IWI Jericho 941 Review

In this episode of TFB TV, Edward O takes a look at the IWI Jericho 941 pistol. This Israeli handgun is built on the Cz75 design, and has seen many iterations and manufacturers over the years. It’s also found its place in popular culture, appearing in dozens of movies and tv shows, along with the nickname “baby eagle.”

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Edward O

Edward is a Canadian gun owner and target shooter with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Crawling over mountains with tactical gear is his idea of fun. He blogs at TV-Presspass and tweets @TV_PressPass.


  • TVOrZ6dw

    Shooting from a zip line- Ahhwwsome! “Snake” Plissken approved training for your next hang-glider assault in Leningrad.

  • Anonymoose
  • AC97

    Why would you put that decocker on the slide? At what point did anyone think that it’s a good idea for a CZ 75 clone?

    • Anonymoose

      The Jericho marketed by IWI in the US has a frame safety, while the Magnum Research Baby Eagle has a slide safety. I wonder if you could put a Jericho slide on a Baby Eagle and have a safetyless DA/SA handgun?

      • Edeco


        I wonder that also now.

        • Sure, I’m in

          • Edeco

            Hmmm, appears yours are both slide safeties like mine. Good post.

            Hey, if racking the slide with a lot of the pressure on the safety, rather than the serrations, do you ever notice it sticking? I do, would be my only complaint.

    • i believe that was a left over from the original Tanfoglio TZ75 from which the Jericho was derived.

      It also fit the cosmetic theme of trying to mimic the general shape and controls of the larger Desert Eagle.

    • Back when the Jericho was initially released and marketed, slide-mounted safeties were the new awesomeness. That’s why the flagship “Jericho 941” model used a slide safety, even though most US shooters are pretty cool to that placement now.

      However, as far as I can tell from my own research, the Israeli internal security forces used them in any number of configurations, including frame-mounted safeties. I would not consider slide-mounted to be the “canonical” version based on that.

  • Raginzerker


  • Merk
    • really

      It’s without doubt the best for pistol whipping and fighting against swords, Israeli once again ahead of the pack.

    • Vitor Roma

      My feels, you no hespect them.

      • iksnilol

        See You space cowboy 😉

  • Roguewriter

    I’ve always wished that IWI would dust off the old .41 AE version (that’s how they came up with 941 originally) and tweak that for 10mm. The perfect handgun at that point. IMO.

    • The .41 AE frames would not be big enough for 10x25mm. You’d need to start with one of their .45 ACP models.

      • Roguewriter

        lol, okay. *shakes head*

        • It is a matter of cartridge overall length. The .41 AE was designed with the intent to convert legacy 9x19mm firearms, like the Uzi, Browning Hi-Power, and CZ75.

          • Roguewriter

            How long is the .41 AE? lol

          • Back in their 12th Edition Reloading Manual, Speer recommended a maximum cartridge length of 1.152″ for the .41 AE, versus 1.26″ for the 10mm Norma.

            Accurate Powders recommended a maximum cartridge length of 1.135″ in .41 AE, versus 1.26″ in 10mm.

      • Anonymoose

        Just go with .460 Rowland at that point.

        • Joby

          If you want the 9mm frame, there’s a 960 Rowland barrel for glocks.. I don’t see the Jerichho being too crazy to convert.

          • Anonymoose

            I like the idea of an all-steel CZ75-clone (Bren Ten/Tanfoglio Witness Steel, Jericho), CZ97, or Star Mega Star, etc in the .460. Of course, that would be primarily for hunting deer and defense against black bears, not anti-robber use, but I like the idea of the 960 over trying to KB an unsuitable gun with 9mm Majors.

    • ??

      9mm Action Express FTW!!! .41 necked to 9mm 125gr @ 1500fps ( Data may be from a UZI barrel) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/87d2c565010b7aa2d5d204157ea11ad69ab8b334f9de24f1c200a3abea5be789.jpg

  • derpmaster

    I’m liking this new guy

    • hikerguy

      Must be something about “Canadian politeness” that must be true.

  • Xtorin O’hern

    the intro and outro of this video make me irrationally happy

    • Anonymoose

      Needed more hotpants though.

      • Ben Loong

        Gotta save that for the Glock 30 review.

  • FWIW: Nearly all of the original IMI Jericho 941 parts were made by Tanfoglio. The only Israeli content was the barrel and night sights.

  • Rusty S.

    Great camera work, Edward!

  • mazkact

    I love all CZ variants/clones except ones with a slide mounted safety.

  • MatNog

    Great review! I do have one with a polymer frame and I absolutely love it. Very comfortable to shoot. I would like to ask you: where did you find the extended/threaded barrel and the compensator?

    • iksnilol

      “polymer frame”


      You disgust me… But in all seriousness, with a metal frame maybe the weight would make a comp unnecessary?

      • MatNog

        HAHA! I know, right! But I am getting a compact metal frame and I would like to know where he got the accessories. Not that I am not happy with the one I have, but you know, it is never enough! 😉

  • ProLiberty82

    Awesome video Edward, love the Cowboy Bebop references!

    There are Israeli IWI made versions with frame mounted safety’s also, they are called Jericho F and Jericho FS.

  • John

    I’m disappointed that the review didn’t include a torture test of the pistol by swinging a katana against the metal trigger guard. 8/10.

  • schizuki

    +1 for correctly pronouncing detent “DEE-tent” and not “day-TAHNT.”

    -1 for pronouncing polygonal “PAH-lee-GON-il” (it’s “puh-LIG-in-el”)

    No points either way for “zed”. I’ll allow it in the spirit of North American fraternity.

  • Cliff Helsel

    I’m wondering-why not just buy a CZ75 And P07. Lighter trigger pull, larger magazine capacity. Accurate,reliable, and rugged. I own both and love em.