M16A2E3 Experimental Rear Sight

Have you ever seen an M16 like this before? Look closely. Right below the detachable carry handle’s rear knob, there is a piece of metal on the side of the upper receiver. Weird right? Well it is actually an experimental rear folding sight. It folds down flat and the carry handle has a notch to accommodate the stowed rear sight.




According to this book, the folding rear sight has a windage adjustment on the right side of the sight.


rear sight


I am not sure why one would need a back up rear sight when they have a carry handle rear sight to begin with. Of course you could remove the carry handle and mount a red dot, but I do not think that was Colt’s intention when designing this rear sight.

Nicholas C

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  • Lance

    This came from the defunct ACR program in 1990. In many way it served as a forerunner of the current M-16A4 and M-4 series of weapons.

    • Anonymoose

      And it has the same gas block as the LE6940! At least something good came out of this.

    • This variant predated the Colt ACR.

    • Phil

      Correct but that ACR program starting in about 1980 (or even earlier, it was right at the end of the small calibre evaluation) and was run by PM-Small Arms out of Dover NJ in parallel with the Marine program that gave us the M16A2 eventually (and a superb range at Fort Benning). I saw that sight at Colt when I was there and it was intended to go under the optic (Elcan at the time, but later a Trijicon) as a back up iron sight was a requirement of the ACR.

  • John

    M16, A2, E3, V4, ah, ah, ah.

    • PK


  • Anonymoose

    Seems like a neat idea until you realize it’s non-adjustable and that those are Weaver rails on top. I’ll stick with my modern folding BUIS, thanks.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      Except it is adjustable.

      I know that because I actually read the article.

      • Soless

        Feel free to drop the mic any time.

      • Billy Jack

        Christian’s replies are deadlier than a M16A2 Enhanced Rifle.

      • PK

        He’s already dead, stop!

  • Martin T√∂refeldt.

    What is the book title?

    • “Black Rifle II” by Chris Bartocci

      • Martin t√∂refeldt

        Thanks for the info.

  • DataMatters

    Some idiot would clip his sling to it and rip that thing right off. After he lost the carry handle…

  • Cap’n Mike

    According to Black Rifle II, it came from the Military s ‘Future Rifle Program’, the goal of which was to design an integral rail type mount on top of the receiver onto which could be attached a scope or any other kind of optic sight.

    It was given the name ‘M16A2 Enhanced Rifle’ in April 1984 and was delivered to the Army in April 1985.

    Very cool.

  • DW

    Would make a great BUIS for KAC URX handguard

  • jerry young

    I left the Army in 1973, joined the national guard in 1974 through 1978 we had the M16A1 the carry handle was not removable, today I own AR 15’s and prefer the flat top with red dot sights and offset iron sights for backup, I never liked the carry handle, I find it easier to sight with a flat top with normal iron sights than one with a carry handle!

  • Graham2

    It’s a shame they didn’t think to have a smaller backup sight under this one, for when things have really gone bad! Sort of like Russian Dolls, there’d always be just one more…

  • DanGoodShot

    Its a back up for the back up of the back up. Ok… got it.