Final Shipment of Cz858s Arrives in Canada: Sparta Edition

A final sunset to the saga of the Cz858 in Canada. For those of you who don’t know, these Czech Vz58 variants were banned then rescued in 2014-2015. Now the rifles are safely on the non-restricted list again, but the plant in Brno is committed to the Bren and Skorpion firearms that have seen such widespread popularity in the USA.

Canadians have been told that there will be no more Cz858s coming, but importer Wolverine Supplies secured something special for the final run.

cz8584Sparta 2_zps1z6dvq5t

245 guns snuck their way through the production line, and were outfitted with a particularly special set of furniture and engravings. Unlike the “beaver barf” pressed wood handguard, grip, and stock seen on most of the rifles over the past 12 years, the “Sparta” rifles with ship with proper hardwood furniture. That includes a Maple Leaf on the stock and pistol grip, and the extremely relevant Molon Labe logo on the stock and laser engraved onto the bolt.

cz8582 Sparta 3_zpsjn90kvce

Wolverine is putting 15 guns into storage/personal collections, and releasing the remaining 230 to Canadian shooters. MSRP is set at $1,285.00 CAD, a fair jump from when these guns first became available. But considering a CSA Vz58 is over $1400 MSRP in Canada, and the fact that these won’t be seen again, it’s not as expensive as I might have guessed. I’m going to bet right now that the guns are sold out by the time this article goes live, but we’ll have to wait and see.

If you’re unfamiliar with the different manufacturers of Sa58 style rifles, I actually just did a video for TFBTV on that very subject this week. Check it out.

cz8581 Sparta 4_zps4xn2vdqi

cz8583 Sparta_zpsfxecxj27

Edward O

Edward is a Canadian gun owner and target shooter with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Crawling over mountains with tactical gear is his idea of fun. He blogs at TV-Presspass and tweets @TV_PressPass.


  • PersonCommenting

    I wish I would of bought more of these when CAI was bringing them into the USA for 399 USD with 4 mags and sometimes a bayonet.

    • PersonCommenting

      That was only 4 years ago too.

      • Andrew Miller

        May as well be a lifetime ago.
        I remember when a buddy of mine had two he decided to sell, but I already had two ak’s and no cash.
        Darn it all.

        • PersonCommenting

          The CAI one goes for 800-1200 now. That is better than some stocks I have invested in. Czech points go for about 900-1300 so it makes more since to get them now days if you can find them in stock.

          • Harry’s Holsters

            With the current price difference there is no reason not to buy the Czech Point. They are hard to find but so are the CAIs.

          • PersonCommenting

            There are a few 600 dollar CAIs I found online. So at half the price id say you may seriously think about it, but those are going to dry up soon.

      • Doom

        4 years ago? That was like 2 years ago tops. I know because It just happened of course when I was in between jobs.

    • Ken

      The CAI ones were built in the US from parts kits

      • PersonCommenting

        I know that. Im pretty sure the Czech point ones were as well. I think they have to be to import.

        • Ken

          Nope, they have to be in a non evil configuration to import. I believe they were imported in single stack and milled out in the US. Other evil features would have been added in the US, as well as 922r compliance parts.

          • PersonCommenting

            Hmmm interesting. I guess I forget CAI is actually a manufacture. They have some pretty good tour videos of their factory in Czech Republic on youtube.

          • PersonCommenting

            Definitely explains the price difference.

          • PersonCommenting

            Have you ever had a Czech Point? Are they worth it even with them being double the price? I have only seen and shot one once. Again I am sure they are better but are they worth the difference if the CAI some how able to get price down.

          • Ken

            I’ve only owned a Century Vz-2008, but I know people who have owned Czechpoints. They love them, no issues. As for the CAI, the early ones sometimes had an issue with the sear not resetting that people refer to as the “trigger gremlin.” Czechpoint welded a steel tab to the bolt carrier to solve that problem. I believe CAI did the tab for a while too, but Czechpoint apparently had a patent on it. I bought my Vz-2008 in early 2015, one of the last ones made. Mine had no tab and no issues. The friend I sold it to also has no issues.

