After a series of unfortunate events, missteps and recalls, IWI US is finally ready to release the latest version of their Galil ACE rifle. Chambered in 7.62 NATO, the new AK-derivative is as feature rich as its lesser powered kin. As we’ve covered several times in the past, the ACE features a milled receiver, a full-length picatinny rail, left side charging handle and tritium night sights.

Last week IWI US announced the 7.62 NATO arrival on their Facebook Page:

We are pleased to announce that after months of delays, today we finally start shipping the Galil ACE rifles in 7.62 NATO (7.62x51mm)! They should start showing up at our distributors early next week and your local FFL Dealer a few days later. The IWI US website will be updated with details on this rifle in a few hours.

IWI US Galil ACE in 7.62 NATO @ TFB

IWI US Galil ACE in 7.62 NATO @ TFB

Improvements made since the original Galil was first developed include:

  • Charging handle (reciprocating) moved to the left side of the milled steel receiver allowing for weak hand operation
  • LR/SR25 magazine compatibility. (Note that the Galil ACE rifle is assembled in the US from imported and US parts under 18 U.S.C § 922(r). You should only use magazines made in the USA in your Galil ACE rifle. Use of an imported magazine may put you in violation of 18 U.S.C § 922(r).)
  • Weight reduction with the use of modern polymers
  • Full length 2-piece Picatinny top rail
  • Picatinny tri-rail forearm with built in, slide on/ off rail covers with pressure switch access
    Side Folding adjustable telescoping buttstock with 2 position removable comb on all rifle models
  • Fully adjustable iron sights with Tritium front post and 2 dot Tritium rear aperture


  • Caliber 7.62 NATO (7.62x51mm)
  • Action Semi-auto
  • Operating System Closed rotating bolt, long stroke gas piston
  • Magazine Type MAGPUL LR/SR25 GEN M3
  • Magazine Capacity 20 rounds
  • Barrel Material Cold hammer forged, CrMoV, Chrome lined
  • Barrel Length 16″
  • Overall Length 36″ (Buttstock Unfolded and Collapsed)
  • Weight 8.7 lbs w/out Magazine
  • Rifling Right Hand, 1:12 inch twist
  • Stock Color Black
  • Sights Adjustable with Tritium front post and 2-dot Tritium rear aperture.
  • Restricted States Sales of this rifle may be restricted in certain states and the District of Columbia. Please check with your local authorities regarding your local firearms laws.
  • MSRP $2,099.00
IWI US Galil ACE in 7.62 NATO @ TFB

IWI US Galil ACE in 7.62 NATO @ TFB

IWI US Galil ACE in 7.62 NATO @ TFB

IWI US Galil ACE in 7.62 NATO @ TFB



IWI – https://www.iwi.us/

P.O. Box 126707
Harrisburg, PA 17112

Phil Note: I spoke with Michael at IWI on Thursday and the first of the 7.62 rifles were shipped Friday morning.


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  • Heavy as usual for iwi

    • GD Ajax

      Heavy guns is only a problem for the morbidly obese.

      • PK

        Why not attack the problem from both sides? People ought to be healthy and eat right/exercise, so the weight isn’t an issue… but rifles should also be light and handy so that anyone of any stature can use them. Win-win all around.

        • GD Ajax

          Whining about “heavy guns” is only a thing in the American gun community and has become an annoying meme.

          • PK

            Well, you’re not wrong. Combination of an incredibly unfit, obese population and the fact that the same population owns way more firearms than other people around the world. More people to complain, more likely to complain.

          • The Brigadier

            That’s why they sell so many ARs.

      • AC97

        If you’re carrying around a BAR all day, I think you’d change your mind really fast.

        • GD Ajax

          Depends which BAR. I could carry a Browning BAR or an HCAR around quite easily. Although the latter is a vaporwere gun for good reason.

        • The Brigadier

          Yeah but that rifle weighed 23 pounds loaded. It WAS a heavy rifle. That’s why the DoD dropped it because the staffing problems of finding two large farm or ranch boys in tremendous shape to carry the two squad automatic rifles was getting to be a problem with commanders. After Korea, the DoD wanted a 7.62 automatic to replace the BAR that everyone could carry and that is why the M14 was developed. Unfortunately at less than half the weight of the BAR, 11 pounds loaded, the M14 was too light to fire full automatic and only the first round was ever on target. It fixed all the systemic problems of the Garand and should have been only a semi-automatic rifle. The Procurement Weapons section of the DoD really did a stupid thing with that rifle.

