Sneak Peek: Otis Technology drop-in AK Rail

Chris Bartocci of Small Arms Solutions LLC just released a video, where he reviews a pre-production prototype of a new Otis Technology drop-in AK rail.

This rail slides on the AK rear sight base without any need to remove the rear sight. That makes it a true drop-in accessory and sets apart from other AK rear sight rail mounting options available on the market. This accessory adds 10 slots or roughly four inches of Picatinny rail to the AK platform. The rail attaches by a hex head set screw from either side and by two similar screws from atop. Of course, adding any kind of thread locking compound will help to keep the screws in place. The rail also has a built-in compartment to store the Allen wrench.

The installation is very simple. All you need is to slide the rail over the AK rear sight and tighten the screws in an alternating sequence as shown in the video. Because this is a prototype, the quantity or location of screws may change on the final product.

It is also interesting that the rail was developed based on requests from customers in the Middle East.

This product will be available within next few months with MSRP of around $70.

Although Mr. Bartocci says that the high cheek weld is not a big issue in close quarter, I think it is going to be the main drawback for this rail. To me, it mounts the optics too high and doesn’t give the shooter any amount of cheek weld. It barely allows some chin weld. Maybe using some sort of cheek riser with this mount will solve the problem.

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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  • felix

    I guess it’s for hip firing

  • Tritro29

    Not a bad solution but overall not that less cumbersome than the Universal mount and you lose the Ironsights in the process while rendering the stock and cheekweld almost useless.

  • Kalash

    Ugly as sin

  • Graham2

    Cheekweld- no.
    Chinweld- no.
    Tactical Beardweld- yes!

    • Richard

      They did say customers in the Middle East wanted them.

      • micmac80

        Only bubas that have acces to optics but not guns are some shady PMCs that buy what the can for cheap localy, no other moron even in the middle east would look for something like that.

    • El Duderino

      Just wrap a brown bandage around the stock until you get cheekweld…

  • Joe

    Maybe make it a dogleg like the AR carry handle mounts, but rearward over the receiver?

    • Ken

      Yep, cantilever it.

  • Ken

    It doesn’t help that they’re displaying it with such a high optic. If they had a MRO or Micro, it would look more reasonable.

    • Jeff Smith

      That’s what I was thinking. I wonder why he used such a high sitting optic.

  • codfilet

    The top photo makes it look like you might possibly still be able to use the iron sights in the lowest position? Wouldn’t a WASR like this have a soviet-type rail on the other side? Interesting item, though. I’ll buy one if it becomes available.

  • ReadyorNot

    Good to see another option, but for me, nothing beats the co-witness capability of the RS Regulate mounts.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      Agreed and Price point is pretty close also.

    • n0truscotsman

      Those are the best, IMO. I love RS.

  • creamofflicka

    that may be the worst product for the AK EVAR!

    • Harry’s Holsters

      I get were you’re going but the 100 or 90 round banana mags that cheaper than dirt used to sell have to be the worst.

      • El Duderino

        Imma hafta go with those Made in China railed top covers that don’t return to zero, ever.

  • iksnilol

    Use a low optic without a riser, wrap a scarf or such around the stock, problem solved.

    • Dougscamo

      I presume you are advocating a keffiyeh-styled cheek piece?….

      • iksnilol

        I’ve used a scarf… like with the fringes and everythang. Worked well.

        Keffiyeh is better for operator statustho.

  • RSG

    The solution here is to fabricate a very sturdy piece shaped like stairs. The upper landing stair attaches to the sight. The lower stair drops down and hovers slightly above the dust cover where the optic can be mounted. The cheek weld will remain intact.

  • Jim N Jenna SK

    Chris has many great informative videos on the web and he’s just getting started. I love his LMT Videos.. Just purchased a MARS rifle and a 308MWS because of this videos.

    • POsP-Eye

      Yeah, I really dig his channel. He’s responsive to questions/comments too, and generally just seems like a good dude. Extremely knowledgeable.

  • USMC03Vet

    I know the perefect gift for a tactical giraffe that is unable to find a optic rail to fit his unique body type.

  • YZAS

    Hey, that would work perfectly — all’s I gotta do is pull my eyes out and mount them on top of my head

    • Graham2

      Eat enough Frog Lube and you might get lucky!

      • YZAS

        LOFL. Mmmmm, it’s so minty delicious too

  • Anonymoose

    This might be a good setup with a lower optic (micro red dot or scout scope), Tech-sights, and an AR stock adapter with a CTR and cheek riser.

  • Brett

    This would be more interesting if it mounted to the sight base but the railed ran behind it just over the dust cover. Bonus points if it co witnessed.

  • Wil Ferch

    Seems to interfere with the gas-tube take down lever… no?

    • James T Kirk

      I do not have this mount, but on my Strike Industries (which is the same concept), the gas tube lever works fine. Any designer worth a damn would not put out a product that had a major issue such as now allowing the weapon to be disassembled. That’s not to say this mount doesn’t or that such products don’t exist. Just pointing out that on a very similar product there is no such problem.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Video is private??? I really wanted to see this one.

  • POsP-Eye

    As far back as that rail hangs, it seems like they could just extend it a few millimeters more, dog-leg it down to the top-cover, and get a much better position for the sight – maybe even co-witness. I’m tempted to buy one to modify, but hopefully Otis will think of this too and, if not change it, at least release this idea as an alternate version. — Also, does anyone know anything about why this video was taken down? Could that imply design changes in the works? Hopefully?

    • James T Kirk

      Scout scopes inc already has a rear sight base that doglegs down to the top cover. Great option for tall optics like sightmarks and eotechs. The normal rails like pictures above work great with a micro dot. I have strike industries rail and a Fab-Defense stock with cheek rider and it works perfectly. Too high for anything else though really.

      • POsP-Eye

        Yeah, there are several similar designs out there, but they all require taking off your rear sight (including the Scout mount you referenced.) This Otis is the first I’ve seen which doesn’t — which is it’s apparent selling point, but adds a little to the height too.
        Dammit, Jim! Such an easy fix, but I’m a doctor, not a parts designer, Jim!

        • James T Kirk

          You’re a medicine man, fix it!

          I do want to just point out that the center groove on the rail of the Strike Industries mount is cut deeper than normal 1913 rail and allows you to see the front iron site through the mount. Yes it’s crude, but it does allow for the use of the iron site by using the mount as a rudimentary rear site. You just have no adjustments. I have used it out to 100 no problem though. I think the Otis mount is looking for problem that has been answered every way possible.

  • jay

    Don’t they already make side mounts for optics, with the correct cheek weld?