            One thing to watch out for with the Vz-2008 is that they come in folding stock only, and it beats the crap out of your face. The downward angle will slam the stock into your face. I’d shoot it with the sling over my shoulder, and then cheek weld off of the sling. Some people fix that by getting a different brake to cut down recoil, or switch to a fixed stock. There are a number of stock adapters on the market now which will fix that too. I don’t know what if any modifications are needed to the adapters to fit a CAI over a Czechpoint.

          • Jay

            I have a vz.58 kit gun built off an ORF receiver, and it had several issues when I first got her with firing pin falling out, and receiver pins “walking” under recoil. Czechpoint got me sorted out with proper internals and now she runs like a top.

    • MarcoPolo

      They were $299 at JG Sales when I got mine 🙂 Although they did screw you a little by only giving you one of the two mags that CAI bundled them with.

      • Doom

        JG is really good about stealing your mags and then “selling the gun at a lower price”

    • Maximilian Johannes Benning

      I’m not sure. I owned one of the $400 + 5 mags vz58s and it stovepiped rather frequently once you got it hot. Was quite a letdown

  • iksnilol

    Am sad comrade now.

    • PK

      It’s okay, comsad.

      • iksnilol

        I guess, it all just feels pointless at times.

        But hey, I got in a fight about replacing my exhaust once again so I got that to blame for ruining my evening.

  • MPWS

    This deco version (maple leafs on grip) look a bit ‘queso’, but far better than previous one with stupid scallop cuts into receiver.
    Prize is bit steep for me to be interested. Main problem is that to find club, where they allow use of .30cal (that’s how they call it) on range (I talk south Ontario, not BC or Alberta)
    I was serving with original vz.58 so I am ‘rather’ familiar with it btw.

  • Frank Grimes

    This rifle is the definition of irony.

    Sold in a socialist hellhole where they already molon’d and labe’d the guns, with your crippled capacity rifle with some silly engraving daring them to do what has already been done.

    • Joshua

      pretty sure I have guns, so, what you on about?

      • Frank Grimes

        Wow, that’s neat.

        What’s your concealed carry pistol?

        How much do 30 round AK and AR magazines typically run in Canada and how many do you have?

        How are those “Stand Your Ground” laws working out up there?

        • Joshua

          I don’t feel like I have to carry a gun, ever basically, because my murder rate is lower than yours by a factor of 7

          • Frank Grimes

            Nobody asked about how you “feel”, you overly emotional baby.

            Figures though you couldn’t sum up your argument in a single comment because you know I’m right.

            Wouldn’t expect anything less from a commie though, except I remember when you people had backbones now you’re just a bunch of whiny children.

          • The_Champ

            A quick review of Frank Grimes’ comment history shows nothing but negative angry comments so I shouldn’t bite, but I will.

            Please tell me more, Frank Grimes, about us Canadian gun owners, and how we rolled over for our government, while you alone are responsible for propping up all of the rules, regulations, history, and laws of your country and are free to own ANY firearm without any restrictions at all.

            I’m going to take a shot in the dark and guess you are from the USA. Enjoy your Presidential election, I’m sure that will work out great for everyone.

          • UCSPanther

            He needs to stick his hands in a 400 volt industrial power supply…

          • Sinbad 1

            when i read your comments the word goof comes mind

          • john huscio

            Unless you live in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg or alot of other big Canuck cities that are slowly turning into Chicago or Detroit…… thriving ghettos exist north of the border too…

          • Joshua

            Chicago in 2013 had 441 murders, in comparison all of Canada had 505. Chicago’s murder rate was 20.88, Canada’s average was 1.44, Thunder Bay, the murder capital of Canada’s was 2.46, and the highest murder rate in Canada was Regina at 3.84.

            even at our highest murder rate we’re less than a quarter of Chicago’s. we have our issues, I don’t deny that, but I would much rather be up here than down there.