          • AC97

            And to make matters worse, the M14 only won against the FAL in the military trials because of politics and the fact that they were rigged.

      • lets see you hump around a heavy rifle all day

        • GD Ajax

          The “lightweight rifle” that the AR-15 became is nothing more than a crutch. “Too heavy” is a problem unique to shooters who have never fired any other gun or to fat to do so.

          • Even folks like nutnfancy harp on weight all the time and I doubt he is too fat to run and gun

          • GD Ajax

            The opinion of one of many Youtube personalities should not be taken as proof for anything.

          • I didnt claim that nutnfancy is the total authority on the subject, you just claimed that only fat people or amateurs would have problems with a heavy rifle. I pointed out an exception.

          • Uniform223

            What about opinion of the end user in the LE and military? When I was in the Army I was in the best shape of my life. The M16A2 weighs in a little over 8lbs. That doesn’t sound like much but when you’re weighed down with 50lbs of “light weight gear”, an 1lbs difference in either direction becomes noticable. When we started to get M4s the difference in weight was noticeable. 8lbs doesn’t sound like much but doing 30minutes of rifle PT, 8lbs starts to feel heavier than what it really is.

        • Uniform223

          Plus ammo… don’t forget about ammo

        • Joseph Anthony

          I carried a 60. I can hang with this.

    • AC97

      The G3 is a heavier rifle.

  • Joseph Goins

    I wonder if they are going to recall this in two weeks like they did before.

    • Vitor Roma

      Don’t be a hater, the recall had nothing to do with anything functional, it was to avoid ATF hysteria about a third hole.

      • Joseph Goins

        A recall is a recall is a recall.

        • Brian Hert

          Actually the reason is entirely relevant. Is the recall due to an actual design or mechanical issue or compliance. One gets you the R51, the other isn’t nearly as bad.

          • Joseph Goins

            Stupidity in engineering (R51) or stupidity in law (Galil Ace) is still rooted in stupidity. The end result for each was a recall.

          • Al Wise

            Clearly, you’ve never dealt with the US government.

          • Joseph Goins

            False. 16 years.

        • PK

          The ATF can force a recall with a new or revised opinion made up from whole cloth. How is that the fault of the manufacturer? The third pin was cleared as acceptable in the same way the original first and second generation of PS90 trigger packs were cleared as acceptable… but the ATF decided otherwise after the fact on the other Galil Ace, while the PS90 has been left alone.

    • Not gonna happen—–

  • A Fascist Corgi

    Let’s count the number of people in the comment section that will dismiss this rifle because it has a reciprocating charging handle. Oh, right – that won’t happen because the groupthinking gun community only levels that criticism against the superior FN SCAR. I bet that nobody will criticize the weight as well even though they would for any other rifle.

    • Vitor Roma

      The Galil is an updated AK. The SCAR is supposed to be a high end gun and FN seems to rest on their laurels and are lazy to upgraded it. They should learn from the czechs that didn’t take long to update the Bren.

      • A Fascist Corgi

        The FN SCAR is the AK of the West. And it doesn’t need to be updated because it’s already the best assault rifle in the world.

        • AC97

          Yeah, I mean, have you seen the trigger on that thing? It’s, like infinitely superior to any mil-spec trigger on the AR. /s

        • PK

          Trigger pull aside, I do dearly love the SCAR and SCAR-H. Fantastic rifles, with only the two minor complaints. Reciprocating CH, middle of the road trigger.

          And they’re not cheap, but neither were any of my FN rifles.

          • The Brigadier

            You can get a FAL from Atlantic Firearms for around $1600. They make them using CNC machines and production is limited. You have to get your name on a list and I’ve been on one for three years now. Any year now. Its heavier than a M1A, but it sure is a nice looking rifle and with the recoil dial it should be interesting to shoot.

        • iksnilol

          Oh boy, what are you on? I want to try some if it gets me as gone as you are.

