FAB-Defense AR- and AK-Podium

FAB-Defense from Israel just launched a bi-pod support. This time it’s a product for both AR15 and AK47 / AKM users.

The AR-podium includes the AGR-43 pistol grip and the Podium bi-pod.

The AK-Podium is called AGR-47, and also includes the pistol grip and the Podium bi-pod.

Both versions are made of light reinforced polymer composite. You can have any color you like, as long as its Matt-Black, Olive Drab green or Flat Dark Earth.


FAB-Defense AR-Podium


According to FAB-Defense “the Podium implements a bi-pod support for the AR-15 or AK-47 platforms in a new and innovative way. The Podium enables the operator to install a steady and durable bi-pod platform without adding front-end weight and saving valuable rail space.”


You can deploy the bi-pod with the main shooting hand, by the push of a button, without having to alter the grip on the weapon.

The AR-Podium is compatible with M-16 and AR-15 , 5.56×45 lower receiver variants, with a standard magazine well. The AK-Podium works with AK-47/ AKM standard models.

I wonder what will happen if you use different pistol grips? What will fit and what won’t? Or perhaps you have to use the FAB-Defense pistol grip?

Here’s a video of the AR-Podium in action.

I don’t know much about marketing, but if you ask me, I wouldn’t show a rifle flipping up and down like that. He controls the rifle better when he’s kneeling.

In my opinion, the longer out on a rifle the bipod is on the hand guard, the steadier it gets. If you need to “swing” the rifle a lot to change targets, I would prefer the bipod a bit longer in on the hand guard, but most likely not as far back as the AR-Podium. For the type of shooting in the movie, a magazine support would probably have worked just as good or even better.


From the installation manual, showing the Podium from different angles.


From the instruction manual: “To deploy the Podium, push the button, placed under the pistol grip of the AR. The Podium is easily deployed with the main shooting hand.”




Unfortunately I have yet to find any pictures of the AK-Podium, perhaps it’s still in prototyping?

I can’t help it, when I see the the AR-Podium I think about the HERA CQR stock and Bulgarovs DEX stock for the AR-15. How come all these pretty similar products seem to be released within the time frame of a week or two? What influenced them?

In FAB Defense’s case, it’s easy to see that the influence came from their TAR Podium, for the IWI Tavor.

The Podium probably makes more sense on the Tavor than on the AR and AK platform? I have a Tavor and wouldn’t mind trying. But to buy one without trying first, most likely not.


These Podiums seem pretty good if you want to display your rifle, and make it stand upright for a photo.

For shooting, most likely the TAC-SAC (NSFW) could be more helpful in aiding the control of the rifle?

You can find the main FAB-Defense homepage here.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • Kevin Harron

    Because putting a bipod under the center of gravity of a rifle is such a stellar idea. *Facepalm* Mall ninja level 9000. But I’m sure this will sell to the tacticool crowd.

  • Dougscamo

    Don’t know about the TAC-SAC idea being better for control….I’d be giggling too much to shoot accurately….lol….

  • TDog

    Y’know, this idea looks halfway there. Adding a brace/bipod underneath the grip and around the mag well is just what I need to complicate the handling of my firearm and to add more bulk to it, but it’s lacking a few things, in my humble opinion.

    First, I’d add a laser. If I had my way, it would be offset 45 degrees from the bottom to make sure the laser illuminated any threats that might be approaching from underneath my elbow when I’m clearing a home, rescuing hostages, or saving the world from alien terrorists.

    Next, I’d add a laser designator. Put it up near the part of the podium that latches around the mag well because when I need to call in artillery or an air strike in the middle of a firefight, nothing says “tactical” like a laser aiming module right near the mag release clamped right onto a superfluous brace.

    And lastly, I would place a hinged blade right below the handle in between the bipod legs. Everyone knows that CQB is the most dangerous sort of combat you’ll ever encounter as a spec ops commando operator delta green seal, so making sure your bayonet swivels a full 360-degrees means never being caught unprepared. And as it would be located between the bipod legs, you could always deploy the blade and stab it into the ground for added stability.

    I may have left out the medical kit, spare ammo/battery compartment, and ballistic shield, but a good operator knows how to improvise… I just wish the manufacturers who have obviously never held a gun in combat wouldn’t force us to!

    [in case anyone took this seriously, please don’t ;-)]

    • Phillip Cooper

      You forgot the Taser. AMATEUR!

    • AC97

      Excellant, now to go save the life and the virginity of teh mayors nephew


      • Frank Grimes

        Beware of the East Geermans.

