Sack Up with the Tac Sac – Picatinny Mountable Scrotum

Seeing large nuts hanging from the back of lifted trucks meant it was just a matter of time until someone actually injection molded some realistic testicles for the same lift trucks to up their game. In a sense, this was a natural evolution.

However, in the firearms world, we believe in jumping in nuts first. Skipping the innuendo is the TacSac, a picatinny rail mountable scrotum. Replete with all the unattractive folds, the Tac Sac is designed to be a forward grip on one’s rifle allowing the shooter to simultaneously:

  1. Have a stable shooting platform
  2. Show off their masculinity
  3. Demo their childishness

Not to be looked at as only generous forward grip, the TacSac can also be used as a barricade stop, though no word from TacSac on it the TacSac feels pain similar to a real pair. Construction is injection-molded plastic which should handle most use and abuse though TacSac says to threat them with care.


For those looking for a tactical White Elephant gift, the TacSac can be yours for only $39.95. The standard pair is black with FDE available. For a limted time only, blue balls are available, however blue balls are only for true gun-nuts.

The Tac-Sac is 100% made in the United States.


Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

The above post is my opinion and does not reflect the views of any company or organization.


  • Kevin Harron

    Aww nuts.

  • Edeco

    Count as a vertical fore grip?

    • Drew Coleman

      Someone on Reddit asked the ATF, and they sent back the standard form letter for stabilizing braces…

  • BravoSeven


  • Raginzerker

    And people say there’s no innovation in the firearms market anymore…..

    • AC97

      Well, what do you know, there is in fact such a thing as too much innovation…

      • Raginzerker

        I mean, it’s still probably better than some of the wild foregrips that some companies come out with

        • PersonCommenting

          sad but true.

        • JustAHologram

          Like the fore grip/mag holder combo

          • Raginzerker

            Oh I’ve seen those, or those werid side rail mounted fore grips

          • JustAHologram

            I can see a side grip for offset optics, the ridiculous combo is detrimental on both fronts

          • Amplified Heat

            …or the Fleshlight buttstock

          • JustAHologram

            So many joke for that one

          • Tim

            Now that Janet Reno is dead, who else would buy one?

          • Billy Jack

            Below the radar with that one. Cheers

          • 1911a145acp

            Too soon for Janet Reno jokes? Evidently not……

          • Uniform223

            There is a youtube video involving what you are alluding to over at MBest11X.

          • iksnilol

            That one to be fair isn’t a bad idea. Gives you the comfy magwell grip further out (+ 20 extra rounds on the gun itself doesn’t hurt).

            EDIT: Sure it looks stupid, but not really that bad.

    • Blake

      At least somebody had the balls to make this.


      • Raginzerker

        It woulda been much smaller if it was made in china

        • Uniform223

          And black ones would be the largest right? Shoulda known someone was going to make the ever popular asian joke.

          • Tassiebush

            Well technically I read the largest average gonad volume title goes to Finland. Not sure where I read that or why I remembered it!?

      • Edeco

        I’m surprised at how many people are dis-grundle’d by this lighthearted novelty.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    For the man who cant go a single second without having his hands on a pair of balls.

    • Phillip Cooper

      What IS Barney Frank up to these days?

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    I’d be highly entertained to watch a carbine class instructor shouting “Dont forget to to cup the balls!”

    • Amplified Heat

      Man, if Chris Costa had any sense of humor, whatsoever…

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Do they fit Glock rails?

    • Billy Jack

      It comes with a phallic breathalyzer device.

  • clampdown

    Don’t grip to hard. If you hold them while shooting, do you get a full-auto burst?

    • PersonCommenting

      Nah just a torsion.

  • Black Dots

    I’ll say what everyone is thinking: There is no way a KeyMod rail can support those.

    • Tuulos

      But what about MLOK?

      • Black Dots

        Bro, MLOK specializes in testicular fortitude.

  • Anonymoose

    Need this for my Barrett.

  • CW

    This sort of product makes gun owners look really smart!

    • Swarf

      Worse than that, it makes gun owners look like they might also be truck nutz owners.

  • Michael Rice

    Can I send a plaster cast in if I feel uncomfortable with holding another man’s nuts?

    • Martin M

      I just can’t see myself, or any other real man, holding a dude’s sac with the idea that it looks cool.

  • QuadGMoto

    As if seeing this idiocy on trucks wasn’t bad enough…

  • Bill

    The blue ones are inert training balls.

    • claymore

      they are blue because someone isn’t doing much training with them

    • Just say’n

      Can’t believe they don’t sell in white- racists!

    • Kivaari

      Or it is for when it is really cold outside.

      • Bill

        I think that would result in shrunken and shriveled.

  • Brocus

    people to stay away from at the range got a new possible identifier

  • Bob

    Firearms…. not politics!, but raunchy, BS. WTF?

    • Amplified Heat

      That’s ‘raunchy’ to you? Stupid maybe, but not what I’d call ‘sexy’ by any measure

      • Bob

        Gay, Much?

        • iksnilol

          So we’re gonna discriminate against the gays now?

          • Dan

            Gays have just as much off a right to be made fun of as any other non white christian male.

  • PersonCommenting

    All the fun of truck nuts with physical stimulus of real nuts… Oh my… Why…

  • Edeco

    Hey, could put it on the back of a pump shotgun fore grip with rails, make a vulgar gesture every time you rack it.

  • Uniform223

    *rolls eyes and palms forehead*

  • Hinermad

    “…100% made in the United States.”

    Confirming once again America’s status as a world superpower.

  • Uniform223

    For those trying to over compensate… your foregrip has arrived.

