LA-K12 Bullpup Shotgun

Edward O wrote a review of the QBZ style bullpup shotgun on The LA-K12 Puma was imported last year into Canada. It is a Chinese made bullpup 12 Ga magazine fed shotgun. According to Edward, the Puma is a collaboration between Lever Arms and the private Kuandian Shotgun Factory in Liaoning, China.

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Like me he was interested in its competitive potential. There are some issues with the gun. Such as the charging handle is attached to the bolt so there is extra mass. The two major issues Edward had was cycling light target loads and since there is no choke, it was difficult knocking down steel. He suggested using heavier loads like #4 or #6. I wonder if he went with higher dram rather than bigger shot size? Or perhaps used high brass rounds which typically are used in other mag fed shotguns for reliability.

The LA-K12 Puma has a pinned flash hider. It would be interesting to see if it is threaded like a Vepr12 or Saiga then one could use an external choke.


Edward goes on to explain that the LA-K12 is best suited to use a “PLA Reload”

In a PLA reload, your weak hand stays on the fore-grip of the rifle, and your shooting hand removes the spent magazine, retrieves a magazine from the strong side of your body, inserts the magazine, and releases the bolt. This breaks the rule of “fire control at all times” but can make for a smoother reload when you have small, stiff controls like on the Puma.

I wonder if there are higher capacity magazines for the LA-K12? What magazines does it use? They look similar to the Catamount Fury magazines, but I would prefer to use Vepr12 magazines.

I think chopping down the barrel and making it into a SBS with a Salvo12 would be very interesting. Unfortunately the LA-K12 is not imported into the US. Sometimes Canadians get cooler stuff than we do in the US. It almost makes up for the restrictions they have.

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  • iksnilol

    Good idea, chop the barrel and mount a flush fitting upside down Salvo-12

    • Jake

      better idea: not getting your $1440+Tax Stamp+months of waiting anywhere near this chinese junk heap

      • iksnilol

        Why you gotta be so negative? Mellow out, maaan.

        China has been making better quality gats than the average budget American factory for a while now (Don’t even get me started on Remington quality).

      • HSR47

        Anyone who pays full sticker price for a Salvo is a sucker. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them retailed for much more than $1,129 before taxes.

  • Hey that’s me!

    • John

      If you want to get picked up by TFB, you’ve got to wear a skintight short sleeve t-shirt.

      • perv

        and short shorts

  • H&R Canada

    Held one of these at the range recently. Feels really nice , swings like its a 22.

  • Porty1119

    If the Catfish Fury can get imported to the US, so can this.

    • Vhyrus

      I don’t care if it’s an auto correct typo, it’s still hilarious.

  • Jim N Jenna SK

    One word: Bulky

  • Graham2

    Looks pretty neat but will the aftermarket handguard be M-Lok or Keymod?

  • If the phrase “Chinese made bullpup 12 Ga” doesn’t activate your fight-or-flight reflex, you’re probably too drunk to be shooting anyway. I ain’t touchin’ off a 12ga shell that close to my face in a gun made by a factory that has to put suicide nets on the roof to keep production lines open, thankyewverramuch.

    • TDog

      Touchy, touchy, ain’t we?

      • With an eleven foot pole, maybe– I wouldn’t trust ten feet to be outside the spontaneous energetic disassembly radius.

        • TDog

          I was just joshin’ ya. 😉

          I personally let my love of bullpups override all sense of self-preservation. 😀

    • iksnilol

      Eh, Foxconn doesn’t make shotguns. So that argument is sorta irrelevant. Besides, I’d be more worried about putting a phone up to my head than shooting a bullpup shotgun.

    • tts

      Shotguns are relatively low pressure though. Barring some weird material or design issue, which doesn’t seem apparent at all from reading the article, I’d figure a bullpup shotgun would be safer than a .223 or 5.8mm chambered bullpup.

      • iksnilol

        I don’t understand why bullpaps are less safe tho. I mean, wth an AR or whatnot, the explosion is right in front of your face (really hope you were wearing eyepro at the time). With a bullpup the explosion is under your face.

        Rather a messed up jaw than going blind.

