Heckler & Koch G36C in Mali

This picture was posted a few days ago, on the public news page for the Swedish Armed Forces.

Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip (man in green beret) visited the Swedish UN Force in Mali, called Camp Nobel.

The force is about 250 people strong, and under UN’s command.

You can see several AK5Cs, which is expected as it’s the issue rifle. The M90 uniform as well.


What’s interesting is the short H&K G36 in the background, and the people without the M90 uniforms.


The G36C is described by H&K as “The ultra-short assault rifle” – “The dimensions of a submachine gun with the terminal ballistics of the 5.56 mm NATO round. Developed for special tactical applications by police and military special forces.”

“C” stands for “Compact”, with a barrel length of 228 mm / 9″. That’s short for a 5,56 mm rifle.

Pictured below: H&K G36C3, with foldable buttstock.


EOTech on top of this rifle from the HK website, and different buttstock below.



There seems to be something going on here as well. HK MP7, perhaps?


Link to HK MP7.


A second picture (click one picture forward) doesn’t display much more unfortunately.

I normally wouldn’t share pictures of people who may have a need to remain anonymous, but theses pictures are already out in the wide open.

Eric B

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  • Petto

    Those guys are probably the Swedish SOG operators since those use G36 rifles and maybe the MP7 too

    • Patrik Gustafsson

      Nope, they would be the Prince’s personal security ppl from the security police(Säpo).
      Regular military uses the AK5.

      • Petto

        Well i said Swedish SOG aka Special Forces those use tacticool G36s like you can see above

      • MeaCulpa

        Or they could be contractors Or people working for UD-SÄK.

    • Johannes Axner

      As it’s an Aimpoint CS on top of the G36 it’s obviously Swedish military personnel and not security police. SOG are known to use G36 as is mentioned above. H&K MP7 are used by some Swedish agency I’m sure, as there has been 4.6×30mm casings on ranges used by both civilian and government agency people around Stockholm. I can’t tell from the photo if that is an MP7 or not though.

  • Major Fret

    Goddamn they must give the EOTech mounted on top of a scope to Giraffe Operators or something.

    • Pederremner

      If they are Säpo aka police maybe it is rifles for riot police wearing helmets and thick kevlar?

      • MeaCulpa

        Not a chance, SÄPO doesn’t do riot control.

    • TJbrena

      Probably for use with a face shield in conjunction with that funky stock.

  • Marc

    I sure would look nice in one of those G36C. With the relatively low round count I’d put through it, I wouldn’t worry about it melting in my hands like an ice cream cone.

  • Blumpkin

    any idea what the optic is on the AK5C(s)?

    • Petto

      Aimpoint CS , red dot sight standard issue for the army guys

      • I’ve got one of the few that made it to the US, and used it build an AK4b clone from a PTR-91. Pretty slick optic with built-in BUIS. Very heavy, though, and no user-replaceable battery.

  • BillC

    I’ve seen M16A2’s, G36’s, G36C’s, various AK-47’s, BD-08’s, RPD’s, FN Minimi’s, AGS-30’s, DShK’s, FAMAS’s, CAR-15’s, 92FS, and FN Hi-Powers in Mali. Probably a few more, but I’d have to look through my pictures.

    • John

      I’ve seen everything, man, I’ve seen everything man, I’ve seen everything…

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Blonde chicks be operatin’ in Sweden.

    • Aato

      Swedish women are perhaps the worst in Europe. Americans have some very incorrect notions on them.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        How so?

        • A bearded being from beyond ti

          I don’t know and im swedish,

          • GD Ajax

            It’s Southern jealousy. All they have is fat chicks down there.
            All the hot ones left or a person of color.

      • GD Ajax

        Someone is better that they only have rural fattys where he lives.

    • Gary Kirk

      Isn’t that the chick from 13th warrior?

  • Wolfgar

    That was impressive!

  • John

    Wonderful. Now repeat that test in Middle Eastern summer.

    • GD Ajax

      You’ll have to ask the Kurds and Jordanian special forces 71st Special Battalion about that one.
      Although prototypes are usually superior than production models.

    • anonymouse

      The Saudis don’t seem to have had any issues with theirs

  • Kent

    The distance from optical line of sight to barrel looks in pics like it’s 4-5 inches. Why the booster seat for the eotech?

  • Elvis

    UN security carries G36s almost exclusively. My money is on UN.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    Is that a backup Ghost Ring on the second model?

    If so there are 3 different sight axes on that rifle.

  • SAP

    Could also be UNDSS. They sometimes share protection responsibility with MINUSMA (but usually not).