  • TVOrZ6dw

    Did we just jump the shark tank?

    • Frank Grimes

      Sharks jumped over other sharks.

      Some of them were pregnant.

  • iksnilol

    sweet J to the Christ, fab-d, I am not surprised.

  • Graham2

    A giant one of these would be great for a children’s playground. One kid on one end and another kid on the other end- hours of fun bouncing up and down!

  • Spencer

    Look at that muzzle rise when he uses this bipod compared to when he is shooting from a kneeling position. Lol. Why bother?

    • DIR911911 .

      even in prone you HAVE to pull it into your shoulder , which he obviously wasn’t doing

  • ReadyorNot

    I just don’t like the bulk associated with it, it makes sense for the Tavor, but not for a traditional rifle layout. I think the Grip Pod v2 makes better sense for a quick deployment system that can also act like a VFG.

    • Squirreltakular

      Grip Pod FTW. I love mine.

  • Jambo

    This is still not as silly as the kitty corner shot.

  • Phillip Cooper

    A NSFW link in a review. REALLY?

    • Joshua

      Yeah it’s a ball sack shaped fore grip, complete with veins and

    • Matt Taylor

      Just click the link and stop whining. It’s still a weapon accessory.

  • Joshua

    Rove the bipod and trigger guard and you have an actual winter trigger guard.

    Which would make more sense.

  • Black Dots

    Why no use MagPod?

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I bet the first time you drop to the ground like the guy in the video those legs are going to snap right off.

  • Anon

    Dumb as it is, I think it could work well towards your strange space around build

  • ??

    Well look like I found another thing I would never put on a rifle.

  • Oh yes, that’s where I want my bipod: Right under the center of gravity so the gun rocks like a seesaw every time I shoot it.

  • Jason Lewis

    I think resting on the 30 round mag is sufficient.

  • BillC

    Just when you thought FAB couldn’t get any lower. What is it with the Israelis and their stupid crap. Go carry without a round in the chamber and put stupid crap on a rifle somewhere else.

    • Blaine

      Dude if you look at pictures of IDF troops, they are actually pimping their guns with Mako and FAB junk!!

      • Wow!

        Its the same with the Russians. They have their own approach to combat, and as silly as it looks to us, you can’t ignore their record in producing results. They are doing something right.

  • gunsandrockets

    That Tavor with bipod legs made me think of the Empires Scout Walker


  • gunsandrockets

    Dumb location for a bipod intended for rapid fire, as the video demonstrates.
    But that location is fine for slow fire precision shooting.


    • Graham2

      Just because the French were dumb enough to do something doesn’t make it right! I guess someone said, ‘fit the bipod to the end of the wooden forend’ but didn’t say which end…

  • Captain Obvious

    Need more cowbell I mean legs. Add another two legs forward attached to the barrel connected by a framework and you would have a Quadpod (I claim copywrite on the name). Add more framework behind the pistol grip and 4 more legs and have a Octopod (copywrite me dude). Maybe add some curb feelers out the side as well.

    • Matt Taylor

      Needs spinners…

  • Sasquatch

    Wow you will get all kind of ninja bucks for that attachment……. Just isn’t the same without Alex C……

  • abecido

    This device resembles a gonopodium.

  • Squirreltakular

    Someone needs to make a “worst of FAB Defense” compilation.

    • Zachary marrs

      just go to their website

      • Matt Taylor


  • Cal S.

    So…It’s basically an elaborate device intended to make it easier for gun reviewers to get cool thumbnails?

  • TheChunkNorris

    I honestly clicked on this only to read the comments… well done guys.

  • LazyReader

    Someone was playing Call of Duty and thought, Hmmm, wish my real guns looked like Call of Duty.

  • LumberJaq

    So if I buy this will I be able to operate like the Israelis?

  • Frank Grimes

    Kosher Tapco.


  • William Elliott

    exactly what I was thinking…I like the Podium on my Tavor. Not so much on an AR. Maybe if the legs folded forwards from the top or something [getting out in front of the center of gravity], but this is just redonculous.

  • Blaine

    These Israeli companies like FAB and Mako Defense always produce these ridiculously cheesy tactical products. Funny thing is that IDF troops actually put all this crap on their rifles!

  • NiteGoat

    Anybody know which butt stock is on that rifle? I’m kinda diggin’ it.

  • Kurt Eskildsen

    Is FAB Defense a Chinese company? Please don’t tell me an American cane up with this thing…