        • tts

          Its the damage mitigation mindset.

          When a high pressure cartridge gun fails at the breech it tends to make a big kaboom. And anything you can do to put the potential kaboom zone farther from the head is a big benefit from a damage mitigation standpoint.

          IOW potentially with a kaboom bullpup scenario you could be looking at the jaw, eyes, face, head, etc. get massive damage from spall and gas since you’re head is closer to the kaboom spot.

          In a standard gun layout kaboom scenario maybe the front of the face (so yes eyes maaaybe) get hit but that is it and the risk of that happening is greatly reduced.

          Plenty of AR15 kabooms have happened without damaging the shooter’s eyes for instance. Some of them hardly have a mark on them after the failure. You probably can’t say the same with a bullpup all other things being equal.

          • iksnilol

            Umm, you can. I mean, sure, it was hard but I’ve found some bullpup kabooms (one on TFB 3 years ago, 300 BLK in FS2000, shooter was literally unharmed). Folks were none worse for the wear than they’d be with a normal layout.

            I’d argue bullpups are safer, since most of them have extra material between your face and the boom.

            Lastly, the AUG has been in service since the 70’s. If it was devouring faces I think we’d’a heard about it in the last 40 years. So I think it is safe to say “Bullpap will rape your church and burn your womens if it blows up” is just hyperbole from people with a disdain for bullpups.

          • tts

            Without studies I don’t think you can handwave away the fact that a kaboom scenario farther from the head/face is less likely to cause injury or death. It will always be inherently more risky in the case of a kaboom.

            Generally also bullpups don’t have more material between your face and the kaboom. The RFB for instance many think has kevlar reinforcement for some reason but there isn’t any at all.

            Try not to use hyperbole. No one said a thing about devouring faces or burning churches. Respond only to what I say not what you think I said please. Damage mitigation and risk management are real things that are valuable in saving lives. Its a different type of mindset is all so if it seems odd fair enough but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful or relevent.

          • iksnilol

            Not really, I mean, think about it:

            Shield between your face and explosion… or no shield but 10 cm farther from your face.

          • tts

            There is no shield though. I even gave an example of a bullpup with no shield. This bullpup shotgun appears to have no shield either BTW.

            I don’t think that makes either gun unsafe per se. I’d have no problem shooting them. But if something did go wrong and there was a kaboom it’d probably cause a mess.

            How can I say something like that? Because risk of OOB detonation or breech failure isn’t the same thing as risk of injury or chance of death. You can have a higher chance of death or injury in a given situation but if the odds are low enough of that situation occuring I won’t worry too much about it.

            I also don’t worry too much about getting into a aircraft accident either or getting hit by lightening. If either happened though I’d probably get messed up bad or even killed. Damage mitigation, risk management, and chance of occurrence are all different things.

    • Friend of Tibet

      ” made by a factory that has to put suicide nets on the roof to keep production lines open”

      This logic is like saying I am not eating any food FROM USA because I have seen a McDonald Kitchen video on Liveleak.

      • I used to work “backstage” at Jack In The Crack, repairing the HVAC and cooking equipment.

        There’s a reason I don’t eat at Jack In The Crack.

  • Seemore Butts

    DDI is going to import these very soon. Do some research guys!

  • ??
    • Wetcoaster

      The Chinese import ban exempted shotguns, didn’t it? Although you’d think it would fall afoul of the sporting purpose clauses somewhere

  • noob

    hmm if you could show sporting purpose, it is a shotgun right? that means it is exempt from the import ban? If so, you could permanently pin the magazine OR delete the pistol grip and maybe you could actually sell the LA-K12 in LA.

    (bonus points if you can use it as a talking point in a responsible firearms safety class at an actual K to 12)

  • JoshCalle

    DDI’s importing them to the US now! Tim at militaryarmschannel just did a video about it.

  • GunUSAMan

    Standard Manufacturing is coming out with a Bullpup shotgun so we can get in the USA soon.

  • Sinbad 1

    You have to break these in with heavy loads or they won’t cycle. LA has had issues trying to get extra mags, it only come with one 5 round. Once it’s broke in it runs great.