CUSTOM: SilencerCo Summit 870 SBS Salvo Package

SilencerCo has just announced their latest installment of the Summit Series of custom guns and suppressors. Besides the custom American Flag case from San Tan Woodworks, the new package includes a new breacher front cap for the included eight-inch Salvo.

SilencerCo Summit Remington 870 SBS and Salvo @TFB

SilencerCo Summit Remington 870 SBS and Salvo @TFB

SilencerCo Remington 870 SBS and Salvo Summit Package:

  • Remington Model 870 SBS
  • 14″ Barrel
  • Salvo 12 in 8″ Configuration w/ Breacher Front Cap
  • Remington Improved Cylinder Choke
  • San Tan Woodworks Burnt American Red White and Blue Flag Concealment Case
  • Custom-Cut Foam Insert
  • MTM Shotshell 10-Round Flip Top Ammo Case
SilencerCo Summit Remington 870 SBS and Salvo @TFB

SilencerCo Summit Remington 870 SBS and Salvo @TFB

From SilencerCo:

Now more than ever, it’s important to stick to your guns, show your pride as an American, and defend your 2nd Amendment rights.

With that in mind, we’ve put together one of the most patriotic Summit packages we could think of – a short barreled Remington® Model 870™ with an 8” Salvo® 12 packaged together in a San Tan Woodworks™ Burnt American Red White and Blue Flag Concealment Case.

This Summit package will be a statement piece in your home while providing concealed protection for yourself and your family.

What’s more? This is the first time the Salvo 12 has been offered to the public in an 8” configuration with the breacher front cap. Be among a select few to own this version of the world’s first commercially-viable shotgun silencer.

SilencerCo Summit Remington 870 SBS and Salvo @TFB

SilencerCo Summit Remington 870 SBS and Salvo @TFB

Me? No, I’ll be passing on this sweet package. Only because I just completed my own Salvo/870 SBS setup. Now I just have to give the guys at San Tan Woodworks call for a custom case of my own.


I have to admit, hearing the ring of steel after pulling the trigger on a 12 gauge shotgun is mesmerizing. It’s almost as if you’ve broken the laws of physics.


MSRP: $1795

Exclusively at Capitol Armory

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  • iksnilol

    To be fair, your looks much better without the gap between the silencer and mag tube.

    • PK

      Just what I was thinking. Give me a 12″ 870 barrel any day. The velocity difference is minor, and it really is handier.

      • HSR47

        It takes a ~12.5″ barrel to have the muzzle roughly flush with the magazine tube cap.

        • PK

          Depends strongly on the type of mag tube cap you have. One of my SBS 870s has something like a 11.9″ barrel these days. I didn’t measure, just faced it off until it was absolutely perfect and crowned it.

          It’s a touch shorter than the 12.25″ and 12.5″ barrels I’ve also used on other 870s.

          Still, point remains, 12″ is practically full velocity from a shotgun. You’d be surprised how much velocity still remains with an even shorter barrel, although I don’t like to go much lower than 8″ for 12ga.

          • iksnilol

            Interesting. How much velocity loss can you expect going from 12″ to 8″

            Was having a quad barrel idea kicking in the back of the head, and was thinking 8″ barrels. That way It’d be superior the Super shortys in every way.

          • PK

            Everything stayed supersonic except low power birdshot out of an 8″ barrel, so that’s where I call it good. Shorter and you get serious loss of velocity, but for things like 00 buck the difference between 18″ and 8″ is under 200fps.

            For what it’s worth, while a quad barrel would have an extra shot, the Serbu is thinner, less bulky, and lighter than your general idea.

          • iksnilol

            Eeeh, 4 thin barrels would be lighter than 2 medium barrels (barrel + mag tube) + receiver.

            + it would be shorter (again due to the receiver).

            Only downside would that it is wider, but gotta compromise somehow 😛

          • PK

            You might be surprised at how heavy two double barrels can be when stuck together and made to function. The Serbu is lighter.


          • iksnilol

            Eh, that’s just safety.

