped at the .40 cause I don’t care much for the 10mm since it’s a pricier cartridge that I don’t have any guns for.

      • ozzallos .

        Because 10mm is so much more common than .40 for an already niche rifle?

        • Nick

          I’ve had no problem finding 10mm, it’s not exactly Walmart common but every sporting goods store that stocks ammo near me has had it. I’ve been paying $18-20/50 for Armscor FMJ and PPU JHP which is only $1-2 a box more than .40 FMJ here. The Armscor also seems to be loaded hotter than a lot of the more expensive FMJ’s like UMC and American Eagle. I think a 10mm 336 would be pretty awesome.

          • Nick

            Also 10mm seems to be appearing more and more on the shelves since the market for it is expanding. Look at how many new 10mm guns have been introduced in the last year or two compared to new .40’s.

      • It’s all what you like. We’ve built these rifles in 9mm, 10mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, 357 SIG, 327 Federal, 45 Cowboy and 44 RIPSAW and we’re about to build our first .357/.44 Baine & Davis for a customer.

      • bobinmi

        Probably because the 10mm won’t offer anything you cannot get out of a 357/38. I don’t get the love for a 10mm lever gun. I get it in a handgun 15 > 6 or a magazine fed PCC but I don’t get it in a tube fed gun. Why reinvent the wheel. If a magazine fed rifle is against the rules I would assume that a high capacity handgun would be as well which negates the option to pair.

  • PersonCommenting

    How does 40 work? I though lever action required a rim?

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Elf magic.

      Seriously though, it’s beyond my expertise.

    • Omer Woodruff

      How does my Coonan 357 magnum work with rimmed ammo ? My Coonan 357 magnum not 357 sig has never jammed out of the box . How does a Remington 552 bdl shoot 22 short , long , and long rifle . But yet a 9 mm can’t work properly with a 380 ?

      • Anonymoose

        You can shoot .380 in a 9×19- it’s just not advisable. I’ve also heard that you can put .38 Specials through a Coonan, but you have to swap the recoil springs, and I would ask the factory before trying that.

        • PersonCommenting

          I use to own a Coonan a year or so back. Anyways you can shoot 38spl after 500 rounds of 357 mag in the full sized version only. After that you just switch out the recoil spring and youre good to go.. Shooting 38s out of it feels like a 22 LR. The gun is so heavy there is almost no muzzle climb.

        • Omer Woodruff

          An extra spring is included in the box for 38 special . But it’s more fun waking everyone in the gun range with the 357 magnum .

    • valorius

      Nah, you just need a different extractor profile.

    • Porty1119

      Nope. I’m reasonably sure that .35 Rem and others are rimless.

  • Swarf

    All lever actions! Alllll lever actions Alex C!!

    These sound cool. Not something I’m in the market for, price-wise, but i don’t think they are asking too much, either. Now, a 9mm on the other hand…

    I like the ingenuity coming from their camp.

    • Anonymoose

      RIP Alex C

    • jimmarch

      They can do 9mmPara. I just checked. 12 rounds in a 16.5″ barrel setup, should hit 15+ in a 20″?

  • Edeco

    Interesting cut out stock, I’d like it rounded a bit, make it look more dramatic.

    The 40… do they shorten the throw of the lever? That would be neat.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Shoot them an email. Great people.

    • Raginzerker

      They’re website says so, was on it pipe dreaming

    • We can cut/shape the stocks however a customer wants on the CNC machine. And yes, the short stroke conversion is part of the total conversion process.

      • Pete – TFB Writer

        Thanks for coming by, Adam. Great to see you guys here.

  • gusto

    John Wayne is turning in his grave

    a lever action with synthetic stock is just wrong

    • Actually the stocks are not synthetic. They’re the wood stocks with All Weather texturing and coating. We use this coating on a bunch of different customs for those that are in super humid or wet climates. That said, we build the .410’s in traditional style too leaving the wood stocks & metal as they came on the .30-.30.

  • Disarmed in CA

    No, $800 to turn your perfectly good short-range deer gun into a snake gun.

  • valorius

    A 9mm lever (or even better pump action) would be an outstanding option in states like California that have detachable or high cap mag bans.

    • James

      9mm would be cool but the cheap ammo is all pointy… which might be a problem in a tube mag.

