BREAKING: Brownells Now Selling Guns Online

Brownells has been a trusted source for gunsmithing supplies, gun parts and more recently ammunition. Brownells has been serving the shooting community for over 75 years. Earlier this year they dipped their toes into the gun market when they opened their 7,000 sq. ft. retail store in Grinnell, Iowa which sold guns alongside the gun parts and accessories they sell online. When that store was announced we should have predicted that they were getting ready to sell guns online. Today they launched which has an incredible amount of firearms listed for sale. There are 1,337 handgun models, 1,513 rifle models and 688 shotguns models.

brownells selling rifles

From the press release …

GRINNELL, Iowa – For 77 years and counting, customers have depended on Brownells to provide all the tools, parts and accessories needed to customize, clean and repair nearly any type of rifle, shotgun or handgun.

Now, customers can turn to Brownells to buy rifles, shotguns and handguns from almost any brand imaginable.

The company’s entry into selling firearms online makes Brownells a true, one-stop-shop for gun owners and enthusiasts by offering the gun and nearly any part, accessory or tool possible to make that new firearm uniquely their own.

Brownells’ new firearms category, easily found by clicking on the Firearms tab at the top of, features more than 3,500 production firearms from over 30 popular gun manufacturers, including:

  • Smith&Wesson®
  • Glock®
  • Ruger®
  • Winchester®
  • Remington
  • Sig Sauer®
  • Daniel Defense®
  • Many more…

“We’ve been a gun company from the beginning,” said Pete Brownell, CEO of Brownells. “For 77 years, we’ve serviced all corners of the firearms market – new shooters to gunsmiths. This is just one example of many upcoming programs we’ll be launching to serve every portion of the gun industry.”

Customers will be able to order guns online using the simple, step-by-step instructions at the Brownells FFL page. The quickest, easiest method for completing an online gun purchase will be to choose a Brownells Featured Dealer from the online list of FFL dealers who have already agreed to perform transfers on guns bought from Brownells.

FFL dealers interested in becoming a Brownells Featured Dealer can learn more at Featured Dealer Portal.

Brownells entire selection of guns can be seen at

Steve Johnson

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  • Leonardo Padrino

    I bought my Aero from them months ago, how is this breaking news? I have to be missing something.

    • PK

      No kidding. Breaking: Brownells Starts Selling 15 New Parts!!! You’ll NEVER guess number 8!

  • Tuulos

    My first reaction quite literally was “Wait, you mean they haven’t been doing that for ages already?

    • Harry’s Holsters

      It’s been going on for a while. They might have expanded their lineup though.

  • TheMaskedMan

    Given the results of tonight, hopefully the HPA will pass and then we can buy suppressors on Brownell’s.

    • Anonymoose

      You can already buy suppressors on Brownells.

      • Billy Jack

        Without an Association of Tubby Flashdancers decoder ring?

        • Scott

          Unfortunately not. Great acronym!

          • Billy Jack

            I originally had Terrible Fascists but thought that was a bit harsh and unfair. Plus their routine is more of a interpretive dance. The long jazz hands of the sorta law.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      I hope Donald Jr. puts the pressure on his dad and the rest of us put the pressure on congress and the senate.

    • Billy bob

      Or out of a vending machine.

    • uisconfruzed

      I can get a muffler from Advanced Auto, why not a can???

  • PK

    Selling MORE guns online. I’ve been buying receivers from them for years and years.

    • uisconfruzed


  • Ambassador Vader

    Ship to an FFL? Where’s this online loophole I keep hearing about?

    • Billy Jack

      It only exists in minds small enough to hold that particular bit of Bloombergian propaganda. They’re the same size as this micro-violin I’m playing with my cilia for those who weep in this world on this particular day.

      • Ambassador Vader

        I hear that, it truly is a beautiful morning.

    • I always try to turn it into a Teachable Moment™ by explaining that online firearm sales are still required to be picked up at an FFL dealer with accompanying background check; I much prefer to see on their face a look of dawning realization that they’ve been lied to about an easily fact-checked talking point than the bitter glare of someone who resents being laughed at.

  • Stan Darsh

    More importantly, will Brownells finally keep FFL records on file so we won’t need to send our info in time and time again with every single order?

  • Tony

    They’ve been selling pistols and rifles for months now, not sure how this is breaking.

  • Raven Lee

    Link is broken.

  • mbrd

    breaking news, huh?

  • Lobo Rojo

    Can y’all cool it a bit with the “breaking” news headlines? You’re really over-using that.

  • Mikial

    Brownells is a first quality seller, and they have a wonderful selection. If they are now selling guns that is a good thing. Competition is good for the consumer, despite what the Socialists would have us believe. The more people selling the same item, the better the benefit to us, the buyers.

  • uisconfruzed

    “BREAKING” news!
    Does that mean it’s broken and we can’t trust it?

    As a 20+ year, VERY satisfied customer of Brownells, this is great. They have been one of the best companies I’ve ever done business with.
    The odd thing is, they’ve been selling guns the entire time, ie- many lowers, etc that have been FFL only items.
    It seems they’ve now started selling complete weapons with manufacturers that are commonly known.