[Red Oktober 2016] Kalashnicohn’s pistol caliber AKs, US Vityaz

We first wrote about Kalashnicohn in 2014, when the small company began introducing their pistol caliber AKs. Compared to a number of larger manufacturers bringing the platform to market, Kalashnicohn has encountered a successful selling point considering that the entire company operates out of a small warehouse with 4 employees in Phoenix, AZ. While at Red Oktober the company showcased a number of their SBRs, pistols, and parts kits, mostly focusing on pistol calibers, however they do have some rifle caliber offerings as well.

The imagination of the owner, Jerimiah Cohn, is really what sets these pistol and SBR offerings apart from a number of other AK companies out there. Dabbing in historical, steam punk, with a modern take is what really comes out with company. From a charging handle mounted through the top receiver cover, to a Peshmerga themed AK, Jerimiah comes up with all sorts of bizarre and fascinating twists to the Kalashnikov platform.

DSC06109 DSC06111


Recently however, the company is getting into the Vityaz platform. If the AKS74U was the dawn of short barrel Kalashnikovs, then the 9x19mm Vityaz is the next in line to the dawn of pistol caliber Kalashnikovs, the Bizon. Introduced in 2004 by Izhmash, it is today used by a number of agencies within the Russian Armed Forces, and police. Kalashnicohn will be the distributer (in a few weeks time) of a civilian legal Vityaz, offering it in parts kits, or in a limited production of them with a faux suppressor to make it legal for the U.S market (this way customers have the option of filing for an SBR by requesting to take the faux suppressor off). One of the neat bits about Kalashnicohn’s entry is that it will have interchangeable magazine wells, so in addition to the polymer magazines it is designed for, it will also be able to take MP5 and Glock magazines if you get the different set.

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  • Andrew Miller

    If they were still cheap and plentiful like 15 years ago, one using the Suomi SMG drum magazines would be awesome.

  • c4v3man

    This would make sense at a $700-1,000 price point, but I’d wager it will come out closer to MPX level pricing if not higher. I’m glad it at least has a built-in rail…

    • PersonCommenting

      There is a company out of Michigan or Minnisota that makes a pistol caliber AK that uses colt mags and it sells between 1200-1500 depending on stock, barrel length and such.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        Definitive Arms also makes them and I think they are in the same price range.

  • ColonelColt

    Are these supposed to be US made part kits of Russian?

    • BrandonAKsALot

      He reverse engineered from Vityaz parts.

  • DaveP.

    “MP5 or Glock mags…”
    Guys, go with Glock mags. MP5 mags are an order of magnitude harder to find. Plus, there’s that 50-round drum for Glock.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      People want these for collecting not shooting and if they do plan to shoot them paying the high price of MP5 magazines isn’t an issue.

  • ColonelColt

    I hate to say it but the closest magazines to the original Russian style that are affordable are the CZ Evo 3 magazines. Those or Glocks would be best.