Ukrainian Matlasha wrist mounted sighting system

A Ukrainian company has introduced a series of wrist mounted sighting systems to be attached to various small arms and viewed through an LCD screen on a shooters wrist for shooting around obstacles without exposing the shooter. Their smallest unit is designed for short ranges, while their largest units are capable of zooming in on a target up to 300 meters away. The smaller design uses a barrel mounted camera about the size of a flashlight that connects wirelessly to the LCD monitor on a shooters wrist. The LCD monitor has a cover over it that obscures visible light coming from the screen while the shooter is operating the device in low light conditions.

There is a similar U.S design by a company called Tactical Electronics, that makes a picatinny mounted “Remote Viewing Camera”. This is linked to a wrist mounted device and is apart of a suite of systems that can also be linked to the wrist mounted video feed. The U.S version is much smaller, around the size of a handgun mounted flashlight compared to the handheld Matlasha. However, the technology and budget in the Ukraine must be far less than the U.S company has available, so it certainly is an accomplishment. In addition the Ukrainian product has a visor around the screen while the U.S one doesn’t appear to have one.

A wrist mounted system seems to be much more versatile than a CornerShot system, simply because it takes up much less weight/space, and it can be readily deployed in a conventual fashion without the video feed. A Finnish designer experimented with mirrors and a scope as well, very innovative.


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    • Ambassador Vader

      If it’s conventual in video games, it must be conventual in real life.

    • Twilight sparkle

      Didn’t you know you have to join a Covent to use one of these?

      • B-Sabre

        Are there a lot of firefights in convents?
        I grew up Methodist, so all this Catholic stuff confuses me….

  • RSG

    Oh, look, the next gen Apple Watch.

  • Cal S.

    I guess they’re making their way toward a helmet-mounted system?…

    We’ll cut them some slack.

    • iksnilol

      I think wrist is better than head mounted.

  • snmp

    sound like an Plumer camera inspection ?

  • The camera and monitor only look like its about 5 generations behind what is used filming extreme sports. Do you think any one is going to tell him?

  • Black Dots

    I like how they rounded the corners of the screen shield so it won’t snag on anything.

  • Heartbreaker

    The designer must be a big fan of the Fallout series. Next thing you know they will make it play music and have a map and inventory system!

    • DW

      Didn’t know VATS can target and hit stuff 300m away

      • iksnilol

        Ukrainian VATS can apparently do so.

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      I immediately thought of fallout when I read this. I also just realized that I’m wearing a vault boy shirt.

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    Can it spot Putin around the corner?

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    What ve vould have given for doz in Stalingrad!

    • User

      Also Iraq

  • Amplified Heat

    Why not a mirror, again?

  • Victor

    It was invented for Israeli army about 35 years ago together with small drones for urban operations.

  • Victor

    Originally one screen was for the leading man, with 90 degrees rifle, and the leader had another screen on his back for the followers to see the area. Small drones, similar to 2016 drones, now in the stores, were used after 6 day War…long time ago to remember.
    Drones inventor immigrated to the USA many years ago and works for drone manufacturers.

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    Than you make a real “screenshot” hahaha