        • Al Wise

          Wrong on both counts. With tiny sales, and no general issue in any military, it is hardly an AK. It is a battle rifle, not an assault rifle.

          • A Fascist Corgi

            I’m convinced that the only reason why the FN SCAR hasn’t seen wide adoption around the world is purely due to cost. And there’s different versions of the SCAR. There’s a 5.56 model and a .308 model, so it’s both an assault rifle and a battle rifle.

      • NewMan

        FN designed the SCAR for the military first and foremost. It isn’t a flavor of the month gun. They would only update it if the end user requested it. So far the SCAR is doing just fine in the field.

        • CommonSense23

          The end users have requested a update. Its why FN has a non reciprocating SCAR.

        • The Brigadier

          Except in actual numbers of units sold and used. Until they get the price down to around $15-1600 it will be the best battle rifle never used.

    • ReadyorNot

      You both bring up good points; no need to be divisive toward one rifle or the other. It’s good to see another ‘battle rifle’ enter the market, but yes, it’s heavy, has a recip. handle, and a high MSRP. It’s counter is lighter, has a recip. handle, commands a higher price and is even less available. To each their own I guess.

    • AC97

      Oh look, it’s you and your tangents on the gun community.

      .308 rifles are generally heavier than 5.56 rifles, so it’s actually not that bad in the weight department, and why wouldn’t we think the SCAR is the bestest thing ever? Surely it has nothing to do with the fact that they’re so godawfully expensive?

      Also, the reciprocating charging handle is out of the way here, so it’s less relevant here.

      • The Brigadier

        I seem to remember reading that you can shift it to either side on the SCAR.

        • AC97

          You would be correct, you can swap sides on the rifle I believe.

    • ZMD

      I’m an AR guy myself and yet I never understood why people care if a gun has a reciprocating charging handle. So does the M14, so does the AK. Oh what’s that, it’s different because those are on the right side? Shoot ’em left-handed then and marvel at how it doesn’t make any difference to you.

      • CommonSense23

        It’s the placement of the SCARs charging handle that is a huge issue.

    • The Brigadier

      The problem with the SCAR other than the outrageously high price, is that it still threatens the AR industry. ARs have gone from an average price of around $700 bucks to around $1250 in just five years. Almost every manufacturer is now making models that exceed $2000 dollars. That industry will do anything to keep the gravy train going and if demonizing a rifle that can derail their train then so be it. Just be aware about what’s going on over it.

  • alex waits

    Just in time for Christmas! I cant wait.

  • John

    …is there some reason they couldn’t manufacture the entire thing in the U.S., like DS Arms?

    Having a warning that using the wrong magazines could result in your arrest will mean EVERYONE avoids this like the plague.

    • Joseph Goins

      Their corporate structure. It’s the same with Sig, HK, Beretta, etc.

    • RP

      I don’t think so. SR25 pattern mags are almost all US made. Magpuls being the most common at most retailers now. Plus they are cheap. I think it does nothing one way or the other. The price of the rifle will be the only thing keeping this rifle from selling extremely well.

      • The Brigadier

        And the short carbine length barrel. Its not a carbine round.

    • SP mclaughlin

      How does using a foreign-made magazine break an import law?

      • PK

        922(r) isn’t an import law, but a law relating to imported parts in rifles owned in the USA. There’s a big list of parts, and if your gun has over ten parts from the list, parts which weren’t made in the USA, then you’re breaking Federal law.

        Frankly, it’s a tack-on charge for people being arrested for other things. I can’t think of any private individual who has been arrested exclusively for 922(r) violations, and I don’t ever expect to hear about that sort of situation.

        It’s the law, absolutely, but I doubt most people are even aware of it as a law.

        • And from what I understand there’s zero checking or enforcement on individual firearms. But as a company, it’s important to note stuff like that.

          • PK

            I’ve only ever seen it as a tack-on charge, even for FFLs. I’ve never seen an individual prosecuted, I have seen only one FFL prosecuted, but he was also selling and assembling SBRs as an 01 with no SOT.

  • Phillip Cooper

    $2100??? They must be smoking the good chit, mang…

    • PK

      I want one, don’t get me wrong, but that is a rather spendy MSRP. Hard to justify unless it’s truly outstanding in every way.