            I remember somebody testing 12 gauge barrels, they came to that barrels with 0.5 cm (0.02 inch) wall thickness were safe to use (especially considering modern quality of steel).

          • PK

            Sure, absolutely. You’d laugh at the “quality” of 12ga barrel steel in general. The main drawback to having fairly thin barrels is that they dent very easily.

            I don’t like to go quite that thin over the chambers, either! Tiniest dent and you have trouble with chambering and extraction.

          • iksnilol

            No offense, but we’re discussing what’s essentially a pocket shotgun… we kidna gave up on safety a while ago. 😛

            + I still think a short quad barrel would be worth it over a Serbu Super shorty. Even if it weighed slightly more it’d be better for the short length and lack of pumping between shots (+ 4 shots bests 2+1 😛 )

          • PK

            For me, I worry about safety, but then I carry things like this in the backcountry here!

          • iksnilol

            Eh, you die twice anyways.

            Gotta have fun and ride those margins of safety for all their worth.

    • alex waits

      This.. the personal one looks more “Custom”
      the silencerco one looks..weird..

      • iksnilol

        Looks generic and like SilencerCo is too cheap for a hacksaw and thread tool.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Id rather drop $1800 on this which actually looks fun instead of another AR.

    • Nashvone

      You’re right but waiting the eight months for the two NFA stamps sucks!

      • HSR47

        Eight months? For this, you’re probably looking at closer to ten.

        Remember that the quote of “eight months” applies forms 1/4 that were submitted roughly eight months ago, and not necessarily for forms submitted today. I have a form in process from the beginning of May; When that paperwork was mailed, BATFE’s processing time was closer to four and a half to five and a half months. The first time I called NFA branch after that they were quoting five months. When I called again a few weeks later, they were quoting six months. Now they’re quoting eight. With the flood of paperwork that they got prior to July 13th, I would not be at all shocked to see transfer times continue to balloon.

        • Nashvone

          I was going by what it said on the distributor’s site.

    • HSR47

      My 870 SBS didn’t cost anywhere near that much. I had to have it transferred from an out of state FFL, and my OTD cost on it (including shipping, transfer, and all taxes) was significantly under $500. I haven’t seen a deal quite that good on an SBS 870 lately, but you can still get reasonably good prices on used SBS 870 Police guns if you keep an eye on places like Gunbroker. For the price they’re asking, I could nearly add a Salvo on at realistic retail prices and still be out the door with all taxes paid for roughly the same money they’re asking, and their gun is a lesser breed of 870 (the express is inferior to my Wingmaster-based police gun). Also, the can in this is a shortened configuration, which ultimately robs the purchaser of choice.

    • iksnilol

      Yeah, but you could drop less than that on a gun like this if you built it yourself. Get a cheap pump shottie for like 200 bucks, I presume you have hacksaw lying around + 200 for the tax stamp. I presume you can get it threaded for less than 100 bucks

      The Salvo 12 can be gotten for less than 1100 now., + the tax stamp. So it becomes:
      400 for SBS shottie
      1300 for Salvo 12
      = 1700 total (+ you get the full length salvo which means more flexibility).

      So 100 bucks or so saved (more like 500 since I don’t think the tax stamps are included in the price of the Silencerco offerign), more flexible suppressor, you get the barrel length you want (to fit flush to the mag tube for instance) and you get the joy of having done it yourself. Win win if you ask me.

  • NovemberBravo

    Can you exchange the blonde for a brunette?

    • Nashvone

      Let her go a few months without a trip to the salon.

  • alex waits

    “Now more than ever, it’s important to stick to your guns, show your pride as an American, and defend your 2nd Amendment rights.” ….by giving the government all of your personal information, money, and willingly subjecting yourself to regulation by the gov… ummm.. wut?


    1800?? Does that include the 400 for stamps?

  • Gary Kirk

    For only $1795.00 you too can be just like the raving lunatic hit man from “No country for old men”..

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I’m glad they used a wood stock. We don’t see enough wood stocks on shorter shotguns.

    Pete your gun looks great with the wood furniture and the Earth Tone finish!

  • aevangel1

    Those are some absolutely beautiful cases, and a veteran owned business too!