Cobray Pocket Pal: Double Caliber and Double Barreled Revolver

The Cobray Pocket Pal is an interesting little self defense gun. It is a break open revolver with interchangeable cylinders. It is chambered in .380 and .22LR. The top barrel is chambered in .380 acp while the bottom barrel is chambered for .22LR. The .22LR cylinder holds five rounds while the .380 cylinder only holds three rounds.

The cylinders are indexed so when you shot the last round, the cylinder locks the trigger and you cannot fire the gun so you have to remove the cylinder and reload it.


Here is a video showing the inner workings of this simple firearm.

Nicholas C

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  • AC97

    From the description: Accuracy stinks. Trigger pull is maybe 15 lbs or so… very heavy and very long, and not particularly smooth, either.

    No wonder Cobray went out of business. Did they ever design anything that was practical in any way whatsoever?

    • Anonymoose

      lolnope, unless you wanted a MAC.

      • PK

        Not really their design, just a clone of a series of Military Armament Corporation products.

        • Anonymoose

          They came up with the M11/9, though.

    • L. Roger Rich

      They are rare now days.

      • kingghidorah

        My favorite, the ‘Ladies Home Companion’.

        • L. Roger Rich

          Streetsweeper clone 45/410 pistol that was not made a DD by the feds.

          • Miguel Raton

            Nevertheless, still illegal behind the Granola Curtain here in the PRK. No “shotgun with a revolving cylinder” of any kind is allowed. Why? Because it looked so scary in _Dogs of War_! ::p

        • Amanofdragons

          Most definitely hard to argue with a 12 shot 45-70 revolver. Bonus points for being able to shoot 410 shells.

    • Devon McKinney

      Cobray is still in business. Cobray itself makes replacement parts and accessories as well as flare launchers and Wayne Daniel still runs Leinad and makes guns.

  • wetcorps

    Cobray never ceases to amaze me.
    Sure their products are weird, of dubious utility and often lacking in terms of quality, but I’m still glad they managed to put them out.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      My buddy has one of their single shot 410s. I wish they never made it. He shoots it regularly and I’m afraid it’ll blow up in the next couple of years.

      • L. Roger Rich

        LOL…they are so well made it will never blow up unless he has a barrel obstruction.

        • Harry’s Holsters

          I wish I could believe that. The cast frame just doesn’t look that strong to me.

          • L. Roger Rich

            The single shot as the pocket pal is steel construction. Many modern guns like Ruger are cast. The single shot is not a cast receiver but plate steel screwed together. Don’t buy one than.

    • John Yossarian

      Sounds a lot like what people think of Kel-Tec.

      This revolver is a very interesting design though. I’d like to see one with better metallurgy, an alloy frame and lighter trigger pull.

  • L. Roger Rich

    I have one of these Leinad Pocket pals. Unique guns as all in my collection. Got mine in 2012. Mine is the improved Gen 2 which has the area in front of the cylinder cut out to prevent fouling.

    • Fred Johnson

      Nice find! I like the Improvement of the frame opening around the cylinder.

    • L. Roger Rich

      I have a 45/410 and 22LR pepper box hand indexed style COBRA. A 22lr with a 6 round internal hand indexed cylinder. They were all inexpensive. Very beefy built and unique for my collection. (I have most every gun made.)

  • Fred Johnson

    That is awesome. Junk gun or not, I would have bought one of those back in my young and poor days if I’d have ever come across one.

  • Negative Nelly

    Unfortunately Cobray/Daniel/Leinad (daniel spelled backwards) turned out some pretty junky guns. Interesting designs but made to just barely be functional.

  • Kirk Newsted

    Or I could carry something the same size that holds 7 or 8 rounds, like an LCP or LC9.

    • alex waits

      Kinda not the point.

      • Kirk Newsted

        What is the point? To carry around a pistol that is hard to load, holds only 3 rounds in a usable caliber, an atrocious trigger pull, no recoil management, and is inaccurate too?

        • alex waits

          The article was to point out the unique nature of the action and provenance, not to recommend a carry gun.

        • Leigh Rich

          It is a fun gun Kirk..chill .historic

        • Miguel Raton

          Yeah, pretty clear that it had the 22lr cylinder as the primary constraint, and then they fit however many 32acp shells they could into the same size circle afterwards. Too bad they didn’t start off with a 38Spc 5rd cyl & figure out how many 22WMR rounds they could fit into that size after the fact. Since there’s no central axle in those cylinders, they might have been able to package it tighter than in a J frame cyl? But that probably seemed like too much work! 😉

  • Scott Tuttle

    I’m no metalologist but those castings in the first picture look like sh!t.

    • Miguel Raton


      Why cut into your profit by polishing something that’s intended to sell cheaply and get carried around as a pocket pistol? At least it’s steel & not made out of that Zamak garbage that all the >$200 handguns seem to be made out of these days…

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Im not trusting my fingers and eyes to that.

  • iowaclass

    A revolver that switches cylinders easily would go a long way towards closing the gap with semi-autos.

    • Nicholas C

      Thats why I am eager for the Crye SIX12 shotgun. It has swappable revolver cylinders.

      • wetcorps

        Now let’s hope it doesn’t stay vaporware forever.

  • Bob

    That’s kind of ingenious, but also with a level of weird crudeness that makes me feel like it was made in someone’s garage.

  • jerry young

    I think this gun has just set the firearms industry back to black powder revolver days! it seems too complicated to to load and usually when a revolver fires 2 different calibers they are both loaded at the same time, what’s next a single shot that fires different rounds by changing the barrel? news flash it’s been done!

    • L. Roger Rich

      LOL you are Young. The Pocket Pal is over 3 decades old. Thompson Arms makes a single shot pistol that have a multitude of calibers.

      • jerry young

        Boy your just right on top of things, I’m 63 and I was being sarcastic

        • L. Roger Rich

          LOL I’ve got a few years on you young man.

          • jerry young

            Well with all them extra years of wisdom under your belt you should be able to recognize sarcasm by now!

    • Miguel Raton

      Yes, that fiddly nonsense w/ the cylinder has to go! Probably should have left the front lip off the cylinder entirely, instead of just cutting out a single relief that has to be lined up w/ the index pin, and used a spring loaded pin like the case ejector on a SAA to pop the cylinder out at reloading time. Clearly designed for a minimum parts count & cheapness, at the expense of usability! 😉