      • ReadyorNot

        Yeah I’d like to see some accuracy testing first, but it’s nice to have another option on the market.

    • Anonymoose

      Still cheaper than a SCAR.

    • Havok

      Street Price will be $1,889 if the dealer follows MAP.

    • iksnilol

      Dude, I smoked the good stuff and I only wanted nachos.

      So don’t blame their prices on drugs.

  • ReadyorNot

    Anyone know if their future 5.56 version will take STANAG mags?

    • Petto

      most likely , since galil mags ain’t american made so for them it will be easier just to use stanag magazines

    • Yes, it will.

    • ZMD

      IWI already manufactures a version of the Galil that takes AR mags for military customers. That’s what they’ll bring to the U.S.

      • ReadyorNot

        Thanks for the replies all!

  • Martin Grønsdal

    “Use of an imported magazine may put you in violation of 18 U.S.C § 922(r).” – is this because catridges loaded into the chamber of the gun, from an imported magazine, are more dangerous?

    • JSmath

      No, it’s because 922 is retarded and so are the people that wrote it. But they were thinking of the children.

      • PK

        922(r)idiculous? 922(o)bnoxious is pretty terrible too, but certainly not all of 922, right?

        I mean, there’s… well, there must be something useful and important in there…

        Okay, only 922(u) matters in the least, and it doesn’t matter very much as other theft laws apply.

        “It shall be unlawful for a person to steal or unlawfully take or carry away from the person or the premises of a person who is licensed to engage in the business of importing, manufacturing, or dealing in firearms, any firearm in the licensee’s business inventory that has been shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce.”

        • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

          Wait… So 922(u) makes firearms theft illegal? Was firearms theft NOT illegal before 922(u) came along?

          I love it when laws just make things EXTRA illegal.

        • Geoff Timm

          Don’t laugh at 922 it’s given us a healthy protected arms manufacturing base. Geoff Who notes we need all the help we can get with this economy!

          • PK

            The vast majority of 922 is a heavy hand stifling innovation and free commerce in arms in the USA. It harms far more than it helps.

          • JoelC

            Agreed mostly.

            I’d say the finer points of NFA are the most stifling though. I think we would be using fully integrated short barrels and suppressors if you allowed the market to decide. Does anyone really think 16 inch barrels would be a thing if people could actually buy what they want?

          • JoelC

            I would trade the protectionism of an industry for cheaper guns in the hands of more citizens.

            Part of why firearms rights are under attack, in the USA, is that so many people aren’t actually exposed to them, other than through media and movies. While there are plenty of cheap good options out there, they aren’t that well known or they are mocked.

  • Patrick K Martin

    Now we need Karl and Ian to mud test this to see if I need to replace my CETME’s and PTR’s (hint, hint)

  • Patriot Gunner

    It’s so plastic fantastic!

  • Richard

    Well they have my attention.

  • GhostTrain81

    Does this field strip the same way a traditional AK does? Wouldn’t an optic loose its zero if you mounted it on the dust cover rail, and then took it off for cleaning? I thought that’s why AK’s have the side “rails”?

    … I’m guessing the tolerances are much tighter on this one, or the difference in zero degradation is too small to be concerned about.

  • El Duderino

    I’m wondering if we’re starting to reach some sort of limit of the amount of designs and models in each little segment of the gun market.

    It wasn’t long ago that in .308 “battle rifles” you had the M1A, FAL (and clones), HK91 (and clones), and the AR10 — and most of the AR10s weren’t even any good.

    Now we have those plus another 10+ designs. Don’t get me started on pocket .380s and plastic framed 9mm/.40/.45 models…even worse.

  • John Daniels

    That’s neat, but what I really want is a 7,62x51mm version of the Tavor.

  • Jamestroy

    I notice everything that comes from IWI is $$$$$, including their ammo

  • ny bronc buster

    Hilary’s hemorrhoids will begin bursting in 3….2….1….POP!!!!!!!

  • The Brigadier

    Grossly overpriced with too short a barrel. 7.62X51 NATO rifles are not carbines, but full field battle rifles. Put at least a 20″ barrel on it and drop the price by six hundred dollars. Maybe then I will consider it. At this price and configuration its a ho hum.