        • Joshua

          I don’t own an AK or an AR because I think they are fugly and I don’t want one, I prefer my rifles in full power rifle rounds and short magazines I can go prone with.

          and if some tweaker breaks into my house and I shoot the bastard, it doesn’t go to trial because I don’t get charged

          • Cal

            FWIW….I would count on being charged and probably arrested in Canada. Pretty much standard procedure. It may or may not make it to trial.

            But I’d recommend you have a good lawyer ready. They’ll start with discharging a firearm within city limits (if you do). You’ll be examined for proper security & storage requirements as well. Depending on the scenario, and if you have sympathetic cops on scene they may not recommend charges but I wouldn’t count on that either. I’ll post up the case that I’m thinking of…can’t remember his name right now. But he had video evidence, was a licensed firearms instructor and was still put through the ringer.

          • Cal

            If you’re interested in how things often go here…Google “Ian Thompson” and something about firearms and you’ll find the info.

            Keep in mind as well, he didn’t actually shoot anyone. He discharged his pistol 3 times in defence of his life and home.

    • Edeco

      It’a cute gesture, but sadly hollow.

    • Cal

      Frank Grimes, I won’t disagree with the ‘socialist” or the “crippled rifle” remarks. However, I do take issue with everything else you said here and below in other comments. First off, Canada is no “hellhole”…I don’t think anyone could possibly argue that the USA has fewer and far better off hellholes than up here. In fact, the opposite is exactly the truth. But whatever, every country has their issues.

      As for our laws, we’ve never been an independent republic as the USA is. We went from a colony to Confederation to a Commonwealth country. The founders of our country preferred to follow the more English style of law and society. I don’t happen to think that was the best decision but I wasn’t around then and the country was well established when I came along.

      Pistols have been heavily regulated here since the 1930’s and automatic rifles since the 50’s.

      We’ve never had “Stand Your Ground” laws here, but that said with each court case we seem to be gaining a little “ground”. Its been extremely costly both personally and financially for a good number of people, but fortunately there are organizations here like the NFA who are willing to help with legal defense. We have a very vocal and active firearms community in this country.

      Perhaps you can explain how YOU, in the collective “WE” wiped the floor with the British? I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that you weren’t around at that time? Just a guess though.

      Your country has many laudible attributes as does mine. We share the longest undefended border on the planet. I think that says volumes for both of us…wouldn’t you?

      So why the vitriol? Most of the people on this site share common goals and interests. Perhaps you are more interested in convincing everyone of your perceived, phallic enormity rather than your actual brain capacity.

      If you really think Canada a “hellhole”, then please if the S ever does HTF be sure to run south and not north. I’m sure you’ll find all kinds of pleasantries south of California and Texas. Good luck with that.

      • Frank Grimes

        Well if your fellow Canadians posting here are any indication, then “we” most certainly do NOT share a common goal. We have the guy going on about his “feelings” and quoting deliberately misleading murder rate “figures”.

        I would say he’s toeing the ling with his fellow comrades.

        “Phallic enormity”? Not one person has said anything about any kind of nonsense like that except YOU, the fact that you needed to somehow randomly interject male genitalia into this conversation says a lot about you and your insecurities.

        Then to threaten violence because you disagree with a statement I made? Hahaha, wow you’re really sticking to the playbook of a man (and I use the term very loosely) who has no real argument.

        And every place in the US that could be considered a “hellhole” all have one thing in common and that is being ruled by socialist politicians who view pinko armpit countries like Canada as examples of what they want the United States of America to be like. So my criticism is valid.

        And if the SHTF, who’s running? Neither myself nor anyone I know is descended from the French.

  • PJJohnny

    The factory is in UherskĂ˝ Brod, not Brno.

  • DW

    People don’t have to “cyberstalk” you to find the poops you posted, cuz poop smells yo, and you post plenty of them.
    So much for “Firearms not politics” good job moderators.