      • valorius

        Youtube channel Taofladermaus did extensive testing on tube fed magazine detonations and was unable to cause them at all, even with pointed spitzer bullets.

        • Southpaw89

          In WWI the French learned the hard way that it can happen, as much as I like Tao’s channel a couple of tests cant exactly be called conclusive.

          • Alex Agius

            Source on the French thing? Because the 1886 label rifle no bullet to primer contact, the rounds taper combined with the groove at the base of the round should have made such a thing impossible

        • iksnilol

          If I recall correctly, his test was pretty stupid and is kinda a bad reference.

          • valorius

            It was not stupid at all, they were shooting the mag tube with rifled slugs to impart thousands of pounds of energy, not one single round detonated.

            If you can find a test on line of rounds going off in a tube mag, i’d happily watch it though.

          • iksnilol

            It was a stupid test. They rigged a complicated contraption that doesn’t accurately represent what happens.

            Instead of buying a lever action 30.30, loading some handloads to correct length with spitzer. They rubber band a plastic tube with rounds in it to a single barrel shotgun and then shoot the shotgun itself with another gun. It was a pretty stupid test.

          • valorius

            Well i dont think he wanted to blow up an expensive gun. But like i said, if anyone can post video of a tube mag blowing up from spitzers (let alone 9mm fmjs) i’d be happy to see it too!

      • iksnilol

        Eh, as long as it ain’t a spitzer it should work fine.

      • RocketScientist

        Huh? How pointy is 9mm? Round nose ammo (ie the kind loaded in most 9mm FMJ plinking ammo) is perfectly fine in a lever action (look at .30-30 ammo nose profile). The risk only comes in when shooting spitzer-type bullets in a tube mag, and I’ve NEVER seen 9×19 ammo loaded with a spitzer tip.

    • Funny enough we’ve sold a TON of the pistol caliber carbines to Californian’s for the reasons you’ve stated.

      • valorius

        I really like a .357 mag carbine, but it’s a long cartridge. Even .38 special is a good 30% longer than 9mm. I’m guessing you could stuff pretty close to 20rds of 9mm JHP in a 20″ lever or pump action rifle.

  • Pete – TFB Writer

    Over simplification I think. 410 is pretty handy and fun.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      I agree but being inexpensive is usually part of their appeal.

    • iksnilol

      If you can, try .45 colt in it. Just to see how the smoothbore barrel affects the accuracy. Should be usable for short range hunting even with a smooth bore then.

  • Captain obvious

    Can’t think of anything more useless than an expensive 410 lever action conversion. If you want a 410 just go buy one.

    • iksnilol

      I’ve yet to see a lever action .410 with these features.

  • Stephan Koopmans

    These guys also deal in Steyr handguns and have a custom 6.5 Grendel AR they would like to show you.

    I like their taste in guns already.

  • Swarf

    $800 to turn your $400 deer gun in to a snake gun.

    • Captain Obvious

      Exactly, though it would be great for that new sport sweeping the nation Snake Gun Action Shooting. You heard it here first.

  • Anonymoose

    Will they do it on a Rossi copy of the 336?

  • ozzallos .

    Is a full picture of this thing that hard?

  • DW

    People paid more for range toys

  • Southpaw89

    From what I’ve heard conversions like this are how the .410 came into existence in the first place, while I like the idea I think I’ll wait until the Henry comes out and see what that costs.

  • Blake

    JFYI Henry has a .410 levergun in the pipe as well.

    • We’re big fans of the Henry rifles too. We did see that they have a .410 coming out next year which is great. We were obviously both thinking about the same thing at the same time. In our Traditional option, our rifles will look very similar. A lot of feedback we’d gotten from Marlin Owners was that they prefer side loading to tube fed guns so this is a good option for those people not sold on tube fed rifles.

      • iksnilol

        Be fair now, is anybody sold on tube feed versus side loading?

        • I have to assume that many are ok with it or Henry sales wouldn’t be so good.

          • iksnilol

            I just find it baffling to be honest.

          • We prefer side loading ourselves. Keep hoping that Henry will redesign their rifles. Think they could sell a ton more if they did.

  • trjnsd

    A .40S&W lever action? What about a 10mm that will also shoot 40’s? I’d love that!! But please loose the hole in the stock…

  • Omer Woodruff

    Can’t believe I use to sell Marlin rifles for less than 80.00 brand new.

  • punisher777

    I want one in 410 for a survival gun.