  • Jonathan Wright

    and the marines have already placed a large order.

  • Disarmed in CA

    Kick the inventor in his tactical nut sac

  • Rob

    I feel dumber for having read about this.

  • pithy

    Grow up.

  • Major Tom

    Ah, just what I wanted! A gun with balls! /silly

  • Amplified Heat

    Does the Tacti-Sack come with its own tote-sack?

  • Amplified Heat

    Too late, it’s been done already

  • westford86

    Standby while I compose my letter to the ATF to ask if putting these on a pistol makes it an AOW, or if I only cup them gently it wouldn’t count as a “forward grip.”

    • Amplified Heat

      Only if you rest them on your chin, and not your shoulder

    • Rick O’Shay

      There’s actually a guy on Reddit who’s done that, ATF hasn’t taken his letter seriously. Yet.

  • Greg Beals

    Just needs a muzzle brake called The D*ckhead, in the shape of, you guessed it… This is all just a little homoARotic…

    • Amplified Heat

      IIRC, there’s a company already making these (not that I would, but it’d be a pretty ridickulous theme build –call it the Wongburger)

      • Greg Beals


    • Tassiebush

      That could be a real weiner!

  • Bob


  • Evan

    Clinton, Trump, and now this. Idiocracy is coming to life before our eyes. Maybe Beef Supreme will come out of retirement to use a rifle equipped thusly in Monday Night Rehabilitation. And maybe I’ll get into law school at Costco, too. I have the LSAT score for it…

  • Bob

    You just took this sight to the “lewd” side! We don’t need this kind of s–t as a community.

  • Southpaw89

    A valuable prosthetic for men who were born without a pair of their own.

  • It was only a matter of time until someone made this…

  • Kivaari

    Crude. It isn’t even worth a laugh.

  • Gambler X

    giving the leftwing a-holes that call us “gunhumppers” plenty of fodder arent we?

  • felix

    Just waiting for the huge dong shaped muzzle compensator

  • New Chris

    Classless and stupid. It makes us all look low brow.

  • Don Ward

    I guess we can look forward to a James Reeves review of a tactical mounted Flesh Light next? And by “we” I mean Ikinsol.

    • iksnilol

      No, James is a man to pure for lewdness like this. That’s one thing I respect about him.

  • Charlie Victor Alpha

    I’m thinking those should be mounted back in front of the magwell instead of in a position where they will naturally land right in your palm.

  • I’m afraid American adults did make it. Yep it’s garbage—— in my personal opinion.

  • What percentage of people who own these things realize how unbelievably homosexual it makes them look, do you figure?

    • John

      Pretty soon they’ll make a vertical fore-grip out of a dildo.

  • AD

    Sadly it’s not the first of april, so I have to assume – against all logic and good taste – that this is in fact a real thing. Which makes me very, very sad.

    Is there any way we can establish a baseline of stupidity, and if anything falls below that line – like this nonsense here – maybe we just DON’T post about it? You know, just ignore it; don’t give them the attention that they don’t deserve, don’t feed the trolls etc.

  • Tassiebush

    Some poor ba$tard will wind up falling over and tbagging himself with these

  • Kurt Eskildsen

    I wish this stupid thing would go away. Their ain’t an outside chance in hell I’d want to hang on to a set of testicles while out shooting. Stupid and childish. Anyone who wants to grab a handful of anyones balls, plastic or otherwise while shooting, has latent gay tendencies.

  • Sigmund F.

    This seems to be extremely logical, considering how way too many look to the “gun world” to satisfy some kind of “commando dream”, or to be “tactical”, or keep on getting a gazillion accessories and/or mods (especially the old homosexuals who like wood and “style”), get “tactical” clothing items etc.
    This accessory is brutal, honest, and goes to-the-point with these tendencies. So grab your “gun” lube, get a firm grip on those balls and admit to dr Feud that he’s been right all along.

  • noob

    put the balls over every available bit of rail space like a deep sea angler fish

  • jerry young

    This gives a whole new meaning to grab your nuts well someone else’s nuts in this case! somebody made a mold of their nuts and is selling them to you, how many of you ever thought you’d be holing another guys nuts while you shoot? Will the next version be soft and supple? when will someone make a boob shooting rest? I’d buy the booby rest but not another guys balls!

  • Geremy Tibbles

    I’m good.

  • Warrior24_7

    I’m trying to figure “why” a man would want to be seen holding onto a sac of nuts??

  • Iblis

    This is so stupid….

  • nick

    Ah…what would this say about you if you have a BFA mounted as well ?

  • HB

    If it goes into the military(I bet at least one or two guys in uniforms buy them and put it on their service weapon… whether it would be a problem or not is another matter!) we need to redefine the term “Military Ball” !

  • Andrew Benton

    This is what jumping the shark looks like.

  • El Duderino

    Paging Dr. Freud…

  • Mazryonh

    This reminds me of “Neuticles,” prosthetic testicles intended to replace the feel and weight of the real thing for neutered dogs.

    Compared to those, you can at least use the Tac Sac as a stubby foregrip or a gag gift.

  • Uniform223

    This is my weapon this is my gun. I use this just for fun!

  • Tassiebush

    I’m about worried that people playing with these will lead to more negligent discharges

  • Mark Wilson


  • ron53

    What no Pink balls ?

  • ron53

    My screw came loose and I lost my Balls .

  • billyoblivion

    Lots of class, and all of it low.

    Both on the part of the manufacturer and of the reporter.

  • BeoBear

    Glanced at the photo and the caption and thought to myself….”that’s just nuts”.