    • Frank Grimes

      Well “yo”, maybe they shouldn’t feature rifles with blatantly political messages literally CARVED into them.

      • DW

        And maybe you should stop being a disgrace to America

        • Frank Grimes

          In what way does hating socialism and gun control equal disgracing America?

          You either have too many or too few chromosomes, you should visit a doctor.

  • JSmath

    I want one.

    Not going to lie, mad jelly of the sexy maple leaf accents.

  • The_Champ

    Yep, cyber stalking, aka clicking on your name in the comments so your previous comments pop up.

    Good old Frank Grimes; victor over the hated British, defender of the 2nd Amendment, bound by no laws made by men.

    Tell me more about how there are no special taxes or registries on any firearms or components in your country. Tell me more about certain States that have more restrictive gun laws than Canada. Tell me more about your land of the free that has higher tax rates than my Socialist hell hole. Tell me about your vast cheap selection of silencers and full autos the government would never restrict.

    I’ve met, worked with, and done military deployments with many Americans, and I’m glad to say you aren’t in anyway representative of most of the people in your great country.

    • Frank Grimes

      I don’t know what armpits you’re referring to with higher tax rates than your hellhole, but I’ve never heard of anywhere like that. And I very clearly pointed out above that the strict gun control states are run by the same type of Socialist scumbags that Canada is filled with, so using that as your talking point only builds up my argument even more, for that I thank you.

      And silencers in the US are dirt cheap, how much do they cost in Canada?

  • The_Champ

    Call me crazy but I much prefer the historical look of the VZ58.

    That and the whole “Molan Labe” thing, I think, is kind of misplaced. Even though it was likely a commonly used Greek phrase, it seems to be mostly commonly associated to the Spartans. Their military prowess aside, they were tyrants, plain and simple.

    The western world owes a lot to the ancient Greeks, but I say we ought to show our thanks to the democrats of that era, and not the despots.

  • Steve

    I wish I had the money to buy the tooling and set up a plant near butte

  • Frank Grimes

    Post 5 more comments in a row, maybe you’ll finally be able to make a point.

    You’re saying I’m wrong simply because you’re offended by what I said?


    Man you really ARE a Socialist, aren’t you?

    • DW

      You are wrong because your claims have no factual basis. Citations, sources? Nothing. Posting on the interwebs does not make one socialist, posting stupid stuff does make YOU look like you need to come out of basement, go back to school, and maybe learn some manners.

      • Frank Grimes

        “Go back to school”, says the guy who literally wrote the same general message 5 or 6 times and rapid fire posted them in a row.

        Did you get back from the doctor yet? Any news on your chromosome count?

  • Doom

    Wow, When he called Canada a hell hole I figured he was talking about the gun laws and retarded politicians, not that the entire country was a hellhole… Outside of our gun laws I cant think of many ways that the US is any better than Canada… Only thing I worry about long term for Canada is demographic replacement, just like what is happening in the US. Being shifted away from the founding stock that made our countries great (AKA Europeans) with South Americans, Africans, Asians, And middle easterners, people from real hellholes like frank seems to think Canada is, with no idea how to run a nice country apparently.

  • john huscio

    Well you did elect Justin Trudeau….. dumb as a box of rocks and arguably a worse leader than Obama.

    • Cal

      I elected Justin Trudeau??? Not on your life pal! Can’t say whether he’s worse than Obama. He’s only been a year. You guys have 8 years with Obama…his track record is well established.

      Look at the current election fiasco that will be part of his “legacy”. He may not be at the center of it, but he sure holds a great deal of responsibility for why a good chunk of the American people are pissed off and fed up.

      Can’t say I blame them.

      Trudeau may well turn out to be worse. He’s taken quite a few cues from Obama’s playbook and PM Trudeau Sr. had heavy socialist leanings also…he’s been well indoctrinated.

      And, FWIW…I’m not interested in a “my country is better than yours” argument. Both have good points and some very negative ones.

  • Joshua

    it’s an internet reference, um, google it I guess